MTG – How To Screw Up Magic: The Gathering Arena – A Guide

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Captain Nolan says:

And be sure not to allow us to port our collections from Magic Online to Arena. That way all those who have invested in Magic Online will be sure to keep playing it, rather than Arena (who wants to buy all of the same cards AGAIN)?

SirSnake says:

MTG: An Awesome game with one of the most shittiest devs around.

J Jaye says:

Satire Titan

Floger says:

You dam right

KaleEnders says:

On fucking point.

Payton P. says:

Did my ears deceive me, or did I hear that M:tG Arena will have Commander? This pleases me.

Kristian Nunez says:

8:51 he’s like it took you long enough lol

Ciborg085 says:

This guys are hungry to play MTG online XD, i am here playing MTG on tabletop simulator and doing all the decks i want are for free XD

Jake Ferrari says:

I am solely a commander player. It’s weird how Wizards supports and doesn’t support the format at the same time. I fully expect the format to never be available in Arena. And with the “special we cant figure out our own program rules” for Commander on MODO, I feel I’ll never get to play outside of a face to face game or so a week.

Eric Gerds says:

Your advice is outstanding I hope that they listen. Did they give a target release date?

The Real TryHard says:

I got a sad story for everyone, I live in Florida my power has been out for awhile and the heat has started to bend the cards in my collection; rares, mythics, etc everything bending and losing worth. Take this as a warning if your house gets hot find somewhere cold to put your cards if you don’t want to lose them

PicMus says:

Loved this video… one of the most entertaining on the channel. 🙂

Chris Mitchell says:

Unfortunately, WotC may have already screwed it up. Per their FAQ: they’re only concentrating on the newest sets and they don’t intend to replace MTGO with Arena. Also? It’s free-to-play. Aside from in game purchases, this suggests a limited library, because if you could get EVERY MtG card on Arena, with the option to get it free simply through play, it wouldn’t bridge players into the paper game, which was the entire point of Magic Duels. Duels is simply to make you realize, “This is great! But it doesn’t contain the whole experience…” which is what leads people towards MTGO or paper Magic. It’s time to face the ultimate truth: unless WotC SPECIFICALLY says they will be replacing MTGO, they will never produce a digital product on par with what the majority of the community has been asking for. But I hope I’m wrong. Or at least I hope WotC sees they’re wrong.

Josh Maddy says:

Know that i hope with absolute sincerity that i aspire to be as catty of a bitch as you one day.

Alexander-the-Third says:

I’ve been trying to sign up since it was announced, and all I got is “E mail is not valid” or a 404 Page

Otávio Ferraz says:

infinite combos/loops will be finally possible in digital or we still need 10 hours to do what take 3 seconds in paper? I’m little skeptical of how “fast-paced gameplay” how they say this can be… is not that hard to click an button and set how many times do you want to repeat the loop or wait to intervene.

Carlos Jefferson Soares Araújo says:

I just want a way to get cards in change of games played. Like this, u play a lot of games, gain coins and buy boosters. Other important thing, booster codes it’s an amazing idea!

Stephen Andolino says:

great video as always! Very excited for where Area can take the game!

XblacklightZ says:

The art needs work…doesnt feel like the fantasy art magic is just hearthstone light….and i hope they fix the price of the sets cause $30 for play sets of 1 card is murder enough

Kristian Nunez says:

I realllly really hope they actually watch this. Because the potential that this has is huge and I’m glad they finally are able to do what hearthstone did but better because we all know when it comes to strictly the cards mtg is better

Red Actual says:

should I sell my mtgo collection before they are worthless?

Paul Anderson says:

Hopefully they don’t forget about the PlayStation gamers this time around!!

Arghore says:

N/M … if the ‘rumor’ is true that boosterpacks will be 8 cards instead of 15, they are already F’ing it up.

Tom Robinson says:

If they compete with Hearthstone price-wise I can tell you I’d play a bunch. If they charged $2 per pack, (15 cards, versus HS 5 cards for $1.50) then I would happily pay $6 to do an online draft myself. Especially if there was a good trading function. I would gladly pay $6 and draft, and then after the draft is over maybe get $3-4 back if I get any good cards and then use the $3-4 credit towards another draft. Draft is the only event I go to, I thoroughly enjoy the on-the-spot deck building aspect of it.

WayToBlue says:

Yeah, dinosaurs

Daniel Merrison says:

Brilliant! Loving the satire~!

Kali Andrews says:

Only on PC you mean like mtgo

Khaled Choucri says:

Im really glad you mentioned the PTCGO booster pack code plan and really hope Wizard listens to that. I believe it would massively increase sales of both games.

Bone says:

As long as they have options to turn off all the distracting shit flying everywhere when playing I’ll be happier.

Mad Dog says:

im gonna free to play this because im sick of throwing money at Wizards. First i thought that would be a bad idea because you would obvsly be behind on the “owning the whole set” part but then i realised that there will be many others out there that dont wanna pay for digital bossters. And then it came to me, why dont let us trade or “dust” (for the lack of a better word) our cards?. Immagine you pull an expensive mythic u dont want but you would be able to get the full price of the card if u choose to ‘dust/sell’ it and buy the cards you want with the given in game currency. Am i on to something here or do you guys think thats a bad idea? and im not speaking of a rigged hearthstone dust mechanic that gives u half your money’s worth.

Danny Snyder says:

the tilt for “tapped” is literally tilting me. please just make it turn 90 degrees.

Knight Snappy says:

This needs to be on the nintendo switch, playing commander anywhere will get people to buy. People can even go to their LGS to play commander if this was on switch without dealing with dangerous cardboards that can give people papercuts.

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