MTGLION Banned from Magic the Gathering for LIFE?

Let’s set some stuff on fire now…. Incoming Rant at 3pm today.

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William Anderson says:

This is it bro, you are now in power nine territory of shitting on folks. If you do what I think you’re about to do, you go straight past Time Walk straight to Lotus.

Daniel Despres says:

I hope you class action lawsuit the pants off of them. Fuck Wotc. Fuck Mark Rosewater, Fuck MTG.

Username Unidentified says:

What’s going to stop you from making a new DCI account to avoid getting banned?

Brady Fullerton says:

You realize that a justice of the supreme Court has a lifetime tenure appointed by the president? You seriously think your professor was a supreme Court Justice when they were younger?

Lord Nurgle says:

I don’t play Magic and I’m not in the community but this shit is getting insane. Which tells me one thing the prisoners are running the asylum.

Judging by what you said, OMG this going be good. I always said they will continue to do this until they get go after that one person that doesn’t back down.

EcnalKcin says:

This whole scenario makes me chuckle. WotC is like a slow motion train wreck.

draxxus9801 says:

RELEASE THE TAPES! WotC can suck a fat one

Vor Swify says:

Which dci tourney did wizards let a judge that commited rape attended cause it could been one of my children attended that event

MeldrickCz says:

It seems to me, that, tried it here in EU they could be sued. They have to serve their service to all potencial customers unless REAL issue, I have also law degree, but then again I did not effort myself to study the case throughfully.

ThomasLu9000 says:

Are you a lawyer? How do you have time to make these videos and argue over a card game

Dunno says:


angel Velazquez says:

I would like to work for you getting young artists to freelance for you.

HeadWrinkle says:

Gee, you spent all this time trying to be UM, now you got it! Enjoy trying to battle Hasbro in courts!

Avacyn, The Purifier says:

Although not entirely the same, EA losing their lawsuit when they shut down some servers would potentially be legal precident, if you argue that the key theme of having access cut off is the same.
Obviously you’re the lawyer, not me, but just an idea.

vi0cs says:

Good thing you aren’t a lawyer.

Melson Peros says:

Hahaha i knew this would happen

Teazia Teazia says:

Wow, they will end up banning all their customers. Great idea! They can play with themselves! Also, don’t poke the lawyer customers. Lol

Dominic West says:

I’m not banned but I just retired a few months ago I was planning on going back. I don’t think I’ll play magic again.

IvanMTG1 says:

Hey Lion, if you do make the move where u ask for reimbursement for ur cards, lemme know ahead of time. I’ll send you everything i own, and you can “buy” them from me for a million dollars. then they have to reimburse you for that million spent :p

shade38211 says:

Must be following NFL , comic book, last Jedi examples of “how 2 lose customers by introducing politics and wrong think”.

Majin Vegeta says:

Good bye. Good riddance.

michael laviolette says:

I would sue them

Richy Rich says:

Sorry to hear this, everyone is entitled to an opinion. I enjoy watching your vids. Everything that was going on in January was bogus though, I never watched any of that stuff on your channel or any other. I avoid all that social justice warrior crap like the plague.

Cosmic Cola says:

It’s nice to see some of the mtg youtubers I’m subbed to are here supporting. Gives me hope that the community isn’t completely full of idiots

FOWltd says:

I find the “Im an investigator” and the signed “Wizards of the Coast” interesting.
The individual writing this is hiding behind the corporation by remaining nameless

michael laviolette says:

I’m behind you and support you 100 precent

James Mayhew says:

You didn’t even get a warning.
Why do you guys always blow everything out of proportion?

Jeremiah Bachmann says:

Why are these people so against the freedom of speech? Expressing a personal view free from persecution is a basic human right and WotC is trying to take that away from the players of the game who like to officially play the game.

adamjri says:

If you fight the legal fight and win it’ll set a great precedent that others like Jeremy can use. WOTC will think twice about banning for wrongthink when it costs them thousands each time.

EcnalKcin says:

I don’t think they will be banning you for life, because they would get better PR by being “lenient” by giving you a shorter ban to show just how progressive they are and how they aren’t the shit company we all know they are.

Norbert Sypytkowski says:

MTG is the most sensitive community I’ve ever come across. At least the online portion. Youd think this was a children’s game or the world was filled with pillow fighters with the way WOTC treats the community. Sadly, this only emboldens the babies to become even more babylike.

Jay Alexander says:

Who cares if a company that supports child molesting/raping bans you. You’re better off without that shitty company following you around. It’s sick, creepy and nasty. Fuck WOTC

CipherBytes says:

WoTC has lost it’s effin mind…

Lornext says:

Have fun being banned, you are going to take it just like all the others before you…

Philip Yates says:

I would suggest making them give VERY SPECIFIC accusations. How do you respond to this, it’s like a teacher or cop asking ‘Do you know what you did wrong?’. They need to make a clear case to give you an opportunity to refute their claims.

Chase Dice says:

I looked for a second like button so I could like this video a second time. Since I found none I decided to comment.
It has been said that SJWs seek influence, not power. This is a great example. They do not have the ‘power’ to dictate what people say on social media. In order to seek to control what players say despite this lack of power, they use a few high profile bans to create a chilling effect to ‘influence’ the speech of players in the mtg and dnd community.
MTG has been nearly ruined by bad policies, and even poor quality of the physical cards themselves.
They even ruined 5th edition dnd by breaking the game. Making it nearly impossible to die, which effectively takes the ‘game’ out of the game the game. They also burned the decades of lore to the ground it seems.
All in the name of chasing the mainstream. Niche products should logically play to their niche, and seem to expand it. They should cater to their players, because in a niche industry, each customer is valuable.
They have completely gone against all of this, and therefore are subject to the wrath of their customers.
I can’t wait to see more of this series. I suspect with Lion that the person who made the ban investigation decision didn’t know about his law degree.
Lion, do your best.

Tye Joseph says:

Honestly, who cares ? Your content sucks anyways!

Sean Nissen says:

Say something that doesn’t fit our echo chamber? Banned. Be a terrible person and felon? You’re cool

ShadowKnight says:

i agree with the why crack down on youtubers rather than people in the community who actually are doing bad things especially if they have evidence against them.

TheRichman42 says:

Subbed. Hope you kick their ass Lion!

White6Rock6Shooter6 says:

I’m getting tired of supporting a company that just bans people for doing virtually their god given right of free speech. I’ll be sending them something absurdly long about all this and probably getting banned too, because WoTC apparently wants to ban everyone with a mouth, good or bad. You do nothing wrong, my man. This is bullshit.

Cody Watson says:

This is garbage- you’re right, they should be busy rooting out all the fricking child MOLESTERS in the judge program and all the people using FAKE WPN to scam Magic players and cheaters in the professional player base and card quality, and WOTC should be busy as hell pulling their collective HEADS out of their collective ASSES!! Fucking bitches. Privacy rights

LastFractionZero says:

Oh look a private company trying to punish customers for actions that 1. occur outside the context of environments they own or control and 2. are not criminal acts.
Nope, can’t see how that could turn around and bite them in the ass.

Dylan. says:

Wizards is just retarded. There bullshit SJW’s who don’t know how the world works.

Jesse Caldwell says:

waste time and resources because someone talk bad about you instead of worried about sexual Predators freely roaming around when my kids want to go to tournaments. I’m not going to spend money or put my kids in a situation where the people putting on the event don’t even care about their safety why would I do that I will sell my entire collection everything I own and totally forget about this game

Wesu Maru says:

Hell yea, get these fuckers lion! Roast em in court!

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