Magicians Play Magic: The Gathering

“When it turns around that feels like real magic.”

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Magic Box
Light & Magic
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

SFX provided by Audioblocks. 

Made by BFMP
Joseph Tran

Johnny Wu – Yelp #1 Magician

Kayla Drescher

Harrison Lampert


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B - Kha97 says:

Happy to know it’s easy to understand. I’m technically the only person in school that plays Magic, so it’s really hard to find people that want to play every day :'(

Meeler the Dealer says:

Is the thumbnail a jojo reference

brawlmaster67 says:

Zendikar vs. Eldrazi duel deck right? Nice.

AndrewBrewer917 says:

um actually you can kill opponets with intants and sorcerys, and enchantments, and you can kill them without making them lose any life. I love MTG BTW.

Emily Austin says:

the only card game I play

Sanketh Bhaskar says:

Everytime they said Magic, I thought they meant the game.

Azure 3 says:

<~~~magic nerd.

SanaBuniful says:

Wait. Why didn’t the pro players play against the magicians? that makes so little sense. Why even bring in the pro players if they’re just gonna give the magicians the decks to play with themselves??

MinecrasherHD says:

bankingmen/women play Monopoly

MrToxic says:

Farmers play Harvest Moon.

Emmett King says:

let’s see how they fare when they play real decks not just the edrazi vs. zendikar bfz dule decks try playing the modern format with RUG Twin vs. Kiki Cord

Kai Shim says:

I play it!

Lim Sky says:

People still play this game? only the biggest geeks played this lol one of them tried to teach me but I wasnt interested.

Pyromancer42 says:

1:24 “I think it requires sound effects.” It does. You have made the correct call.

Solid Kenji says:

oh my god! no sleeved!?

Alexander Julian says:

Correction. The oldest card trading game

FalconStar says:

Harris lambert looks like he is his job

Chaitan Reddy says:


Imari.1353 says:

Love this card game :3

Oganer23 says:

I miss Rise limited, it’s been too long since I’ve vent sentintinled someone

Viyv Vian says:

I was literally kissing the screen, thanking buzz feed made this video!
I may not be the best at this card game, but I love it to death~ ♡



You’re welcome…

Koggze says:

WHO in here plays MTG???

ダニエル says:

my father is literally so addicted to this card game

Frank Gallagher says:

Demon hunters watch supernatural

Chain Plays says:

OK now shown them the price for a black lotus from alpha

Adam Saddique says:

300 dislikes from geeky magic players

Vladislav Dracula says:

Magic was created in my hometown of Walla Walla, Washington, at Whitman college by a professor there. It’s strange considering that Walla Walla is a small town that, in 1993, had only around 35,000 people in it.

CreepyMcSteezerson says:

Didnt even need to watch. Asians guys won, right?

Eli Moody says:

How the crap did you get a 0 mana 10/9 magic card?

Frederik Marohn says:

Millionaires play Monopoly
Landscapers play Settlers of Catan
Librarians play Scabble
Artists play pictionary
Cmon Buzzfeed, u can do it

Thomas Wilson says:

of course the asians won

Izzy Fizz says:


oftenKICKEDbaby says:

magic rules(both kinds)

ʆɑɗy ɓɛɛ says:


Danny's Painters says:

what the heck? this was a buzzfeed video? I thoight it was good though.

SirAgravaine says:

I can’t with Magic the Gathering. It’s a good game and I admire people who play it well, but I’ve got so many negative connotations with it, I can’t play it anymore.

Benjamin Cumming says:

I don’t like buzzfeed, but I like mtg

Jasmyne Endley says:

I love MTG!!

della says:

Ew casual mtg. Competitive, pro decks and games are more fun

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