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Magic: The Gathering Arena closed beta has begun! This free-to-play version of MTG currently features the Standard format (Amonkhet and Ixlan blocks) with 10 starter theme decks.

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kingofbudokai says:

Sean would be ten times better at magic if he actually read what cards do.

Messi #Goat Milan says:

You only sacrifice one out of the two due to the legendary rule not both

serenityindeed says:

LOL that ending though <3

mowdownjoe says:

Always cool to see yourself on the other side of the table. (I’m at 2:16:30.) (Also, FYI Sean: @2:37:00 I was running 3 copies of Cast Out. Was 2 and 2 Procession, but cut a Procession.) (Also, seeing that ending @2:41:00 hurt.)

Scrobacca says:

Wow. First comment. That’s a change. Glad to see you putting in so much work sir! The problem I have with blue is the same you do…they have card draw and counterspells, which means that if they can clear your board somehow and have mana advantage, you can never keep up.

Octobers1086Own says:

Pretty simple why the BR control doesn’t work. It was constructed for a purpose to be a -1/-1 synergy deck to make Scorpion God an absolute beast. He started putting a few -1/-1 helpers in the deck… Then, he completely abandoned the plan and started looking for “big cards” and removal cards. Just had a ADHD moment while constructing the deck. Sean definitely knows that. He’ll fix it. But, reading helps too, buddy. Lol. Sometimes you’re rushing through text to make a move. Just take your time and enjoy the experience. No need to rush at all. Control games are supposed to take longer. I will say though, I’m not surprised you’re great at the green decks with build ups and buffs. It fits the way you play games. You should just play that more. We can all tell you’re having the most fun with that deck too. But, anyway… Thanks for the awesome content, as always. Keep up the great work! says:

What is the highest rank right now?

HadesZero says:

1:36:40 deck has no finishers.

Jaeus A says:

I think the biggest problems going on with that BR Control deck were somewhat poor card draw, and not having more proactive plays or synergy with things like the Scorpion Gods. Feels like the deck would simply have been better with Blue or Green attached or maybe just a larger cardpool to build from.

Kimblee23 says:

I find your attitude uplifting even though the win ratio is how it is. it’s so refreshing.

Colecaraballo93 says:

When is the full game gonna be out id like to try magic

Drew Frost says:

Is it driving anybody else as crazy as it is me that he is not using instants on his opponents turns at the end steps? He’s basically throwing away Mana.

ratchet600 says:

Thus we will never know his experience with mono red

Alex Athan says:

Just a tip for new players and everyone else interested: The only way to make a Black based Control deck work is with discard spells (Duress, Doomfall etc.) because Black is the weakest color in Magic for dealing with NON creature threats (artifacts, enchantments etc.) and discard is the only way it has to deal with them (Blue based decks have Countermagic). Thats why his deck is so bad vs Token and Control decks. If Sean understands that, his BR deck might work well.

ArmoredNeko says:

I don’t get why he doesn’t put some grave-hate cards in deck when everyone is running embalm and eternalize?

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