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AbnormallyNormal // says:

Damn. Before dragon shield sleeves and eclipse sleeves where a thing for prof

GR3Y says:

the guy standing behind prof in the beginning looks dead inside.

Cheddar Chicken says:

The guy behind the counter looks so concerned

Cheese Wrinkle says:

This guy has some informative videos but damn there hard to watch. The crindge lvl is to damn high.

Vim Alcel Naraga says:

Is that a Deck Builder’s Toolkit?

J.S. Bach BWV 582 says:

Wow, where is this shop? I love the way it looks and it’s cluttered feel, plus there’s a cat in the shop!

Josh Sayle says:

Play matts aren’t necessary

Rango MyDango says:

Thanks poor store worker looks absolutely miserable

Invisible says:

“for new players” … no. The way to spend your money is cards.

dallas strickland says:

the first thing you are going to want is Card sl*BOING*

Jacob Wright says:

This video actually really helped me. I took a break from Magic for a while and just last month decided to get back in. I totally couldn’t remember all that I learned before I quit, so I went to YouTube for help. Thanks so much Professor and I had seen most of your other videos too!

Joey Paras says:

That poor cashier.

Waffles says:

Make an updated version of this video

jesse lee says:

I dont even play magic but these videos are the shit

DaDomino says:

taht guy, just didn’t want to be there

Peter Tran says:

I probably don’t need sleeves on my starter pack?

Faoline Varcius says:

I love these videos!!

AJ Astrowolf says:

The kid at the beginning looks like he wants to die

Toren Atkinson says:

I don’t understand how card sleeves are supposed to aid in shuffling. I’ve always found the opposite to be true.

stjohn510 says:

2:10 thicc slap


You saw me there

Turfy says:

I just want to play magic not spend my life savings on it!

Davey_Rulez says:

Play mats aren’t very important

Wasserman Clan says:

You need help.

Eren Bombastic says:

I carry my deck In a plastic bag

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