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The Ultimate Guard SuperHive 550+ is one of the newest additions their line of card storage, featuring two main compartments for cards and a prized playmat with a smaller tray for dice. It can hold roughly 550 double-sleeved cards, or about 650 single sleeved cards for your cube. In addition to loose cards, the SuperHive 550+ continues the tradition of Ultimate Guard products playing well with each other, accommodating a variety of deckboxes in its outer compartment. I was able to fit five of the 100 card Boulders in it without any issues, six of the 80 card Boulders, or four of the 80 card Sidewinders without any issues. You could also fit five of the 100 card sidewinders, but hopefully by now you get the picture – the SuperHive works well with its smaller counterparts, and provides a great way to store all of your compatible deckboxes in one place.

The Dex Protection Supreme One Row is designed to store large collections of cards, like a cube or perhaps a Modern or Legacy gauntlet. It can hold about 550 double-sleeved cards, or about 600 single sleeved cards in its plush, real suede scarlet interior. Seven infernally strong magnets hold the lid in place and DO. NOT. BUDGE, even when completely full of cards and given a strenuous shake test. I could maybe see this box opening if you drop it from a fairly tall height…but that’s a pretty small corner case and not something most Magic players do on a daily basis.

The Dex Protection Supreme Game Chest is quite possibly, the best box out there for your cube right now on the market. It combines the carrying capacity of the Supreme One Row with Dex Protection’s Game Chest, fusing it together to create a box that can hold over 800 double-sleeved cards between the top and bottom compartments, not to mention a significant amount of dice and tokens in its two slide out trays. Like the Supreme One Row, the Supreme Game Chest has Dex Protection’s signature real red suede interior and a smooth, matte exterior. However, also like the Supreme One Row, the outside material also has a tendency to pick up marks and scuffs. It’s not terrible, but it was definitely noticeable after using after a few weeks. Definitely a disappointing feature given how useful and compact the Supreme Game Chest is in and of itself.


jdmj0 says:

It’s unfortunate that UG can’t stay shut. I’m in love with their sidewinder (100) boxes and wanted a ‘chest’ that could hold my 5 edh decks in orderly fashion. As I only would need one mat when I head out, this product would have actually been perfect for me. Alas, I shall await for the hopeful day UG possibly hears your criticisms and fixes them. Thanks prof for another awesome vid!

Stephen ertle says:

He said DEX lol

RMQuarter says:

Honestly i might consider buying the deck protection game chest to transport my standard and commander deck, some extra sleeves, and dice.

Keovar says:

The Quiver is still the best. It has a zipper closure & a carrying strap, plus it can hold inner deckboxes like the Boulder.

Joseph Stalin says:

I’m just gonna get one of those thousand count cardboard boxes

Franklin Cromer says:


Ethan Flett says:

Where did you get that adorable craterhoof behemoth plushie? I need one!

Richard Coghlan says:

About how many cards do you think would fit in a Supreme Game Chest, given those cards were single-sleeved in Dragon Shield Mattes? Or does the 800-card figure stand?
Wondering because my cube is of a bit of a monstrous size (about 1200 cards including basics), and I’m searching for something to hold it with a bit more finesse than a plain old 3200-count.

Jason Molisani says:

I’m usually not one for old chinese proverbs/saying, but this came to mind when you literally dropped a Boulder on your own foot:
“Lift a stone only to drop on one’s own feet”
It made me smile.

Seriously though, thanks for the video. My cube is currently stored in a couple fat packs, and I was looking into other options. This was very helpful!

BuriedFlame says:

The Professor needs a stuntman for those drop tests.

NinjaTerd473 says:

I love how you get so nervous when you shake test your cards. And then there was your review of the Legion Vault v2. I bought one after you reviewed it because you were so confident in the box in every way.

Brawler_1337 says:

I’m eager to see Ultimate Guard’s response to this review. IIRC, Ultimate Guard is good about receiving criticism and addressing flaws in future releases.

L. Fernando Ramírez Macías says:

fucking magnets how do they work?

Mrguy says:

Hey,can somebody tell me how I could get into stuff like friday night magic? I am on a budget and have a pretty bad deck right now I got made from a deck builders tool kit. I love playing magic but don’t know where to get a good deck for cheap.

