MTG – The Top 5 Best Modern Ixalan Cards for Magic: The Gathering

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Ezif says:

I have to say Professor, that tie is quite the treasure!


Tank Guy says:

Any chance you would be willing to do a “best new pauper cards from Ixalan and/or Iconic masters”? I know pauper probably doesn’t get a super amount of views any more, but I still love hearing your thoughts on it. You could probably roll both sets into one video.

MRedDragonO1 says:

Opt is going to be banned in Modern. Thanks Storm Decks

WesTheGiant says:

Opt is going to be a 4 of in all the janky fringe modern miracles decks that are floating around. I look forward to seeing if those end up being any good!

Firevine says:

Pretty excited about Opt. I wish the art was more interesting though. I love the old art.

Benjamin Manktelow says:

Professor I just want to say thank you so much for introducing me to Modern through the affordable Mono Blue Tron deck! The deck itself has moved with the meta since, becoming anything but budget (thanks Chalice of the Void [luckily I got them before the recent price spike]) but I have also picked up two additional Modern decks bending my bank account into weird and strange shapes. Being able to play Magic a lot less regularly than I would like means that playing standard is absolutely not an option and having a competitive and challenging format that I can dip into when ever I can is fantastic. Once again thank you for your encouraging introduction video.

Don'tknow says:

i got an Ixalan ad. lovely

George King says:

So just a general statement that I know will get lost in the comments. But I was able to place at my local store using a turbo fog deck with maze end as my win con. Beat eldrazi tron, merfolk, zombie, Jund, but I lost to a burn deck. Isochron scepter with silence was brutal and using craklimg perimeter as an alternative win.

jojo chaves says:

Hopefully I win. Can’t afford to buy any of this set. Really want to tho

DawnersDream says:

I’m kind of new to magic, and suggestion as to what color I should give a try? For learning purposes

Ignacio Gallarati says:

Yeah!!! international shipping!!!

Matti Kauppinen says:

Your own leonin arbiter blocks your field of ruins as well^^

Logical Byte says:

4:56 Shots fired at Ponza players

BBradshawProductions says:


Derp Deer says:

Come on. Open your eyes. Revel in Riches and Damnation is obviously one of the best combos here. Seriously.

aegisofhonor says:

I really like the white legendary enchantment that makes a vampire token and then flips when you attack with 3 creatures (not hard when you’re laying down lots of cheap creatures). And though expensive, that new 7/6 trample hexproof can’t be countered is a beast that just screams “I cast it, now deal with it”.

The Helix Network says:

Hey @Tolarian Community College I was wondering why you didn’t talk about sword-point diplomacy? While it is sorcery speed, this card either draws you a ton of cards or hits your opponent fro a ton of damage. while the down side is that the cards are exiled, I still feel that its a very strong card.

Kieran Koch says:

You had me at Ahoy there

Mr Blitz says:

Yes, the moment I saw Opt I thought of replacing some of my cantrips on my Kiln Fiend deck with it. The fact than lets you scry after you draw and the instant speed makes it perfect for my deck.

Yoda III says:

Hi Professor, I read an article online:

“According to the update, all Planeswalker cards will have the supertype legendary, and will be subject to the “legend rule”. They’re erasing the “planeswalker uniqueness rule”, so that means everything true about legendary creatures will also be true for planeswalkers. If you control more than one legendary planeswalker with the same name, you will have to choose one and put the other into your graveyard. That means you can have both Jace, Unraveler of Secrets and Jace, Cunning Castaway under your control on the field at the same time since they don’ have the same names. ”

 But this is not stated in the rule book that is listed, is this info accurate? (I’m new to Magic and only been playing for a few months). 


Rule book: 

306.4. If a player controls two or more planeswalkers that share a planeswalker type, that player chooses one of them, and the rest are put into their owners’ graveyards. This is called the “planeswalker uniqueness rule.” See rule 704.
 Effective as of Aug. 27, 2017

herb haley says:

Found 3 Opts in a box of old commons, much like last Christmas when I found 7 Simian Spirit Guides in the same boxes.

Rubens Fontes says:

thanks for the chance of winny a booster box, wich I will never have money to buy :/ ^^ I am following the channel since 2015 ^^ and already helped me a lot to be a better player, and sorry if I wrote something wrong, english isn’t my native language ^^

Tolarian Community College says:

First prerelease? Old timer wanting some tips and insight? Check out The SBMTG Ixalan Prerelease Guide

FilthyGaming says:

Unclaimed Territory. Riiiight alongside my Cavern of Souls.

ImA BrokeHonky says:

Yeah, finally a reason to log into Twitter. LoL On another note, this might lead to seeing more Merfolk decks in my area. Well, might lead to me making one….lmao thanks for the insight on the new release!

adam helgeson says:

none because modern is a toxic format

sanitydistortion says:

So turn 2 cradle into Coco on opponents turn. Seems good.

Braids Cabal Minion says:

I’m super excited for Opt in Storm and in Control. Storm just wants an additional cantrip and Control wants instant speed cantrips rather than sorceries. Since having Fatal Push, Spell Snape and Serum Visions on the draw just feels bad …

Bruce Miller says:

Professor, are we going to see a pauper list? Maybe combine Iconic Masters and Ixalan?

ozfan6 says:

Elves is not gonna want itlamac, by the time you can flip, you already have tons of mana, and most of your hand will be dumped already.

Guy Smith says:

Probably gonna sit these next few sets out

thecodingmonkey says:

i’m still not understanding the play cycle in the video at 9:31 to get the new cradle to flip on turn 2

Martín Kropf says:

So excited for the return of relevant Merfolk and sudo Gaea’s Cradle! Definitely excited for Ixilan, havent been this excited for a block since Theros!

Tim Smith says:

Search for Azcanta in four colored dredge, oh my.

Riley Pace says:

Bloodcrazed Paladin is so going in any deck with yahennis expertise

Insanonaga says:

Anyone else seeing merfolk splashing green after this?
Toss down a Collected Company and the new gaea’s cradle and things got real

House of Shadow says:

Nothing on this list surprised me, which I take as a compliment to myself evaluating these cards alone.

Jonas Agdanowski says:

Kopala commander deck?

Daniel Maloney says:

The entry link isn’t working for me.

PK Lemon says:

Yar har pirates ahoy

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