Magic: The Gathering – ProJared

I’d tap that.

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Goryu The Saiyan says:

Oh look an episode about yugioh

TravMTG says:

What about magic online

blackboard212 says:

these green screen cutscenes remind me old the old days at Zone3 (laser skirmish) we had a tutorial that would play when we had the noobs come and it was green screen gold haha 😀

snail says:

3:36 i only now noticed the looping of the intro song to Solstice for NES, tim follin is a god

Justin Frost says:

I started my freshman year of high school

Nelosn Portis says:

How do i get this game?

Crimson says:

Magic jokes? Well, I’ve got one for ya. Homelands.

- Dicsmite - says:

Can we play Magic together? No? Ok.

Corey Hamachek says:

I dont know if this is been asked or not, but did you dub Actraiser music over the top of the Magic game or do they use the same music? Im confused.

The Library says:

Yo, an update on Duels of the Planeswalkers would be cool. Specifically, a look at Magic Duels; the F2P version covering everything post-Theros. I honestly think it has a lot of potential, especially if they started releasing old expansions the same way they release new ones. It’d be SO COOL to have a Legacy match between two people using a mix of various cards from the game’s history. Obviously you’d have to update pretty much everything pre-2010 so they could fit with the newer rules, but I think it’d be worth it.

Kyle Reinholz says:

I like the art on the cards.

Jai Carlson says:

New card smell is basically nerd cocaine.

wildroses2009 says:

Aries watching his human playing a card game against himself: “My human is pathetic and sad.”

Holy Narwhale87 says:

2:07 Projared has a cat!!

Kenneth Melo says:

They need to remake this game with all the newest sets

Will S says:

The most recent set when this video came out was M15 and I still remember the day it was released. Where does the time go.

Lord Freed says:

Even the 5% of people who got the joke, don’t really get it.

Ryis Gm says:

You Know its sad when someone says there to anti-social to go to a card shop

PeanutButterDragon says:

how to give a old magic player ptsd just say tim.

Matt Walk says:

Im about to tell you all an amazing story

Once opon a time… Ooh a flail!

Haruki Altager says:

So…anyone know where I can possibly find this old rpg?

JamesBacha says:

I’ve killed the end boss. I’ve also ended the fight with him at 327 health.

Eddie Chen says:

That new card smell”””””‘ still cheaper than cocaine.

Noobinchen says:

Hey Jared, could you please do a How to play on Magic the Gathering? I really love your explanations and I am sure it would improve my game!^^

MogulCrasher says:

quality sound effects!
now ima go play hearthstone cause its the closest game i know of to magic

KittyDD says:

10:58 lol the casual 2 black lotuses and a mox ruby xD sure……

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