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Alex Kingston says:

Is there a way to buy a set of singles? This likely sounds like a dumb question, I’m sorry. But I mean a small set of the basic cards. Kind of like a homemade deck, but a smaller size? Perhaps thirty cards, the bare basics of a semi-competitive deck?
I know this is REALLY specific, but I can’t be the only person looking for something of this type

Alexander Forbes says:

I’ve found that boosters are a good way to start once you understand the game and want to be a bit more competitive. You’ll find a lot of junk but you’ll also find a card or two that is a revelation and you want to build a deck around. After that you can go online and find cards that work with it and make the deck sing, but boosters give you inspiration. Wayward Servant is a common but it’s ability (each enemy loses one life and you gain one life whenever a zombie enters play under your control) is great, I went online and got about twenty cards aiming at getting out lots of zombie tokens, boosting my zombies, and bringing things out of your graveyard. The idea is to swarm with zombies and drain them for life while bolstering your own and then boosting them all for one fatal swing. I got a Coat of Arms from a duel deck and that’s been a game ender whenever I get it out. Throw some removal in there to protect your win condition and it works like a charm, Dark Salvation for example gives you additional tokens and doubles as creature removal. Of course any deck has weaknesses, I’ve got little answer for flyers and a board wipe would put me in bad shape, it’s still a little slow to start, it needs some tweaking yet. Mainly I just need to work on getting the mana I need early on, but good land is bloody expensive.

Bulletcore says:

Why y o u s p e a k S o o o o S l o w?

kristian poulsen says:


mike z says:

So I play yugioh actually getting back into it after a few years break and not digging the new format. Always see more people at locals for magic and really interested in playing. Anyone else got tips not placed on this video

Stop please stop just stop says:

Does anyone know which GameStop’s give free welcome decks

Ray Welsh says:

You didn’t review event decks/ Challenger decks for this

Wildoski's Studios says:

Very informative… thanks! 🙂

Jonah Broberg says:

“Number 15. BUrger kIng fOot leTtuCe”

Kristof V says:

Hello, what about the ‘Magic: the Gathering Core Set 2019 Bundle’ ? Is that good to start with as i am brand new. And also what is commander? is that like for experienced players ? Thanks <3

goblinman7 says:

I remember that they used to make event decks last time I did FNM about 4 years ago. A shame if they dont make those any longer cause out of the box, I used a red deck and had half decent results!

Ultimate Pawner says:

I’m getting the complete set. The green cards ♦️

squirrel_killer says:

As someone who is looking to return after years away and selling off my old cards after swearing off this addiction to feed my other addictions, well it is good to see my old trick for when I wanted to waste money on this addiction will still work. Take my spare cash, walk into the store, buy 5 of the newest sets premade decks which look mildly interesting, buy as many booster boxes as I can spare for that budget, open a nice bottle of alcoholic beverage, and start opening cards before building what I can from what I got between the boosters and the decks, dump the remaining cards I don’t care for on the local game shop and call it done.

While expensive, it always produces multiple playable, fun and reliable decks and makes enough money back that I used to break just below even.

Rabid Meese says:

It’s kinda funny, but this video came out around the time I started playing MTG, and I really wish I had watched it back then. I thought it was a lot like Yugioh in the day and didn’t know about formats, and I remember picking up a Deckbuilders Kit, an Angels Vs. Demons duel deck box, and a box of Commander. And that was a mistake.

exsimon says:

Noob here: if I attend a pre-release, and I buy a pre-release kit, how much would it cost me?

dil The pickle says:

There’s no card shops near me and I only have access to intro packs for like $30

Johnny Fountains says:

portal decks are not usable in tournaments. You cant use even land from portal in a tournament.

Don Mangrubang says:

I am new player,
I started to play with magic the gathering core set 2019 .I think you should buy core set 2019 for new player. Only $10.00 just start playing


I am New in magic and i and my 4 friends bought the intro pack

SliM DruMMuH says:

Damn. I bought 2 intro packs yesterday. Lol but the game store guy gave me 4 starter boxes for free.

Johnny Fountains says:

I’m the Warlockish Tutor and say you should not buy booster packs. Bye form ebay instead. Get a burn deck, a white weenie deck, a black weenie deck, a green stompy deck and a mill deck.



shoop says:

Very informative. Thank you

Basem Akbik says:

Gift pack is the worst

Dtrollmancan says:

Fat Packs came with a novel and that was the only way to getting them at the time…….the good old days

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