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I want to tell you why parents should be happy that their kids play Magic: The Gathering. It’s another one of my Magic memories.

I’d like to share one of my Magic memories with you.

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Byron Odwazny says:

Just found you recently. Great videos! Please never quit…. again 😉

Capt. Foxy Cuddles says:

Yeah people get angry at me for taking long turns when I have to do a lot of math to figure out how to block/swing/distribute 1/1 counters. I enjoy playing but they get pissy that I’m slow about it and say then why don’t you help me win?

Johann Pöhland says:

EHEHEHEHEEEEH WHO SAID MTG was an alcohol free environment :^))))))

Gaming Wafflez says:

I hate the kids of todays generation. I’m a 7th grader that likes to play magic and you don’t even know how hard it is to find a kid that likes magic at my middle school. And, being the shy person that I am, I don’t have the guts to go to a game store and play magic with complete strangers that I haven’t even seen before and possibly get humiliated because i’m not that good or my deck isn’t good. I wish kids would be how they were back in the day when I wasn’t even born. Please, like if you have the same problem and want more kids nowadays to play magic!

Ana Costa says:

i agree with you, but i am tje only girl who plays in my local game store, and that worrys my parents a lil bit, and makes me unconfortable because the other players are awkard around me, how can i make my parents more confortable with this idea?

Viktor Wolf van Eeden says:

“Coffeshop” in Netherlands is meant to be taken as “weedshop”

Random Brian says:

Does this also include Yu-Gi-Oh?

Robert Mitchell says:

Thank you for everything you do on your channel. I have a 15 and 13 year old and we spend most Friday and Saturday nights playing 3 person Magic games. We absolutely love it and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I don’t always have to win and I love their excitement when they happen to beat me! I will always encourage them to play Magic or any other thing that they want to play, because it’s what they want to do.

Kagetsu 13 says:

Lmao that was awesome how you convinced the principal like that… Once I was listening to the soundtrack of a game during my art exam and when the teacher caught me, I told him I was listening to classical music because that particular song just happened to be a piano cover… He checked to see if I was telling the truth and he believed it! XD and let me continue… While adding “good.”

phildev says:

the problem is that a lot of parents are just not that involved.. if they would analyse the tcg market they would understand that there are certain mechanics that are not really kid friendly, like the booster gamble, the pricing (nowadays all the liberal crap that wotc is pulling which should not be there influencing kids).. if parents were involved they would soon understand that the game itself is great for kids and that there are ways to get the kids playing for dirt cheap without them sacrificing any positiv memories about their first years playing… when I remember correctly I played with a black lotus unsleeved directly on the pavement…BUT”!!…. I do not remember correctly and most of my cards where crap! It still was fun though;)

phildev says:

wotc is not doing enough if they are even doing anything, to attract new players especially young players.. most kids in germany now do not even know magic .. they ALL know is pokecrap and pukeioh.. which is fine but not great.. since mtg is the superior game. one kid brings their cards to school and the next day all the other kids are hooked and go and buy some.. if there only was a way to give them their first fix without being the creepy guy at the school yard handing out free decks;)… wotcs marketing dep. should stick their heads together.. maybe a non-comp. deckformat like the battle decks from card kingdom.. dirt cheap with little to no value but fun and easy.. and than creating a whole youngsters league around it with certain amount of cards that can be swapped and all the cards that can be used in this format are below a financial threshold, making it local events with a lot of free stuff for gamestores to hand out and attrct these new players.. Idk.. something like that.. handing out free decks or really cheap decks would be just the way to go… even if you would know about the free decks that wizard is currently giving out, most shops do not even have them in stock.. so many missed opportunities..

Johann Pöhland says:

Can confirm. Beginning to study process engineering xD

Yo Joe says:

Not a programmer, but have been in IT for the past 17 years. Have been playing magic since its release.

AbnormallyNormal // says:

Love ya, prof

Low Rider says:

Well now i know what video to show my mom thanks

Amos Ho says:

Im a lawyer and im still playing Magic The Gathering.

Aetohatir says:

I’m a chemist.

leverposteifantomet says:

Also, you have to think of consequences a lot. That means it can help young people to develop their consequence thinking earlier, and maybe even further than they would have originally

Roberto Sanmartin says:

If you really put your mind on it, you can do magic, and also do drugs and alcohol on your teens and twennies years!!
love the channel.

Adam Manderson says:

So smoking a jolly and trying to play is out the question lmao

watshisname says:


Stephan Wyrsta says:

Even though Magic eats my money, at least it has the possibility to retain value or even become more valuable as time passes.

Tom Hawkins says:

I’m 38 and have never played MtG, but recently both my 11-year old daughter and I have talked about playing both MtG and D&D. We’ve found a local game store who are going to teach us. For me it’s a great way to spent time with my daughter doing something we both enjoy.

Tamás Sörös says:

It’s a pity that there is no “love” button to this video. I am a parent and love card games. Just started to play magic and one of my purposes is to get my kids involved in some good hobby. Completely agree and will send it to my wife so she can understand my enthusiasm. 🙂 Congratulations for the channel, you give so much good advice!

Stapi apan says:

I love my card game, “cardfight
Vanguard” but its sad tat not many play it anymore.

Mike Kennedy says:

I met a man who his girlfriend owned a bookstore. He ran a little magic shop in the back where kids could come and learn to play and most of the kids got bullied and he helped us get away from the bullies and stand up against them. I recently started a Monday night magic and turns out that I have become like him helping people with anxiety and social problems come out to meet new people. One kid actually started making friends at school now from hanging out with us playing magic. All I can say is Thank you Magic and thank you for this video.

Eliezer Markov says:

I love this video the Professor is so smart and his videos are never click bait garbage.

TheFixer710 says:

Its 3d chess unless you’re nicol bolas then it’s 7d+ chess.

No Fun Intended says:

Alcohol free environment doesn’t apply at our gamestore lol. They’re licenced and it’s basically a PC gaming and MTG bar on friday nights when the fortnite kiddies are gone. btw, their poutine is the best in existance.

XCeazyX says:


CantoVII says:

Hey, thanks so much for posting this. This video and your message made me happy! Because I just got into playing and love this game. Thank you!

litngfan4life says:

I am a C.O.O of an international Engineering and Construction firm, and I still play magic. I’ve been playing since the time I was in middle school (about 20-25 years ago), and I encourage any young person to get into this card game. The strategies, math, and critical thinking skills needed to succeed in MTG help sharpen young minds and keep older ones from growing stale.

DJ Ethanol says:

I’m 16 and I’m not much into like lots of science and math and stuff, Im a musician and an artist, I have no plans for college or anything like that, but I play MTG because it stimulates creativity, and the level of math and critical thinking involved in the game is challenging but not overwhelming. 2 of the guys in my band play mtg, and after band practice, we sometimes head down to the library and play a few games of commander.

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