MTG – Let’s Play The Ixalan Booster Box Game for Magic The Gathering (LAUNCH)

Opening and Unboxing all these MTG booster boxes for so long now! Check out the Booster Box Game playlist here:

Watch me really have an amazing booster box game with Kaladesh here:
Or watch me play the game with Shadows Over Innistrad here:

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Gem Of Magic says:

New camera is nice! Happy to see you got my fave gal Huatli.

FelipeWalker2 says:

The flavor in this set pleases me so much. Mmhm.

NGW says:

Also wanted to mention, I think your video on whether or not the buy a box packs were worth it may have spoiled this one a bit. If I remember right, and it was a few days back that I watched it so I may be mistaken, you opened three packs in that, when I started this I immediately thought “he probably does three boxes in this, one per pack” and I was right…

joshua mccarty says:

(Before I watch) I did REALLY good on my box and I wish you the same luck Professor!

bartholomewfargo says:

Wow, where did you find an unopened box of that?

Zebra J Striker says:

You should do Innistrad or Zendikar booster box game!

Joseph Marrero says:

Great video I am excited to see the next installment of ixilan and where it goes from here

NGW says:

It’s been a while since I’ve bought packs, but what is with the foil placement in this set? Some are before the rare, some are after? Or did they start placing them wherever that rarity would normally be or what?

Morten humme says:

could you please make a video where you open the rest of those sweet dinosaur attack cards?

Tolarian Community College says:

Don’t have a local game store? Card Kingdom is selling Ixalan Booster Boxes for only 89.00 each! Check them out via our affiliate link at and you’ll be helping the channel just by taking a look! Or pick up a Battle Deck of your choice for only $9.99 and see my review on them here:

Cyphosis says:

11:35 tfw an uncommon is worth more than a mythic rare

Screw The Net says:

Terrible and unimaginative. What a boring, craptastic, offensive set. MOre and more I am convinced that mtg has pandered to pre teens instead of intelligent fans . Just pathetic. I dont hold much hope for quality in rivals of ixalan or even dominaria. .

Alex Cameron says:

Wizards is very sparing when it comes to foils, aren’t they?

immortalavatarmax says:

Not gonna lie, I want to get one of those dinosaur attack boxes, put the cards in an ixalan deck box and give it to my friend just to mess with him.

Nick McDonald says:

I really enjoy the videos. The only thing that’s disappointing is that the time stamp gives away the result.

Blergh McBlergh says:

Nice meme prof. Love ur stuff, keep it up!

George Mattheakakis says:

tyrant at 16Eyros all over Magiccardmarket..

christopher smith says:

I have watched a few of these and there must be something i’m missing about the way packs are put together these days. Why do we always seem to skip the first 4 or so cards? Are packs designed these days to always have low value cards at the start?

Danks Shepherd says:

therapeutic music

Blain Graves says:

You Dork-asuarus!

Firevine says:

I really wanted to see the rest of the Dinosaurs Attack box. I love that kind of stuff.

The Hatebringer says:

I love watching the booster box game and when I do sometimes I lose track of how many packs you have opened would it be too difficult to add a pack counter on the screen that ticks up or down every time you open one? Cuz I often find myself wondering how many are left to open.

Paladia_ Gorom says:

Lrr you should feel honoured to have prof put a foil Kopala into one of your sleeves, it means he thinks they are great, good job

Un Named says:

Then Dinos!

James Fetter says:

I don’t know if it made a difference Professor, but you missed a Unclaimed Territory in your first box and you opened a Spell Swindle in box 2 at a price of $2, and then in box 3 had Spell swindle at $1.60. Either way the closest and most entertaining booster box game in a while!!!

Max Ducks says:

I just got a Welcome Deck, and sleeved it today. UNFORTUNATELY, they gave me the 2016 Welcome Deck. So do you know what that means? IT MEANS ALL OF THE ZENDIKAR AND OATH OF THE GATEWATCH CARDS AREN’T LEGAL IN STANDARD! I’m forced to play Modern! I’m not complaining, Modern is a great format. But I have yet to play a game of Magic at my local game store, and it feels a little overwhelming. Oh, well. Looks like I’m gonna be Cam from LoadingReadyRun: Always studying the Standard players’ behaviors.

Welp! Looks like I’m gonna play Modern and Draft!…I AM NOW GRAHAM AND CAMERON COMBINED. I AM…*GRAHAMERON*!!!

TurzV says:

tolarian i really feel that your comedy writing is really, really under apperciated because you know how to VERY well to a setup and deny a pay off in a hilarious way
especially with your extremely motive face

shitmandood says:

At first, when I saw those packs opening for dinosaurs…thought I was having a flashback!!

Kyle Rosalez says:

Whoa! Did you get a new camera? Episode is looking good!!

Reaper Leafeon says:

i am triggered he didn’t put in a roar when he got gishath

Joe Momma says:

I would have totally lost it if you stopped to sleeve the merfolk token.

Parker2038 says:

is it just me or did you miss a couple unclaimed territoies?

joshua mccarty says:

Anyone know where to get one of those little gremlins? (Like on the shelf behind him) It looks so cool

wowlumi says:

Really hate this game. Please, stop.

Caine Johnson says:

Hey Prof, you should do a token dump at the end of everyone of these and ship all the tokens to a lucky viewer!

Lazor Whale says:

14:40 you went and messed it up again, huh professor?

Dirty William says:

Suffering for your art. Thumbs up!

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