Planeswalker Decks! Getting Started with Magic the Gathering

You guys ask me all the time what product to get started with magic.
1) download the game “Magic duels” on ipad, steam, or elsewhere to learn the rules
2) get either a deckbuilders toolkit and/or some ‘planeswalker’ intro decks for kaladesh and start from there.
3) find a friend and play

that’s the best way to get started!


Örlogskapten says:

I’ve got a foil Hungry Flames and a foil Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations Entomb, are they nice?

Sim Mellow says:

I always buy a deck like that , and boosters but I dont know how to modify it 🙁

Samsam Isse says:

can I have cards slevs

jake Stevens says:

Is this video still relevant? Like are there newer plainswalker decks I could buy?

Ac3 Axion says:

I was on vaca and bought 2 packs and got a planeswalker and a $315 card behind it

Snake_the_Slayer says:

How many cards do you need for a deck?!?!?

Chris Carnage says:

Wife and I picked up 2 starter planeswalker decks today. Looking forward to learning the game. I played yugioh a lot in my younger years, talking 10+ years ago. Got fairly back into it and found out most card shops don’t carry singles (or any older cards, for that matter) but magic is absolutely everywhere front and center.

Corey Sandretsky says:

I pulled a fucking jace the unraveled of secrets today

Daksh Chander says:

what is better planeswalker deck or event deck

MTG opener says:


It's Shred says:

lol attune with Aether not good… almost a year later in 70% of decks in gp Andre pro tour

Noel Earl Watson says:

Got stuck at step 3, i didn’t find any friends

Drew Garrett says:

Why does every video I watch by him make him my favorite youtuber over and over again

Zachary Samspon says:

I have trouble building decks I always thing I do good then I can’t win it’s super disheartening

bob bob says:

Ok do i have to use real mtg cards or can i use fakes. Any rules ? Can i
just buy all of the best decks on the cheap.( No reason for people too
make $$$$ on a game ) Fun game for the family.

MegaGengarKid says:

Are magic the gathering satanic please answer i need to know this

Jun Liang says:

Thank you boogie you helped

Stalkin Jaguar says:

i am trying to get in to magic

Potapes says:

I went to a store and asked seller that what should I buy if I would start with Magic.
After more words changed and more than 15 minutes passed, seller told me that he will give me a deck for free. He than gave me something I found on internet as Welcome deck (or sample deck). It included two half-decks with red and black colours.
Than I was sent to tables in another room next to shop. There was a friend of the owner, who ran a league that day. He asked me many questions like Why I want to learn Magic, why Magic, what I do, etc. Than he learned me the basics of the game and we played with those half decks one game.
I was told to Not buy Planeswalker decks, since those at Aether Revolt are not good for me, and other things which I should not buy. Also, they said to me, do not play that VideoGame! 😀 Quite opposite what you are saying about Magic Duels. For them Duels is not good for begining with.
And than he sent me to his friend to play with him.
And when I was playing my second half-deck game, League runner came with three guys and I got five really old foil cards and more than 500 commons and uncommons from older set Kaladesh. (In that time Aether Revolt was already released.) With words – you have one week (or till next time?) to build a deck from those cards, come next week and we will evaluate your deck and you can join our begineers league, just do not try to copy decks from internet, those are usually really awfull and you will not know how to play it.

gabriel Hankinson says:

I’m very interested in playing but on the bridge to get it or not I’m going to try to play it on my laptop though thank for the tutorial

brandy lutkins says:

I’ve started playing I bought 200 cards off amazon and 300 lands and went through them my friend has me hooked now

Andrew Turner says:

Including planeswalkers was important, to introduce to new players to the most complicated and splashy card type. And the unique cards were also designed to be uninteresting to enfranchised players. (One is usually high mana cost card that does something mediocre and also tutors for the weak planeswalker card.)

Karvin says:

Is it ok to have three lands in one deck?

RaSXGaming says:

Just started playing Magic the Gathering some weeks ago and i have played 8 games in total.

I got some random Magic cards from a friend 7 years ago and maybe even more (I didn’t know the game back then since in denmark you mostly play Yugioh or Pokemon TCG as kids).

These cards gave me and my brother to play 2 games against each other but we didn’t play with a lot of mana (14 in total) so these games where far from normal games but i won both of these.

Then we bought a set of 2 decks with 2 dices, some tokens and just a bunch of getting started guides.

We have played 6 games against each other. I have won 2 of these while my brother have won 4 games.

You are the one who showed us this game boogie and i can say as a 19 y/o man from denmark… I love this game it is so fun 🙂

Caskas says:

My teenage boys just got me into mtg. I appreciate your advice for new players.

Krišjānis Petrovs says:

Boogie, by the way there are welcome decks which can obtained for free (most of the time), and they would be better, instead of just buying a planeswalker deck.

Kick Keizer says:

I bought one from hour of devastation and I Pulled a scarab and a scorpion god

Messi Milan says:

Best way to get started in Magic is just to get to buy any Modern or Legacy deck above a hundred dollars

chortlesinthecorner says:

At the time of you making this video that was nearly $40 in the boosters! The decks were a bonus haha

Prola75 says:

I’m getting into it now. i saw you talk about it for years but it went over my head. those free sample packs infected me. played 6 hrs straight first day.

Drastic Puppy says:

I’m starting off strong with 3 decks.

Jun Liang says:

Thank you boogie you helped

scooter rider x says:

who else can hear Francis’ voice when boogie talks

Ajax says:

Personally choose a colony want to play with an pick a planeswalker deck. If will start u off very well an it provides u with some decently good cards to start. BUY SLEEVES TO!!

darcy grimm says:

Now a days seems like magic is full of drama and cancer. Starting to get a bad reputation for itself.

Toad says:

What keyboard do you use?

joseph ohjoseph says:

this was awesome. i hate when people tell new players to get into standard or draft. always best to start simple. there are also free super basic decks lgs stores give out.

also the planes walkers are good in the right context. if you are just playing with these decks they end up being pretty strong cards.

Dank Memer says:

I got magic duels on my Xbox I’ll get to learning the game

LuckyGamer MMO says:

thank u boogie u beast

Carlitos Alvarez says:

I pulled a foil Saheeli Rai from a booster pack from nissa

Glenda Cunningham says:

what is a Liliana card is worth?

Lian says:

100kg or more?

Kenny Tran says:

I’d rather play yugioh

Warhammer 666 says:

i got 1000 cards for 13$ on Amazon

Garrett Pettit says:

What if i told magic is gay? Cause it is.

Haos Picke Ludilo says:

I have recently bought the Kaladesh deckbuilders toolkit… and got Chandra, Torch of Defience and Jace unraveler of secrets in boosters…. Should I consider myself lucky???

Katy Leep says:

I downloaded duels 2015 version on android. It’s really helpful thanks!

Brian Trammell says:

I wish you guys would stop making fun of him because he is fat. He has reasons why he is. He struggled. Before you judge him, watch his “Draw my life” video. It explains a lot. Cyber bullying is a terrible thing to do especially to boogie because of his past. If you don’t like him, don’t criticize, just watch someone else. Damn..

Noam Emerson-Fleming says:

Its not Neesa its Nissa

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