MTG – How To Play Explorers Of Ixalan – Instructions, Unboxing, and Magic: The Gathering Review

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Ben Gustafson says:

Magic should never be a board game

SiraZero says:

I don’t think this product is that bad. It contains some value cards. It has a tribal theme synergy. It is just a casual board game style. I’m not really sure what professor expects for this product. I got it’s $50 from massdrop. I think it’s worth the money.

The Artist Of War says:

I think magics biggest weakness is that its a card game with a lot of different settings.
like 40k works mostly in other forms, because its one single theme that is uber big but magic goes greek, pirate, regular fantasy, dark, light, and everything between so finding anything that would work is a never-ending struggle vs the source material that is evolving while you try to adapt it.
otherwise, i could have seen a dnd modification wear every player is either mortal on a realm, pre-spark plainwalkers or plainswalkers working well.
or a reskin with a flavour twist but i am not a game designer so I do not know how to make a game work when it stays in a similar medim without being the same or losing identity.

Beilmanimal says:

I really wish WotC could succeed at 3rd party development just once. I’d love to buy other games that use the MTG intellectual property, but man… they’ve never succeeded in creating anything worth buying.

zeroonezero101 says:

Good product, bad price, good video. They should have sold this around $20-$25
Yet another example of Hasbro’s inability to properly market, price, and/or distribute a product.
Hasbro is it’s own cancer.

awareco says:

Thank you Professor.  I already asked my LGS to order for me, so a bit disappointed. I can certainly rework the decks and perhaps the tiles.

Michael Goetze says:

But do the deckboxes fit sleeved cards or are we expected to play with unsleeved Time Warps?

Nick Shinault says:

So it’s basically a rehashed version of the Arena of the Planeswalkers rts game mixed with Settlers of Catan?

russell anderson says:

I saw child of night with a ixalan set symbol does that technically make it standard legal

Taiku Altergrund says:

So that time warp is all the major money in the box.

Gem Of Magic says:

Aww man. I was hoping it might be like the D&D board games. This doesn’t look amazing to me. But then if this sells poorly they will be like ‘lets never make another MTG boardgame, players don’t want one’.

KatzKat 1083 says:

07:59 Archenemy Anthology? I know you’re quite unhappy with the product, Prof, but don’t make up products we would love to have!

kagekitsune89 says:

Can you combine Explorers with EDH?

Victor Castro says:

I can’t get over how you are pronuncing the city name. Are you making fun or are you serious? Orazca NOT Orazaca!!

WenSon84 says:

the idea is actually not bad. allows you to play magic in another way, so i say it should not be only limited to the cards. but 65$ for this ? man, some poor decision making at wizards lately. to be honest i think it would have been a nice idea for promoting ixalan sets, so you can play them in the store like you did with those theros decks the store owner played. so why not let people play this in the store and every participant gets an ixalan promo ?

KillStraighty says:

Shandalar was fun if you can look past the bugs. Also, am I the only person that remembers Magic the Gathering: Battlegrounds? If that game was remade today with a wide spell pool and regular expansions, it would beat the pants off most online magic dueling games. That’s what Magic Arena should have been.

Muertesfavor says:

Should have been an “F” :p

Henry Killough says:

2:20 typo in step 4

“thee one-cost” should read “three 6 cost”

David Peveto says:

This a real shame… I was really looking forward to this. I hope this product gets a mark 2 and they can try again becuase the kernal of this idea is really good, just didn’t stick the landing.

Jakub Morawski says:

8:06 Archenemy Anthology?

The Dark One says:

Something that’s really kind of surprised me over the years, is how wizards hasn’t made any kind of supplemental books/miniatures of MTG for the D&D D20 system. They own both of the franchises, so they wouldn’t have to worry about rights or anything. It seems like a no-brainer to me. I would pay good money just to have a top quality mini of Liliana, Phage, or Sorin.

If I’m wrong and they have released something like this, please correct me and point me to the name of said product.

mlouden03 says:

If you’re able to get this for $50 and play mostly commander, is this still worth it or nah?

TheWonderdoc says:

The repeated aggressiv misspronounciation of Orazca makes me furious.

Josh VanSickle says:

I preordered this for $50. Considering the current price tags on Shared Animosity, Time Warp, Quicksilver Amulet, Beacon of Immortality, etc. I don’t think it’s bad at that price.

But I wouldn’t pay $65.

KingCreepa says:

Wizards needs to get their shit together why not poll players and ask what they would like to see as a product. I mean every magic player loves magic so i get trying to add a board game to that but the fact is I can make this board game given maybe 3 hours of time and a printer so for 60 dollars it wouldnt be worth it.

GeorgeMaj15 says:

Sounds about what I expected. They could’ve made it into a sweet Catan copy

redemption101caleb says:

Magic would be amazing as a Mass Effect style RPG

Devin Haggitt says:

In the video for the instructions on shuffling the tiles, it says “thee one-cost tiles”. It should be “three 6-cost tiles”

saul williams reid says:

well at least it will make shared animosity cheaper

theinsanething says:

I don’t think the product itself is particularly bad, but the pricetag is utterly unjustified.

It’s like they took the secondary market value of the select few cards as an excuse to jack up the MSRP, I wouldn’t buy it unless I could get it for below half that.

Lauri Maijala says:

I’m willing to give this a chance.

I loved chaotic EDH games with Planechase and welcome the fact that this comes even with some new art. The price is currently under 60€ and most likely will drop quite soon with all these bad reviews. I cannot understand why they didn’t put the lottery cards they must have had planned for Ixalan in this product or state that all of these cards could be used in standard.

androkguz says:

The idea of explorers or ixalan, however, looks very promising. Do you think that this format, with other cards or tiles, could be fun?

Matthew Mccreight says:

I liked planechase… They should have made a variation of that… I do want shared animosity… And Quicksilver amulet…

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