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zeth fox says:

You might have had an easier time just telling us what not to play lol…

B Berry says:

Love this approach! Could use a longer overview though. More like this would be great! Thank you.

MTG Dragons says:

It sounded like you said “In Bull Ass’s Clutches” lol

Ariel says:

nice content, suscribed

horsey not a knight says:

Thanks mtgdegree. Your prerelease vids are always the best

Chris Anderson says:

Freaking fungus ftw!

ErcMan 013 says:

Thanks MtGDegree! these videos have improved my placement over the last few sets and make all my friends jealous.

Fly 1337 says:

Been waiting for this

Benjamin ll Cortina says:

Hey mate, what happened to your name “GG Degree”? Cheers.

Garv Agarwal says:

what happened to steel leaf champion

FearlessMTG says:

I’m so excited about this set can’t wait for prerelease

Dino Ploj says:

Hey can you do a few modern decktechs, like what are you personaly playing 🙂

ZonkoTheGreat 2000 says:

Squidward wins

Scott Dinh says:

I like the French accent for d’avenant trapper

Atanih23 says:

When did you change your branding back to MTG Degree?

Paul Jiang says:

The heavens are blessing us with all these MTG Degree videos!

subdave says:

YOU ARE BACK!!! Please continue your future videos with the same insight and quality. I have missed your videos where i learned alot.

Brendan Jolly says:

Your expertise are much appreciated. Thank you.

Jason Folger says:

Multicolored commons/uncommons?

Russell says:

How does Divest work in 2HG? Do you target only one player or both players? It’ll actually be my first time playing that format.

A E says:

i just came back after a few years. dominaria will be my first set 😀 wish me luck friends!

Andreas PETTERSSON says:

Hey not been at your channel in a long time now. But.. Have you gained weight the last 3 years?

Oona, queen of the FiremindΦ says:

I just wanna force one of the three tribes

Aqu0 says:

Sorry for being a noob but what’s the ability to kick and what does it do?

david martin says:

Really nice video, im a new player and ill be playing my first prerelease with dominaria so exited about it.

Abdullah Zoud says:


Jacurutu says:

I am hyped for the return of Squee

ImperfectCitizen says:

GG Degree!!

Beth Maxwell says:

Great job! Useful information.

mosby 555 says:

i am so sad that i wont be able to play at the pre release

Josh Whorton says:

I’m not sure why you’d consider Gideon’s Reproach “better if you’re a defensive deck than an offensive deck”. Yes, you’d rather use it on an attacker than a blocker, but in most cases in limited, your opponent will be attacking with their bombs. This card is excellent regardless. I feel like Blessed Light fits more into what you said due to it’s prohibitive cost, but I feel like it’s an auto-include as well in sealed.

Trashfire MTG says:

Elfhame Druid + Untamed Kavu is my vote for 2 card combo.

Bastien Clarke says:


Andrew Wilson says:

Great video.

Atanih23 says:

I always love your stuff! Thanks for the guide!

thesuperfan99 says:

Great video sir.

Daniel Smith says:

kwende is most likely ‘KWEN-DAY’, but i really appreciate your overall attempts at correct pronunciation

Herman Li says:

Very well made and helpful video, thanks!

Steven White says:

do it now

Roy bgp says:

I’m glad I’m subbed you. You know your shit.

ErcMan 013 says:

Have you considered putting all these cards in a list (like a google doc or something similar) that you could share to your followers that could be brought to a prerelease as a reference guide?

CaitSeith says:

I love this focus on sealed in your video (unlike LR who usually evaluate things from drafting perspective); just a nitpick, when you show cards in one order and talk about them in a different one, it gets a little confusing and difficult to follow. Anyway, keep up with the good work!
PS: Weren’t you GG Degree? What happened?PPS: Just kidding! I already watched that video. 🙂

B Berry says:

Really looking forward to the next video too!

Andrew Lim says:

Ayy first dislike 🙂

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