People Play Magic: The Gathering For The First Time

Watch BuzzFeed employees learn how to play the fantasy trading card game Magic: The Gathering!

Magic: The Gathering

Enter the Battlefield – Life on the Magic The Gathering Pro Tour
Amonkhet Trailer

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Zachary Foster
Gavin Verhey
Melissa DeTora


Riccardo Inguscio says:

wtf why amonkhet?

The Impish Dullahan says:

I guess this’ll work for my magic fix. I haven’t played in ages and I’ve yet to find anyone who plays at my university. My school is one where literally everyone except a few artists are gamers and weebs: how hard is it to find someone who plays MTG?

Also, where do I know Melissa DeTora from?

Wakiki Demore says:

0:42 I REALLY hope her surname is Ka

Kim Bruno says:

yu gi oh?

Sofa BaconPancakes says:

Have them play the board game and I Love buzzfeed

Juancho Nierva Jr. says:

I was expecting a tutorial…

Anne Capitant says:

There was always a group of kids that played this at recess and I was always too shy to ask them if they could teach me and I could join them. Probably didn’t help that it was all guys and I was like 8 at the time which was not peak girl power age for me…

PhillyQueso says:

Mana burn. I use to play in middle school, I wasn’t good

Bae_27 For life says:

Next Dungeons and Dragons!

fatimah kamal says:

Any bts fans Army exos beating bts in the AAA’s. Even though its not by much we gotta keep voting Hwaiting

Matymon says:

0:56 is that stancifka? lmao

This cat says:

Who remembers rendog?

Jagger Winberry says:

Do cardfight vanguard next

Windows xperia says:

Yugioh is better

SoriaTV says:

Uhh yugioh would have been better

Nor Frk says:

Fkn nerds

Simon Fonnardy says:

Mtg is great but The chase is really harsh The only reason i quit

Karley Garrison says:

Sad there wasn’t more Keith in the video – especially since he was in the thumbnail.

Robert Williams says:

If you play magic this is so cringey


these are the dumbest fuqin videos

Ebone Cardenas says:

But they never really explains how to play

Ishan Ali says:

Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon

Maxwell Arnessio says:


timmahtown says:

5 minute Magic the Gathering Ad…. omg sellout

kat heck says:

Still on my starter deck (because who’s got money to expand lol) but it’s still such a fun game :’)

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