Anthony Jones says:

Bad audio on this vid Prof.

agent mlp412 says:

Why am i here i cant even afford a deck box

Siatia says:

Love the videos and reviews prof. Spent several years searching for sometime to hold all my commander decks. Eventually my edh group turned me on to a tool box with removable boxes. and I haven’t looked back. However thank you for all your hard work.

Teamppappi says:

Hey profesor is there any case that comes with a compartment for my play mat that’s actually good? I was getting happy about the first one till I saw the magnets

Sheriff K says:

I need like a foam interior briefcase that can fit 20 pauper decks.. ‘xD

Simon Willig says:

No love for the card barrier 1000??
This thing is sturdy as shit, and though it’s not as plush n fancy, SO cheap compared to the others. I even added a duct tape handle to mine so it was more carry-able and it’s never once opened while being carried on its side.

Aaron Chesser says:

Thanks for the review. Very helpful!

Macabre Derek says:

Professor, I have to say the Superhive was an interest to me. Small Standard collection, handfull of decks, lands for draft and extra sleeves, and my Liliana playmat, if the magnets were strong and it came with a shoulder strap I can see a very strong argument for buying it, but unfortunetly they lost my cash after this review. Thanks for the warning!

Gabriel Wilson says:

I love the intros. Good Job. 🙂

25 Games says:

Hey professor! Great video as usual! I think I’m going to try to get back into mtg when dominaria is released. Anyone have any tips for returning to mtg?

briandecastro88 says:

Will the dex protection game chest hold a 360 single sleeved cube in the center pocket?

I_Nowa_Guy says:

The difference between the magnets is probably due to how they are done. The larger one is probably done via multiple small round magnets (also probably not very strong magnets) whereas the smaller company uses more laid out bar style magnets (and potentially stronger magnets).

It’s also about marketing, a bit, for the corporation it’s cheaper and faster to use cheaper magnets. Whereas for the smaller company it’s more reliable to use stronger, possibly, a bit more expensive magnets.

Disclaimer: I’m no expert. These are my assumptions and what I can think of with my preexisting knowledge of magnets and marketing/business.

Social Justice Goblin MTG says:

Still ashamed at being your paetron but I do love your review videos

Magnus Infernum says:

0:48 I would honestly like to know, did you get that on your first try?

siborgstare says:


Somebody Anybody says:

I always try to leave a like to the professor’s review videos…a kind public service and he looks like he has fun doing it too xD

Quran Williams says:

I did bought the supreme game case before you made this video and I enjoyed it to the fullest. I do play Cardfight Vanguard and I do have anime art deck boxes that fix those deck boxes perfect but the anime deck boxes is not strong but for show. It does hold all my deck so I can play with different deck. Thank for your honesty and testing on different products.

Starfury117 says:

I store my cube in a sliding wine case that I’ve cut out grooves to fit dividers for lands, and then varnished inside for a smooth finish.

Nothing beats a sturdy wooden box for your expensive cards lol.

joe burris says:

Drop it.

Hien Nguyen says:

Thanks for the reviews!

FrankChafe says:


Heelflip540 says:

9:57 I’ve never seen someone get so giddy over a deckbox. Love you Prof!

Zhi Qi Wei says:

is there a good “deck” box for a super small cube, i only have like about 200 cards. So is there any good boxes that store roughly 200 cards. I like the last one but its kinda outta my budget. Im looking for something from 5-10

John Doe says:

Use two rubber bands to keep the Ultimate Guard Hive closed. Problem solved. Upgrade from C to A- achieved.

Hyper Librarian says:

Honestly, I think the Ultimate Guard is the best. As someone who plays multiple types of tcgs, the Ultimate Guard Hive is very useful for keeping all of my different decks together in one solid box that I can just put into my game bag and be off. Just my opinion though.

Gorn says:

I just found your Channel by chance and i have to say you do an awsome Job thanks for your work.

sternguard77 says:

I love dex protection products. I keep all my EDH decks and my main modern deck in a couple of their deck boxes. And they work like a charm. They’re surprisingly sturdy. Even if they don’t always hold up the best cosmetically.

D'Koda says:

I’d have loved the SuperHive if it had a Zipper like their binders

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