MTG – The Complete Casual, A Guide To Better and More Enjoyable Casual Magic: The Gathering Play

Part 1: Balance and Sealed Magic: The Gathering Products

Despite the enormous amount of casual play that takes place, many casual Magic players experience frustration and difficulty while just trying to get in a fun game of Magic with their friends.

When getting casual games with your friends, it is important that your decks are on the same level. So if you are playing with an old Zendikar Standard deck, make sure your friend is too. If you are playing with an Intro Pack, make sure your friend is as well, etc.
This balance will improve the play experience dramatically.

Imagine that Wizards of the Coast came out with a new product designed just for the best casual play experience. I’m going to call the hypothetical product, The Complete Casual.
It’s called the Complete Casual, because it has everything you would ever need or want for casual play.
These Complete Casual decks would each be completely different from one another, so much so that you and each of your friends could all buy one, and no two of your decks would be alike. Fully customizable as well, pick you colors and deck style, etc.
But, amazingly, due to the genius of Wizards of the Coast, these decks would be balanced against each other, so that you could play against anyone else who had purchased this product, be it a friend or just someone at your local game shop.
Finally, let’s say The Complete Casual only cost about $24.00. That’s all you’d have to spend to get all of what I just described. Sound too good to be true? Well, believe or not, it’s realer than you think, and I’m going to talk to you about it more in just a moment, but first, I’m feeling a little too formal, and this is a casual discussion. Let’s get casual!

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Ceul Gai says:

Do you have something against Jane? Why isn’t she allowed to play with you, Billy, Susan, and Doug?

Sterling says:


Evan Moon says:

Once upon a time, I played my mono black thrull control deck against birds…. I put down magic for a while. Heard about planeswalkers in lorwyn, followed by commander, planechase, and archenemy, now I am in it to win it, and care nothing, but for the my elder or primordial dragon at all times.

Victor Ivanov says:

Man, you just reanimated my Khans of Tarkir Block collection! Thanks!

Joe Momma says:

My problem is that I like to build weird combo decks that aren’t nearly reliable enough to be competitive but would be no fun to play against in casual. Like I’ve got one I really like now that can pull off a turn 4 win, but it relies on a couple things happening that aren’t necessarily going to happen every game (or even most games).

Tyranitarts says:

3000th like!

Michael Buford says:

For some reason…. Cringy works for you. Keep it up.

Alexander Forbes says:

I’ve been watching videos about Magic for an hour and a half and I’m still not familiar with half of the vernacular.

guevara7E says:

I’m addicted to this channel, and I don’t even play MTG! lol

Lucky Ducky says:

Imagine this dude jerking off then all of a sudden, “oh hello”, L:OL!

randomcompdude427 427 says:

I think he just described Des’ channel. (His channel and Des’ are my two magic channels though.)

Quinn Reynolds says:

Do you prefer sealed or draft?

Don Mangrubang says:

thank you for info

Иван Зеленов says:

Thank you very much from some unknown casual players from Russia!

Michael Hall says:

I’m not sure if I learned any thing from this that could help me

Olsen Bros! says:


sean leblanc says:

I love tibalt I’ve had my heart ripped out

Shadykilla says:

I play somewhat strong decks like “Illusions of grandeur+donate” against my friend who only play cards from Kamigawa and only puts creature cards in his mono-colored deck . The way i fixed the balance issue? I made a deck that forces a tie (infinite mandatory loops) as quickly as possible. Game ends in a draw, I call it the “Communist” deck.

Salman Qaisar says:

HELP: Can anyone guide me please? I am NEW to MTG. i am looking for a mode which supports true multiplayer (not 2-headed giant or whatever that is called) for 3-4 players.
Key features:
1. multiplayer (3-4, maybe 5)
2. i only want to play CASUAL, with friends on our boardgaming nights, to have some FUN.
3. I DONT want to have to buy extra cards (i wouldnt know what to get!)
4. some decent REPLAYABILITY
5. preconstructed decks be relatively BALANCED.
(6. something that allowed a draft eg Winchester would be fun, as long as it is multiplayer
On paper, the new COMMANDER ANTHOLOGY box seems to fit.
Would u guys agree with that???
Any other ideas? 5 commander decks from the same year?
Thanks for your help 🙂 Sal

Daniel Sarabia says:

why not a tool kit product with 5 or 6 packs of 1 basic set, and the commons cards + lands (the sealed format it’s a bit hard and low sinergic)

josiah lehrke says:

I witnessed this “casual” phenomena myself when I started playing Magic for the first time.

A bunch of kids at my high school all went out and bought tool kits to start a club that met after school. It was some of the most fun I ever had playing MtG for the first few weeks as we all tried to figure out how to build a cohesive deck out of what we opened (turns out angel tribal just doesn’t work very well…)

Then things started to get a bit unbalanced as some people dropped a bunch of money into building (what I now realize) standard and modern decks that were much more powerful.

Trying to fight a well-oiled dragon deck with all sorts of shiny rares and mythics (and an actual mana-base) with the collection of semi-cohesive cards from my toolkit was a far less enjoyable experience and the club eventually dwindled.

bmc7000 says:

anyone going to say anything about the uncommon vraska?

Mundane05 says:

This might be a dumb question, but if you’re relatively or totally new and just buy 6 boosters what do you do about lands?

Veikko Elo says:

Can’t wait to get in some CASUAK play!

Zer0 says:

24 dollars, yeah right

Robert James says:

I bought a bunch of cards and decided to get back into it back in 2012 for a couple of years. I bought

Deckbuilders kit

Maybe 15-20 boosters over the course of six months from various blocks that were current.

2 large bricks of bulk commons from amazon and a smaller brick of bulk “uncommons”

For ~two hundred bucks I had a decent magic card collection that was fun to play with other adults from a local Meetup group.

Spiderhaz says:

When I was using my 5 color amonkhet My friend milled me for 30 cards using Jace. So I cast Crypt Incursion exileing my own graveyard giving me 90 health then I kept casting my Trial’s of Zeal because of Cartouches and killed him. This is why money deck don’t always work.

Chris Zablocki says:

Magic is a competitive game. Casual play is nice to pass the time. Kind of like playing go-fish. But there’s little to gain from it. Sometimes getting your ass kicked is just better. Why start if you don’t want to play against good players?

James Harland says:

Really useful insights, thank you! It really opened my eyes to the reasons behind some of my negative play experiences. I love the idea of agreeing on some sort of Limited format with your friends and sticking to it.

Bbb Hhh says:

We play with a rule called mana drop mana christmas. All of the mana cards you get in your hand you can drop in the same turn and every time you get a land card on the field you get to draw a card

Ethan Cooper says:

I was deeply hoping youd undo your tie to retie another, slightly sillier tie.

Evan Moon says:


Pug House says:

My only problem is a lot of my friends don’t play MTG, or are series MTG players.

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