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I want to try something different for this video, so I am going to talk to you unscripted and unedited, and I hope very much that it is not an unmitigated disaster.

I’d like to share one of my Magic memories with you.

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Daetlus says:

Here he talks about having 25k subscribers, and now he can look upon reaching 250k. Well deserved. Also, love 99% of this great community. Amazing people.

Joshua Reviews says:

I am new to this game what packs are the good ones

Dominic Orido says:

Can you make a video on how to use a X card cause I’m just a beginner my X card are Nissa Stewrd of elements and also Wildest dreams

Skyler Exis says:

Oh my gosh this made me cry tears of joy that is such a sweet story

Jessica Calhoun says:

U rock my husband and I watch u all the time

Jerome Glover says:

wow that made me tear up, thank you for sharing that. (and that’s the first time in history I ever said those words in that structure)

Killjoy Gils says:

This warmed my heart. Sadly the shop I used to go to took advantage of me being a new player when I was 13 and people would make up new rules just to beat me. No one batted an eye until this one guy who was new to the shop and had just moved into a new home near by, and he was a registered judge noticed they were doing this and spoke against it. I could not thank that guy more because I’m still playing to this day.

GeekTuber says:

Nobody plays magic at my school… not my age I mean

FrozenSquidy 2727 says:

The beginning story was a roller coaster of emotions

a smartass says:

yeah you know he’s a virgin

Zer0 says:

“why people who play MTG are great” *starts with kid getting cheated out of like 10-15000 dollars.*


Enlightened Squirrel says:

Cheers on 250K professor.

Steven Jones says:

steven jones. fan of your work and knowledge, im not good at grammer bare with me. please make a grixis modern delver video similar to the jund and naya videos. their super helpful and really entertaining. keep up the good work! and thank you!

Jonathan Metzger says:

Can’t wait for 500k subs 🙂

MrHabenero says:

When I was 14 I had built myself an artifact deck that cost me around something like $120. It wasn’t the greatest deck ever, but it made me happy since at that time it was the first deck that I had ever spent that amount of money on. I was proud of it.
One day I left the deck in my back pack during a break, and when I came back my backpack was open and rummaged through with the deck missing. I was devastated and thought about quitting magic after that.
Shortly after that incident, I went on a vacation with my parents and I brought a few decks with me. I met this older guy who worked at the hotel I was staying at and he saw me messing around with the decks I brought. He explained he was a magic judge and we played a few games together. I ended up telling him the story about my deck being stolen and how much money I spent on it.
The next day when I met up at the hotel lobby to play with the guy again, he brought an arm length box of random magic cards and handed it over to me. We then spent the next few hours building decks together out of what he had given me and played a few games.

That guy is the reason why I share my magic cards with new players or even players who just need a little help getting their decks going. I luckily haven’t met many people who have been robbed of their magic cards, but if I did I would help them out just the same, as he did for me.

Something worth noting that I always remember. That guy had given me a Mana Vault. At the age of 14 I didn’t understand the card, but he was more than happy to explain the amazing power that the card had, which also at that time completely changed how I understood how to play Magic. To this day I still have that Mana Vault, and I always think of him when ever I play with that card.

nikunaku04 says:

I once bought a kilo box (a box with over 600 mtg cards inside) at a game store where was a mtg thing going on and i ripped it open and just yelled “Everybody, come slaughter this boxes cards!” And i left them there without taking none of the cards (i play pokemon tcg)

Steven Jones says:

I am new to magic and have an elf agro deck and naya burn and working on grixis but would like to know more about a set that I missed called uninged and unglued

niklasjuchem says:

just listening to this hurts

The Cortex says:

My history teacher plays magic and so does my maths teachers brother!

Don Mangrubang says:

Novato ca, need to start a magic game at the please magic player welcome cards shop.

Russell Mock says:

beautiful story Prof 🙂

Alex Gilfoy says:

I remember before I took my magic break I went a tcg shop in my town it was owned by this really nice guy who was really nice to everyone well I started playing and I was horrible but I still enjoyed playing my first night there I played with my green blue horrible intro deck and I got showed no mercy I still enjoyed myself well after enough determination of me playing he eventually made it so for every win it was a pack

Suede Socks says:

