Magic: The Gathering – Ixalan Pre PreRelease

Noah Bradley, Emma Handy, Jeremy Noell, and Lee Sharpe join us for the Ixalan Pre-Prerelease!
Broadcast 2017-09-16
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Benjamin Lehman says:

What you do is you make treasures before your upkeep so you have 10 and win. It goes untap upkeep draw. You make them once you untap but before your upkeep starts so you can do it.

Hairaldan says:

Hey Guys, what do u think about this therory?

Ixalan is short for Exile Zone. Thats why u can t planeswalk away from it. Nicol Bolas Ultimate exiles all nonland permanents. Jace and all the other Stuff got exiled by Nicol Bolas. Bolas was in Legends -> Pirates, and so on.

Skeleton King says:

That legion conquistador isn’t good if you don’t have at least 3. Best if you have more than 4 in this sealed.

Jacob Johnson says:

Suckle upon thine taint good sir!

Leland Hutchinson says:

emma handy is the prettiest lady playing magic.

Jacob Johnson says:

As the kids these days would say it, “Dat booty doe”.

TheLarsonist7 says:

With that pool, I would’ve gone Mardu Aggro. Vampires and Pirates work well for that strategy, you have some solid black cards for a splash (the explore pirate rare, Duress, the black draw two’s, and the Dire Fleet orcs), white provides the ground game, and red has removal.

Ryan Camp says:

Correction graham, the giant brontodon is the highest power/toughness vanilla creature, but the kraken token is a 9/9 and came first.

RandomRules says:

i love how in the beginning cam was holding a sword and was just like
“what the fuck do i do with this!?”

David Broothaers says:

No-one noticed that Graham and Lee only played to 1-1?

metalsabatico says:

did Cam actually know that Noah Bradley was the one who made the illustration for the token? it seems to me like he didn’t get it

GroverClevelandFRRLZ says:

Does Graham always have to correct everyone and everything? He seems kinda like a dick.

Alec McDonald says:

Emma seems like a fucking pro

Joshua Daniels-Kemp says:

Loving the production values of this! Can’t wait for the Unstable one!!

Matt Male says:

As I was watching Cameron I thought, ‘Hey pirates are good… er… oh dinosaurs…’

VAB0L0 says:

4:48:28 Noah Bradley destroys Cameron’s soul

Jacob Johnson says:

Aztec vampire pirate mermaids riding dinosaurs…

Andreas Freij says:

cameron is intelligent, calm and relaxing to admire

Roberto Gonzalez says:

Get all the people who won all pre-prerealse

Oisín Smith says:


118bone says:

Lol that adam guy was so baked

Chris Thorn says:

Honestly I hate how they changed the Planeswalkers and think the Legend rule is stupid. It makes no sense that you can have more than 1 of any legendary in play provided they don’t have the same “sub name”

Trevor Pister says:

Adam you should have sacked your whole board when you had 1 life and won by getting the 6 treasure tokens. You would have had ten and won with revel in riches.

Robert Lozyniak says:

How are the players keeping track of their life totals? I don’t see any spindowns or score pads.

Simon Wellsted says:

chicken suit chicken suit

RandomRules says:

“Casual” standard???

WST Blog says:

So hate to Emma she’s so thought lol

Michael Stokes says:

Emma is a positively delightful person, so excited to start getting coaching from her!

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