MTG – The New Player’s Guide To Drafting Magic: The Gathering Cards

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Draft is quite possibly the most popular way to play Magic the Gathering. If you want to go down to your local store and play Friday Night Magic, it is highly likely that the format will be draft.

In Draft, players draft cards and build a deck from those cards, that is, you pick one card from a booster pack and then pass the rest of the pack to your neighbor. Your other neighbor does the same, passing you the rest of their pack. Ultimately, you and a your group of 8 players open and draft from 3 booster packs each, the end goal being the construction a 40 card deck.

Since draft is so extremely popular, and also very lucrative, the current process of designing Magic The Gathering sets tends to create cards with draft as the priority of form and function.

So what is draft and how does it work?

If you are drafting at Friday Night Magic at your local game store, then you are very likely drafting from the most recent set. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the cards. Yes, there are a lot of them, and no, I am not suggesting that you memorize them, but it is a good idea to take a moment to at least read over the set list.

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Michael Harz says:

Thank you for this Video! I’m going to my first draft with some friends next Week and this helps a lot!

liam Wright says:

What, Haze of Pollen can’t be removal? Lose no creature, tap all theirs, waste their combat and leave them open…

Dylan Gorbet says:

Showing this to a friend before Ixalan draft whose name is Billy o _ O

evan magik says:

When we have open a booster, do we have to take the lands off the pack ?

KillerTheMike says:

hey! im not billy

Don Mangrubang says:

thank you for info

Nicholas Killmeier says:

Nice! I just did my first draft tonight. It was fun.

Interesting that As Foretold is in the dirt pile only a couple months ago, and now it’s like a $6 card haha!

Thorinox says:

When I was younger and did this, I always kept the rares xD

Pugdroid says:

so you bring your own land??

HeroSpiderman says:

nice, thanks!

Davide Ranieri says:

I must disagree on one thing: As Foretold is not bad in my opinion, being a sort of aether vial in a UG ramp archetype. It’s a very powerful card.

Donobyte says:

Very nice. Now maybe I can go for my second draft night and win 1 game. That would be great. I literally had a bomb but hadn’t been picking that color when I got it. You know, just set it aside.

yellowsquashbanana says:

This should help a lot for my first draft (and return to the game after dragons) tomorrow or next week.

78Flupke says:

I am building a Theros cube, to teach my friends how to draft.

Tekie Wolf says:

I am just starting to get into MTG after years of Hearthstone and this video is great. Thank you for making such great videos Professor!

Jonathan Jones 4 says:

your smile seems super fake

INeedABeeer says:

great video! do you have a P.O. box?

N33bone says:

Do I pay for the packs myself and do I provide my own lands

Bijan Ashtiani says:

Very thorough, excellent as always Professor

TheValorious says:

“Haw-nerd” Hydra?

Katelyn says:

Tfw your deaf and trying to watch with captions BUT THEY’RE IN GERMAN.

Cyber Rittengrem says:

Do you keep the draft cards?

lornlynx says:

kind of missing a big question for new players, which is to decide which colors to go and when

Pugdroid says:

do I take my drafted deck home after I draft??? Please help I am a complete noob

Mark Sherman says:

This is exactly what I needed. Thank you, Professor!

The Shadow says:

Great Magic dank memes

Bastian Lachan says:

Thanks for the help!!!!

Chace says:

Awesome videos! Thank you for the help, I would be lost without this! Gonna go into my first draft soon!

Nick crumpton says:

Where do we put the lands, the tokens

Tim Bister says:

Thanks. Haven’t played draft yet, but my son and I plan to soon. This will help.

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