I remember one time I was at my LGS (which also sold collectable toys and fantasy books) I was 13 at the time browsing the singles and chillin’ with my mates, this local kid who couldn’t of been older than 10 comes in. we all him knew because his mum left him there the for the last couple Friday nights in a row for a few hours to look at the games while she was busy.
I remember the first time he came in; he walked around the room as silent as a mouse looking at all the miniatures and glancing at the Deltora Quest books, we could tell he’d had a rough day so the owner had beckoned for him to join us the table and demonstrated for him a basic game of Magic, the boy quickly fell in love and the owner gave him a deck made of commons and made a show of presenting the Kid with his very first foil Mountain! (Which the Kid cherished greatly).
The Kid came in quitley sobbing (i have since become friends with the Kid, and found out that his parents had separated that day), put $10 in loose change on the counter and softly asked “I’d like some cards please”, the owner opens up a brand new box of 10th edition, gives the Kid his boosters with a couple extra for free.
we all noticed the kid gripping a paper bag with all his might; it was the deck he had been given with his treasured foil Mountain, the Kid eagerly walked over to a table and put down his stuff, he opened his boosters and just as put his cards in that paper bag, the most horrible thing happened.
Well, there was this guy in his mid 20’s, who played Yu Gi Oh religiously, he had a reputation for being the most immature, repulsive regular at that LGS, he was petty, a bad sport, and severely disliked MTG.
The man went up to the kid, took his paper bag full of these treasured special cards, exclaimed angrily while swiftly pulling down his pants “F#NG MAGIC PLAYERS GET SPECIAL TREATMENT, F# YOU. WHY DO YOU GET FREE BOOSTERS!?”, and then urinated on the kids cards.
After the police removed him from the shop, the Kid didn’t whine or wail, he simply sat in the corner staring at the rubbish bin his special cards now resided in and silently cried to himself.
What happened next was unbelievable, in unison we all start going to our folders and pulling out foils to give to the Kid, we asked the owner of he could donate any more commons so we could make him a deck.
He hands the kid an unsealed Booster Box, then rushes over to the discount bin, pulls out a folder for the foils we gave him and a crapload of sleeves, slips back behind the counter to grab a deck box with the same art as his treasured foil Mountain and a storage box to keep his collection in.
The kids mother walked in and started crying after hearing about the emotional rollercoaster her son had been through that day. I must admit, tears were pouring down my face too.
As the kid and his mum walked out the owner tapped him on the shoulder and without a word, slipped a foil Mountain into the Kids front shirt pocket.
To this day I am still awestruck by what took place.

Brandan Goertzen says:

I have a teacher at are school who plays and shows kids how to play magic

Disrupted says:

Yeah…. I wish I had as positive memories.
My early memories = Started around mirrodin, didnt know the value of cards at all, got 2 chrome moxes and thought they were worthless, got scam-traded into 50 cent rares (big creatures), ok, not a good feeling but now I know the worth of the card at least (was 20 bucks at the time, I believe), but that wasnt my last chrome mox story, no.
 There was a gummy store that let kids look into the packs before buying (very stupid, never did it myself as far as I can remember, not surprised it closed eventually), so one day a kid from my class which I didnt even know played mtg asked if I wanted to go buy a booster with him. We got there and he presented to me 2 boosters, he asked which booster I wanted for myself, I picked one and he gave me the OTHER ONE. Turns out the one I picked had a chrome mox there and he knew beforehand.
That was one of the reasons why I stopped playing magic besides moving away later to another city.
Oh but the other city also had oh so nice people. In that city there was a store, a store in which I went to my first tourney, I remember two incidents pretty well.
1 in my first tourney = I did averagely with my red deck, but this one game, this one game I played savage beating chosing double strike, the guy told me that double strike didnt do double damage, even called a local judge (which I understand now was a friend of his) who vouched that it didnt double my damage so I lost because I didnt pick the other option. (I didnt know much about the rules at the time, nowadays I know far better)
2nd and last time I ever played magic in that store = I brought my homemade zubera deck (multicolored 2drops zuberas with the “life leech” whenever you play a spirit creature and some mass sacrifice cards for swing) and easily defeated everybody. at the end of it people were curious and wanted to see my deck better, there were people all over the table and my deck swapped hands several times, all pretty much in sight, well, all that I know is, when it returned to me it was missing half the zuberas and nobody knew anything. Wow, amazing memories, the zubera deck was cheap as hell, it wasnt about the money, it was sentimental value and the aftertaste.
Now this one is just a very suspicious one, but several years later went to a pre-release, I am not absolutely certain, but I believe it was scars of mirrodin, but this store at least never had thieves or anything, but what happened in one was very peculiar. There was this group of friends who were always very close to each other, 1 of them being the local judge and from several pre-releases im pretty sure they tended to end up in the first and second place at least and split their winnings. I cant say they were cheating for sure, but one of them had 4, FOUR FREAKING DRAGONS in scars and Im pretty sure the rest of the deck was solid as well. I believe 1 skithiryx 1 hoard-smelter and 2 Steel hellkite. If you know the expansion, you know how ridiculously overpowered that is in sealed, ofc he got first place easy and split the boosters amongst friends… You know what Im implying might have happened there.
Another thing to add to suspicion, later, in shadows over innistrad pre-release, I had a game against the judge and he played some powerful soulbond creature and tried to explain to me that it could pair with several creatures despite it clearly not being what it says there (and yes I contested it). Then when I managed to get rid of his creatures and play a silverblade paladin I noticed some clear reaction in his face, and lets just say that by the time I played Wolfir Silverheart in second game, he wasnt so sure that the mechanic let people pair more than one creature and wanted to null the match so I wouldnt get any points despite it clearly being his fault.

Now dont get me wrong, there’s a lot of good people in magic, but I’ve also met terribly scummy people.

Justin Veron says:

Awesome story!

Aaron Peterson says:

I give my friends cards and other people give me cards but that story realy tuched my heart!

T.E. N says:

Bloody hell thats crap. I would find that guy and killed him.

kalidoniarae says:

Thanks for the video, seriously gave me a little jolt I needed back into the game. It is a great community most times:)

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