MTG – Let’s play the BattleBond Booster Box Game for Magic: The Gathering

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Marc Vachon says:

Just when I am thinking about getting a box of the latest set, you come out with these videos. Thank you Prof for saving my money and getting the cards I need.

Christoph Röhne says:

Looks like real fun!

Tolarian Community College says:

Want to, I say, want to enter to win two, I said TWO BattleBond booster boxes? Just be, I said, just be subscribed to to the channel and click, I say, click here to enter:

Trips Ahoy says:

Holy shit prof! God forbid u hit a bad foil rare lol. I opened 3 boxes and got the bare minimum. All 3 foil rares sucked. And got just barely 1 of each mythic. Congrats tho my man!

killerspartan666 says:

I want the box son

Cole Rosenbalm says:

I think prof is the only YouTuber who can be understood on 2x speed

yong yida says:

battlebond is the best booster to play with your partner and gather lots of friends and play enjoy the fun time with them.

Joel B says:

You have a brother?
Or is that a clone?
There’s 2 professors on the cover!
This video is gonna be double the fun

Paul Miller says:

This set actaully looks like a lot of fun. To bad I work nights and can’t attend FNM.

Lavendish says:

I need that foil Bonus Round

Jessica Robinson says:

I got two booster boxes. Pulled a Doubling Season from both of them, and a ton of other great cards. Definitely got my money’s worth! I love Doubling Season but I still prefer my copy with the hydra art. Today my Commander Anthology 2 will arrive and next week the Jace Spellbook that I ordered for my hubby will be here. I can’t wait for the new Commander precons later this year!

MrShockwave2007 says:

why just why 🙂

Jordan Mac Isaac says:

Why don’t you have a jaces spell book video? You always make is it worth it videos. So why are you not doing this one?

Guillermo Escamilla says:

What is the best way to sell you cards?

Jessica Robinson says:

Also for any parents out there, do these videos remind you of the surprise egg opening videos all the kids watch? I get sucked in and realize 20 minutes through that I have the mouth hanging open gamer face happening lol.

Justin Fracchia says:

Thank god for your foil spellseeker in box one, you can keep the doubling season 😀

Jose Diaz says:

You’re amazing, Prof! I enjoy watching all your videos.

XSive Rider says:

Gleem never allows me to register or recognize my current subscriptions. Totally worthless.

Tr1Xser says:

TBH he could have make 100$ in 3 rd box if he would count all the small stuff he didnt pot in the 1.5$ rares
it was ez ez 105$ box

Writer The God says:

Inventor plus Elves, totally a good match

JT4D says:


LokeXStratus says:

Sigh, I created a twitter account for the last contest to get my second entry. Haven’t used it for anything. Now it’s suspended for some reason. That’s disheartening.

OchaTime says:

Uh oh, not a very long video!

RASK1904 says:

my ass cant stop pumping to that beat…

Brandon Stone says:

I hate the rares being in the front

Heliosonic says:

Seems like a really fun set! Thanks for the video and for being so kind to do a giveaway. Props!

Dwarf King says:

this set is so busted Professor, wizards be like Lets create a set better than Dominaria and add a bunch of staple cards in it

Cooper Grounds says:

Did anyone else notice the price changed for Pir and Toothy between boxes? They lost half their value in 2 days

Pedro García says:

24 min… woah

Trilli says:

Dat 2 Box make a 4 worth 😀

Sir Alonne says:

Out of curiosity where’d ya get the playmat? It’s adorable and I want one.

Comic Brains says:

2-3 not to bad! I’m excited to see you open core set 2019!! Come on death barons!!

Richard Landgren says:

Did WotC change how boosters are ordered, or is it just for this set? (Rares and mythics are typically behind all the other cards)

Daniel Brooks says:

Sick foils in all 3 boxes! Spellseeker, Arena Rector, and Greater Good. Not to mention Skyshroud Claim which is quite desirable in foil for EDH players.

Mitch Coté says:

I opened a foil True-Name Nemesis. Best box opening (for value) ever.

MH4U says:

There is an ad after each box so you just have to look how many ads there is in the bar to know instantly how many boxes. I don’t know if this is intentional but it ruins the game

theSavageHippie says:

too bad you didn’t pull any Colossal Dreadmaws

Marc Klein says:

I love this sort of thing. Thank you for doing it and sharing with us. And for the contest! 🙂 Very generous.

Morgan Dubs says:

When did they switch the pack order and add a potential for a second rare?

Welverin says:

Hey, foil Spellseeker buddy!

Though, your foil mythic was much better than mine.

Johnny Wolfert says:

It wont let me enter the contest. Please help

Robert Quackenbush says:

I was really happy to see you pull that doubling season so early, its one of the cards I was most excited to see in this set.

Blain Earls says:

I was 100% digging the music. Oh and of course the whole video as well

Graham Gentz says:

What a wild set

Steven Baptiste says:

My only complaint with the “booster box game” is that the previous boxes don’t carry over their extra. I’d like to see just how far you can go with the $100 investment on one box, and let any extra carry over. Easily could have done another box with how big of a win box 2 was

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