MTG – How To Play Battlebond – A New Multiplayer Format For Magic: The Gathering

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Mr Applegate says:

The wedge segments are uh…Listen Prof, I think you gotta do some more quality assurance before you upload this stuff. Perfectly watchable video ruined.

Gregory Zelevinsky says:

Will there be a prerelease? If so, what date?

Mark Fidell says:

What approach are people taking to splitting out the prizes and the cards after the game? I would hope that prizes are easy and that LGS will not give out prizes that can’t be easily split between two, but for cards, what approach do you use?

Odd Bunsen says:

I like the beard!

Bálint Czuppon says:

It’s a special set. Especially garbage.

Gamer2k4 says:

Professor, your room is tipping. Do you live near a fault line, by any chance?

stapuft says:

Oh god the fucking cringe is heavy in this video, one minute in and I can’t stand it anymore, please if he makes any other stupid mistakes tell me about it or just correct him yourself

Xylarxcode says:

Does that second guy have a crick in his neck or something? Why is he keeping his head at such a weird angle all the time? Seriously, just lower your head a little, it looks like you’re literally talking down at us.

BahamutEx says:

Wedge seemed somewhat bummed or something? Didn’t look/sound that happy to be there.

FluffyFractalshard says:

wait! rowan and will is not a gay couple?! at least she wears an overall..
seriously though, the art is sooper boring/childish, cold and generic.

Frank Randal says:

Nah, i hate that other guy so much i’ll find the other side somewhere else instead of giving him a view.

stapuft says:

How fucking retarded are you tolarian? Battle bond is a new set not a new game mode, or format, it’s a set made for 2 headed giant, which also is not new, before it became “official” it was what everyone did to play magic in teams fuck man how stupid are you? Two headed giant has been around just about as long as magic itself has been around….

Casey Snipes says:

That Willy Wonka tho !

Mayor Zeus says:

There are some pretty expensive cards in this draft in the form of reprints, If you open a doubling season/ Who keeps it

regalternative says:

The way the professor is posing in the thumbnail is imitating something but I can’t remember what. I think it might be a card artwork…

Cérulien Céruléen says:

Cracking a Jar in THG with 2 Megrims on the battlefield.

GØÐWIÑ says:

How to play Battlebond – or rather, how to play 2 headed giant that we already created and don’t need official support from WotC for.

Seority says:

Hey guys, no-shave-November was like… months ago…

John Deloatch says:

Id be interested in seeing more what those planeswalkers can do but I can’t take anymore of that Wedge guys voice. Does he always talk like that? Why is he not holding his head level and instead tilting it back? I understand sometimes these are scripted and it seems Wedge struggles to find a comfortable speaking tone and pace while also intensely focusing on trying not to mess up the lines. Its a chore to listen to him. After the first couple of cuts to him I immediately would tune him out whenever he’d be on screen.

Mr.13 says:

Why is the art such hot garbage though?
The last few sets have really seen a drop in quality or am I just losing it?

Roberto Neto says:

is battlebond part of the dominaria block? is it gonna be legal in standard, modern and legacy? i don’t get this set at all

Sorin Markov says:

if you would take an extra turn, does your whole team get an extra turn?

Peter Gan says:

Worth noting that the team that goes first DOES NOT DRAW on their first turn.

tehjamez says:

Your partner has a voice for books and a face for radio

yakamo fishing says:

Garbage set

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