Magic The Gathering: vs Austin #1 – ProJared Plays!

Magic: The Gathering matches, starting with myself versus my best friend Austin (not PBG).

I am using a custom made Blue deck, and he is using a custom made Red/Blue deck!

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potatomaster83 says:

Why no sleeves?!?!?!


giarC yelpiR says:

“We were able to make some really cool decks.” *Plays Fugitive Wizard*

Céline .S. Sauvé says:

Very interesting to see MTG with an announcer. XD

Good game!

Tengushadow777 says:


Crimson says:

Unsleeved. Ugh. This should be illegal.

mdiem says:

So many misplays!

But, overall, good strategy and a good game.

Esper says:

>no sleeves


Smug Lee Main says:

It triggers me that theyre not using sleeves

Kyle U. says:

You could never beat my dark magician

T101Slicer says:

I hope these cards were eventually sleeved, especially your original cards from ’94.

TinyCloud 7 says:

Keep playing magic the gathering

Christopher M Hansen says:


Ethan R says:

How do you shuffle non-sleeved decks without damaging the cards?

Big Baby Blue Eyes says:

RIP Austin, forever not PBG

ZambieXman says:

The reason I got into magic is because of my cousins there really good

Andrew Miceli says:

No sleeves

Alex Jordan says:

i’ve got to ask i use a White/black deck mainly white healing cards and black sacrafice cards or cards that take life to do something is that a common deck choice?

Depressed-Horse says:

Id love to get into magic but all my friends think that card games fucking suck

Marc1k1 says:

Oh man, I thought it was PBG (Just read the description) I was going to say how weird the idea of PGB playing a Card Game was.

Wyatt the Gamer says:

My brother and I spent $400 in mtg cards

CTB says:

This is how I feel tournament matches should be recorded. Much more fun when you don’t know each player’s hand. And the announcers are usually really cheesy.

Ninjabacone Network says:

Austin as in PBG?

Andras Petersen says:

Seeing anyone play a fugitive wizard outside of draft is painful xD

Luke T. says:

To bad. I thought that it might be PBG

zorau neal says:

the creather that pums out dragons can only pum out dragons if its a arua encantment

Charles Domurad says:

Why didn’t you play Scarlet Wench? you know you had it in your hand >: /

Jack says:

Don’t know why this is so enjoyable but it is

Jesse Woolridge says:

Why are blue decks so popular? Blue was always my least favorite color in MTG, although I always was a very casual player.

Blueslime 364 says:

have you ever played yugioh?

Hudson Peck says:

“We made pretty good decks” *plays fugitive wizard*

Mr. Moscow Mule says:

These Cards are m15, not m14.

Mega Duck says:

in order to summen someone u need 2 tap into mana first or having the mana on is just what u need ?

PokemonGuyPearl says:

Yep, I have NO idea what they’re doing. I’m a pokemon tcg player, and I decided to watch this to try and find any kind of similarities between magic: the gathering and the pokemon tcg.

Nope, can’t find any major similarities.

Plat Bro says:

that’s a big ass 20 sided die

Garrett Smith says:

6:45, when you flash out a blocker, the damage no longer needs to be assigned to the blocker, meaning if the blocked creature has trample, you take full damage and deal no damage to the blocked creature.

The_Crystal_Clod says:

Still nobody plays my deck color-Black White

Zaprozhan says:

Putting a blanket or a felt over your playing surface, like the casinos do, means less glare and your cards stay put.

Kinkey Ding says:


MANUEL X says:

is that pbg

acbrien 64 says:

I have no idea what is going on.

Ryze Fiddlesticks3 says:


I play league of legends almost daily…

Mad Hatter says:

my best friend just got me into magic, I can enjoy this even more now! ^-^

Larry Johnson says:

I see your playing with old rules. Damage is not on the stack like that anymore. you would still take five from trample and you would not deal any damage to the mongrel. fyi. if you are playing by current rules.

poop DOLLAR says:

is austin peanutbuttergamer??

The _Gamer says:

Are you playing PBG

Necro Viper says:

as someone who the closest he got to any tabletop card dueling game was Pokemon cards in 4th grade against my lunch room friends, I have no idea what’s going on. At. All.

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