MTG – Top 5 Most Powerful Dominaria Cards for Modern – Magic: The Gathering

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Trent Chapman says:

I like dampining sphere I want to run it main board

Outcaster MTG says:

Just can’t wait! I love these cards!
Especially the Merfolk Trickster!!!

morkroth says:

Tarmogoy’s text is not an ability. Trickster does nothing.

James Miller says:

Poor merfolk: always doomed to be the LaForge of the MTG universe.

Firestar872 says:

Honestly, Lich’s Mastery could have a big impact on the format, as it pretty much makes the player invincible in token/swarm decks.

Tomas Soejakto says:

I’ve been following your channel for a good few months now and there’s one thing I haven’t seen you do: play Magic The Gathering.

Alex Yearwood says:

*urza of scion*

Pietari Majuri says:

Oh man! After having watched the LRR PPR, I can’t unhear the ‘incorrect’ pronunciation of Dom-ee-NEH-ree-uh

Youcant Stopme! says:

So stoic rebuttal is in modern?

Phyrexian GHXST says:


potatodavid1987 says:

Skirk Prospector is one of the more broken reprints for modern in many many moons. Prosepctor + Metallic Mimic + Redcap = You ded

Cyyko says:

Camping Sphere also screws over storm a little. Sure, they have mana for days, but when their ramp spells cost equal to or more than what they provide, storm just stops right in its tracks.

Brock Pulling says:

Damping sphere needs to be banned in modern. A 2 drop that can go in any sideboard that shuts down 4 modern decks. They are gonna kill a lot of the variety of playable decks. (Tron, storm, lantern control, and ironworks combo are the 4 shut down but it’s gonna be a minor annoyance to a lot of other decks too.)

Kev says:

Professor stop spreading lies. The card MaRo mentioned was MANA DRAIN (the chase card in Iconic Masters)! (You know the card that is banned in legacy. It is only playable in vintage, EDH, and other casual formats.)

joseph sawczyn says:

wizards report is similar to stoic rebuttal – ya maybe easier & faster to have 1 wizard then 3 artifacts. However, mechanically they are both 3 mana counterspells reduced to 2 blue mana when a condition is met

KaiTheElusive says:

Karn…. Every time I think this card can fill a niche role, I am proven wrong. He is not good in Tron of any flavor, he’s too slow and weak for affinity, he’s terrible in tezzerator, and he’s meh in edh. I’m not sure what his role in standard will be, but… eh? I do know this, he is being overhyped as being good for much more than a coaster. Although, he isn’t on the level of tibalt and Jace of the Guildpact bad.

Craig Thrae says:

Karn might fit in as a one of in mono u the reason that the list doesn’t see more play isn’t that it’s not super strong it actually is it’s that it’s hard to pilot as seemingly minor decisions make or break the game for you and you have to have a strong knowledge of your meta

Andrew Blank says:

Adeliz is a woman, professor.

Aziza_ Azule says:

I’m totally going to be play testing steel Leaf in my modern elf deck

AlchemyOmega says:

I don’t know why people keep mentioning delver along with wizards retort, if delver is flipping then it is no longer a wizard. Mana leak is strictly better on turn 2 and is so whether or not your driver flips. I’m more interested in this card in merfolk or with snap.

joseph sawczyn says:

We need more Mono-Red Goblin tribal

michael warren says:

you rock keep doing it bro…. love your content….

Jonas Poponas says:

I really love Skirk Prospector as a reprint! But I think with the lack of another sac-outlet-Goblin like Goblin Sledder, we still won’t be able to play Dirty Kitty in Modern 🙁

NazNic says:


Michael Thomas says:

If you’re going to call yourself “The Professor” can you please not misuse terms like “strictly better” >_<

NotaNetDeck says:

Steel-Leaf Champion is strictly better than Leatherback Baloth? Not against a Languish

Sir Squiggles says:

I don’t think Merfolk Trickster works on Tarmogoyf…

Kieran Duncan says:

Where’s Cast Down? 8-rack, Delver and Abzan are going to love it as a 1-of catch all.

Benjamin Herzog says:

Lyra Dawnbringer

Scott Sutton says:

Sorry I can’t ignore the Khan minus 2. Make a 0/0 that gains +1/+1 for each Artifact… Ok so all those artifact decks where you basically go 4 mana and make a realistic 6/6 on turn 4? And also that is going to only get bigger. And I’m sorry Cheerios just got something to do if they fizzle. Don’t just think it’s a better Jace Beleran

xcver says:

Delver of Secrets and Wizard’s Retort is kind of a nonbo. The Delver is no Wizard anymore so will not reduce Retort’s cost. So your plan would be to play turn 1 Delver and then hope for it to not flip…seems kind of a weak plan.

Dunno about Sphere being that much fantastic against Tron. For Tron it is always about the added pressure. If you just reduce their mana output with no pressure they will just win through it. It is also much worse against Eldrazi Tron than Blood Moon is. As a Tron player I fear Blood Moon much less than Stony Silence.

B Berry says:

The perfect intro

James Edwards says:

Yay! Someone knows Mono-Blue Tron exists! I love it and I’m aiming to add 2 Karns in when the set comes out. Also, Damping Sphere in the side because Mono-Blue Tron doesn’t actually need Tron, so I don’t care about the effect on me :p

San Shinobi says:

Nostalgic anniversaries are all well and good, but every set is someone’s first. So what does this set offer to those new planeswalkers wondering what in Konda’s name Domino’s Pizza is doing here?

darynu says:

i laughed when you held up the shirt and mousepad, because i realized i was currently wearing one of the purple tees and was using my tcc playmat as a mousepad

Allen Bowlds says:

has anyone considered using damping sphere as more of a combo piece rather than just a sideboard card? im thinking of mana flare type cards causing all lands to produce colorless.. obviously, your deck would be running alternate mana producers as well has using more colorless mana.

basically, the sphere + a flare effect + a deck made to target artifacts and creatures = lock down.

MaroonWarlock Gaming says:

I’ve been super hyped for dampening sphere and then Sylvan awakening got spoiled. I think it is a card you can build around

Jake says:

Dampening Sphere makes me angry, but excited as I have B/G Tron list that can hang with it.

Victor Saboya says:

Prospect + Red Cap Goblin + Metallic Mimic…. Infinity Mana.

Cptn Zolof says:

I think you’re spot on about wizards tribal

Cory R says:

Bleh standard is suck a sucky format, I feel like its just a money grab to keep us buying cards that are NOT better than old cards both in interesting cards to play and in ACTUAL CARD QUALITY. Cards I have from 10 years ago are much higher quality feeling than new cards. Unless they fix card quality in dominaria im done with magic


I love the music for damping sphere

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