Magic the Gathering: How Does Black Work!?

The third video in a small series to discuss the mechanics and gameplay of the color Black from Magic the Gathering!


Intellectual Gengar says:

Vampire Nighthawk. God, I miss that card in standard! 2/3 for 3 mana with Flying, Deathtouch, Lifelink. <3

i've got nothing! says:


Scott Evans says:

Im going to need you to do green and white now.

Slade64 says:

It has a tendancy to steal cards/target certain cards in opponent’s decks/hand/grave

Trey Pelletier says:

Black has better card draw then green but not blue

Jazzail Steinigen says:

I bought a kamikawa red/black deck back in the day and got some old cards laying about. This video was verry informative. It gives allot of thought food to figure out if you want a mix in a black deck.

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