Magic the Gathering Tutorial – Drafting!

Whether you know how to play Magic the Gathering or not, you should still learn the best (most balanced) way to start a MTG game. Drafting! This draft style can be used for any number of players. || Join the chat: ||

Now it’s not always possible to get a bunch of booster packs and people together, and for that scenario myself and Nick from GameBurglars have made this tutorial to show you how to play MTG with 2 people; a Winston / Auction style draft.

More information on how to play:

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Sultry Sultana says:

0:18 lol strong fast neg there

r3koFresh says:

playing since years .. why am I watching a Draft tutorial ?!

Shadow Gamer 1990 says:

I’m surprised people still play Magic

Teifling says:

This was fun to watch (popped up in my recommended) I’ve played draft 3 times; two casual and one release where I took second (the highest ranking I’ve attained to date in a tournament xD ) I had read about Winston draft but the explanation came with no illustration or video so I didn’t get it until now. Thank you very much! The next time I get a wad of boosters, I may have to try this out with a friend or the Wife. 😀

Mike Walker says:

she likes stuff in her mouth.. what is  wroung with that. OH ur nerds. N o imagination!  LOL

Don Mangrubang says:

can you make more magic the gathering video please.

RockmeHellsing says:

Wha is this for a dumb draft system? i have never saw that in our agic stores we dont play draft like this. In our stores al have 3 pack open one tak a card an give the rest of the booster to their left side and so on everybody take one card an the comes the other booster and so on

SolidFace 3D CAD says:

Heya, I in reality liked your video. I believe we obtain some relevant pursuits since we create a cool 3D Cad application. Check our channel out! All the best!

Carmine911 says:

You’re so awesome, pls say

“You know nothing Jon Snew”.

WFS says:

i had tons of fun collecting those cards when i was around 11 or 12

Priss Dimmie says:

damn, shes hot

Chris miler says:

remember playing this game back in 95  had like 2000 cards and argued with my mom bout some random shit ,came back later she had thrown them all away ahahahah my LOP x and others gone!!!  I think I’m still traumatized by that .

Jimmy Klimt says:

Holy crap, it’s Nick…

Guy says:

This.. is not how you draft. Well apparently with just two people.

The way I’ve done it is open pack, look at card, pass the card to the left. (left right left pack order)

Bailey says:

Nikki Pixel is adorable!

The Combined Tornado says:

I don’t get it???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

vs hero says:

Lovely voice awesome cleavage instant subscriber 🙂

Joshua Anderson says:

hey nexie I just started playing magic I love it plus I won my first game with colers black and blue

Michael Koach says:

alpacas are better

Philson says:

But where is part 2? +Geekbuzz 

Alexander Brevig says:

Left is right, and right is left

Leon Stuij says:

”Making it rain is a solo activity”
I make it rain once a day ^.^ 

Lucious Dinh says:

you left a basic land in the pile…

Marie says:

This is a great video, I’m going to my first draft of Friday. pretty nervous but i feel more a lot more prepared 🙂

[sic] says:

Hey, Nixie!  I’ve been a big fan of your Linux videos for ages and just got into playing MTG.  I didn’t know you played until randomly stumbling across this. 🙂
Now I feel like I am on some scary nerd path and that Linux was just a gateway to further nerdiness!

Iago Sousa says:

that’s not the common way of doing a draft. waste of time

ChrisRisingOfficial says:

Guys, nice video, but the L+R audio are the wrong way around 🙁

Kevoh15 says:


yfabiy says:

Nice vid but the correct way to play it (i think) or at least more interesting is that you can only look at the top card of each pile so you dont know what your opponent didnt pick. also you didnt shuffle the cards did you?

Dion Haff says:

… she’s so cute……..

thepantweaver says:

Oh Jesus. Nick Robinson is an unwelcome surprise this day and age…

musikk83 says:

great video, but the only thing i can remember is, ginger boobs. wtf ;D

OmegaMusic says:

I also play magic. I´m a blue/red magician xdddd

Vendetta says:

I like how no one comments about teh boobis c:

jeeeezuz says:

Irony… the fact that I quite play MTG so I could get girls as hot as this one.

CK says:

headphone users are like what is happening?

Allan J Galloway says:

What about buddyfight?

Jose Mauro Gomez Rodriguez says:

Two of my favorite things in the world. Redheads+Magic :3

Don Mangrubang says:

Hi I am New player trying to learn magic the gathering core set 2019 and I have disability I would like video slow down how to play the game. Slow it down Please. Tech me how play the draft.

Frankiponken says:

How many cards do each person keep? 🙂

DontLeaveMeLucile says:

there was no llama.

G Skub says:

Thank you SO much! For some reason it was so hard to find a basic draft video on YT. It was all graphics or just people talking. I need to know what to expect live!! :p

Devon Asher says:

If her hair was brown and short 60s or 50s hair style she would look just like the new girl in the first season of mad men is it just me?

OutnumberedStudios says:

Zomg I know her!!!

JonnyNice says:

Wow, this girl has clearly never opened a booster in her life… What that plastic doing in your mouth? Seriously!

Ryan Bao says:

Thanks for the video.  Always wanted to do a 2 person draft but didn’t any good ways to do it.  Only problem I have is how it works at the end when you run out of cards in the main deck but you still have piles left

John Rivera says:


Sauron Merciful says:

that guy should have told her, of course he has no friends, he’s a magic the gathering  geek, so ( to the girl) why are you here??? he got embarrassed and gave the ‘wrong ‘ answer LOL

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