MTG – An Introduction to the Magic: The Gathering Color Pie: Philosophies, Strengths, and Weaknesses

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Samuel van Etten says:

Yo Wedge, Love youre channel! I was wondering could you make individual videos about the shards,wedges and 4 four colour identities

Neo Fawkes says:

so even in magic white is still racists?

Chain Plays says:

green has the biggest everything…. ladies….

Winter is Evolving says:

Pretty good. Just disappointed that you were so negative on White. Also, isn’t White known for Healing?

Tyler Lomas says:

Awesome video! This video was perfect for introducing the game and what kind of play styles there are to my friends!

Kloppaxx _ says:

After watching this video i realized that the Mardu clan doesen’t make any sense

LoneRedSgt says:

Tri-color philosophy please!

Johnny Leyenda says:

Great video! But the way he speaks at the end of the sentences annoys me to no end.

AinzMeep Plays says:

this video is fantastic thanks! It has really explained a lot to me that I wasn’t too sure about and is helping me to create one of my first self constructed deck ^_^

Fruity Knuckles says:

Anyone here know of any colors that work well together? I new to magic 😛

Tonatiub says:

I feel like you put white in a worse light than the other colors, as in you made it sound kind of boring, you omitted the whole faith and hope aspect to it which is the best part

Cosmic Orangutan says:

I am new to MTG, so pardon my ignorance, If Izzet’s (Blue + Red) main trope is creativity, which is probably derived from Blue’s abstract logic, knowledge, and imagination, combined with red’s unhindered emotion, freedom, and pragmatism. (Again correct me if I am mistaken.) Than why is Red alone sometimes refered to as the color of creativity? I.E. if x+y=z, than x can’t = z* (*Unless of course y=0, which would not make sense in this metaphor.)

Josh Head says:

couldn’t you do the mtg creature types as well…. lol…XD

Bagosxatz Freelife says:

nice video

Kenneth Wagner says:

Why do each of the five colours have two enemies but three allies?

techditto says:

The fact that the red text on the wheel was the only one backwards bothers me immensely and I’m unsure why

Insane Mindframe says:

No one gives a shit about the roof over ur head. People pay for good content. Sounding desperate will only hurt you.

Khorne, Chaos God of Blood and War says:

I like to understand everything while seing the world for what it is so im a blue/black I also like to get things done quick so I guess im kinda red too

utterly hollow says:

please do an Orzhov video

Justin Lenhart says:

Green/Red Deck please? Amazingly informative series so far.

Michiel Hoeree says:

And collerles?

Josh Head says:

hope you finish this series… please finish it…. I love it.

Pensissimo says:

you forgot no/brown color cards :U what do they symbolize

Yvonne Williams says:

“Green has the biggest everything”
*looks around awkwardly

Haruhi Suzumiya says:

My idea of a mana charge is for a electrical color/clan to require a higher power but high cost. The effects would be based on charge (amps) or counters, to create a charge then the units would be capable to destroy the opponent the green is mana cost, they charge but they are consistent. They both charge faster but green is numbers, whereas electric are capable of devastating discharge

Tender says:

White philosophy: “if you are not one of us, die”
That’s kinda racist bro…

Airex001 says:

what about a white knight deck all knights are very strong (2 mana 2/2 firststrike, protection from color or other good effect)

Jbay2608 says:

Black/Red, my favourite combo.

tH3GLitCh3d0nE says:

So white is led by Hitler

Chris T. says:

I play Red white Allies (with friends), and Hada Freeblade is a beast, the highest I got he to was 12-13 once, white is my favorite color.

CastelDawn says:

hmmm, pie

Mark Moger says:

ok wow, that was asome

Green Elephant says:

where is green-blue?

Anthony Cortez says:

Yo finish the guild videos! Those were awesome

ayiti jones says:

The black thing really makes me uncomfortable lol

Callum Day says:

I don’t know why, and I don’t know how to fix it, but that greenscreen is really bad.

Gwyndon says:

Green player for life!

moutazmizo87 says:

cool series!

9359nbb says:

red and white boros


Gruul do much!

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