MTG – Let’s Play The Masters 25 Booster Box Game! Magic The Gathering’s 25th Anniversary Set!

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Kevin Chen says:

I want to get box

Jailbreak1247 says:

that first box was so rough, if he hadn’t gotten a foil gisela… so many misses

Derek Brothers says:

why did you skip so many of the low costing rares? and some of the uncommon where worth a couple bucks


I don’t wanna win this

kyler earl says:

Was I the only person that actually got my money worth

bajexe says:

Masters 25 can rot on the shelves, the value in my box was an AMAZING $90 or so TCG Mid on release day. My 3 mythics were all worth less than $5 a piece. If you have an MSRP of $10 you shouldn’t be opening a ‘chase’ mythic rare card that is worth so little. I got more money from Relentless Rats at common than the mythic slot… Last masters box I ever buy. I’m so unhappy with wizards. Back to printing proxies and playing casual instead of giving over my hard earned money for poor quality cards made of poor quality cardboard.

KoverKingz says:


Cedric Seaman says:

Is this the box you stole from LRR?

SoulConstruct says:

Masters 25 = Sequel to Homelands

Chris Gebben says:

worst part the alpha investments conspiracy theory continues

quite a bit of the rares from box number 2 matched the ones from number 2 uncommons as well

Dinky Binky says:

LOL Is it the box you stole from the Friday Nights crew?! Hahaha

Seba says:

To celebrate 25 years of magic like this is an insult to all of us.

Iain Arlt says:

What God awful set lol

Chad K.W.D.L. says:

Wotc finally jumped the tree.

John Waterloo says:

That was disappointing…

Friesens Diecastcollection says:

This cards are looking like a selection of cards from Core-/Main-sets with a few better pieces. I bought only one booster for €8,99-€12,99 in Europe. I’m a player and not a collector for value and this is an annoying selection of cards for this price.

ken j yue says:

Master set series was all about the value, now it’s all about draft and synergy?

Zeviander says:

I’m like… you skipped the $4 Boros Charm. Then I looked up the price and M25’s print run is only worth $1.50. LOL

SkyShroom XY says:

18:30 music name pls

Ted Nielsen says:

My box was fun and I was excited about the set, but I did actually get absurdly lucky for once and walk out with $400 in value, without even a Jace.

Laurie Baldwin says:

Hello prof I have watched episodes of game knights and I was wondering have they ever done a match with two british gentalmen going at them if not I would voulenteer to join you to beat jimmy and jame (forgot his name sorry if he says anything about this comment) by british cunning and wit

skyarmyjd3 says:

Put it this way: the cards in this set are now dirt cheap compared to what they once were

Adam 86 says:

very much unlike you prof, usually you clear $200 without effort

xzysyndrome says:

The Jace or Bust set.

Adrien Delplace says:

This version of Arcane Denial is one of the most wonderful card I’ve ever seen. I love it so much.

TK421 says:

Hey professor, I was wondering what your thoughts are on the card stock MTG is using currently. Recently, i’ve noticed a marked increase in the number of booster packs that contain cards that are already warped and bent, especially the foil cards. What do you think?

William Winder says:

A complete dumpster fire of a set.

CyricD says:

What’s the best online store for sealed product (fat pack / bundles)?

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