Playing Magic the Gathering 100% For Free

With the rumor that the game is so expensive I’d like to propose a way to play 100% for free and even make a profit. It’s very doable and I know because I’ve done it before. Will you join me in taking the Amonkhet “play for free” challenge?

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Forestxavier20 says:

The store that I go to has Modern tournaments, so what I do is, I take a Red burn deck, try my best, come back with a new deck to surprise everyone. Do a Red burn, then new, keep going.

Robert Simmons says:

Love your way of thinking outside the box. Keep it up.

MTG: Young Mage says:

Papa Mage got first place tonight with a mono red deck. Deck cost $11. Won 6 packs, and 5 foil full art lands. That paid for his entry, mine and my sister’s.

Clayton Waldon says:

nice post bro

Dimanari Null says:

welp my LGS entry fee vs prize is too high to actually do unless you pull something crazy(but i play only in prereleases)

BladePlays says:

Ok but MTG is kind of an expensive hobby. I don’t netdeck and don’t really play competitive but in MY meta (play group) if I want to be competitive I can’t be stingy with my money.

Tristan Gregory says:

My LGS cuts open one pack per person and takes out the rare/mythic, then 1st place picks one if the cards and takes a random booster that was cut open. If there’s a foil or Masterpiece in the pack it’s left in the pack.

Gustavo Solano says:

I been doing this for 4 yrs lol it really cheap so I started with a 20 dollar deck and went crazy

Card Gamer FlameX says:

Here is the Red deck i use, check out the original video though, its around 15$ and if you have the cards, you don’t have to buy a whole lot

Creatures (12)
4 Soul-Scar Mage
4 Flameblade Adept
2 Insolent Neonate
2 Blood-rage Brawler

Instants and Sorceries (18)
3 Lightning Axe
4 Shock
3 Tormenting Voice
4 Cathartic Reunion
4 Fiery Temper

Enchantments (11)
4 Consuming Fervor
4 Cartouche of Zeal
3 Trial of Zeal

Lands (19)
19 Mountain

Sideboard (15)
4 Galvanic Bombardment
1 Lightning Axe
3 By Force
2 Incendiary Flow
3 Thermo-Alchemist
1 Trial of Zeal
1 Insult//Injury

LegoTitan88 says:

Netdecks the best 20$ deck

Tim Eede says:

could you put down a list

juhheli says:

Its fun when 80% of the price of the deck is the lands. Yes if we fix that budget magic for everyone!

macrochaos says:

budget 4 life!

patuni says:

To answer your “How many Disallow are you running?”: four, I run four XD

DemonicWolf0152 says:

I’m thinking of a mono green stompy deck, i think it will be a little exensive because of gearhulk, and rhonas, but it uses decent cards

bossnich87 says:

Another Warhawk fan.

Aaron HerrNeckar says:

Yeah can you do a series on this?

tap hab says:

I already built the haste deck it’s op as hell, but I don’t use boost I use burn to kill there early creatures then sidebored pump and creatures for control

Quinn Reynolds says:

Magic isn’t an expensive hobby. Magic is an expensive lifestyle/addiction.

cyborgcat says:

I have a seven dollar deck. If I won two packs, I have already made a profit

epicdavenport says:

I’m trying to make something out of shadow of the grave.

PraetorGix says:


Jayden Kappenman says:

id love to see this series! i mostly play modern and get crushed because i only do homebrews but have been wanting to play standard

O Magic19 says:

Everyone at my local is a super try hard un their mid 20’s and 30’s and they spend tons of money on the game so it’s hard to compete against let alone have fun.

not a real user name says:

would love to see that series.

Michael Garfinkel says:

i have a 8$ deck that as yet to lose online playsets of bone saw, Bastion Inventor, trophy mage, Cathar’s sheild, Ornithopter, Reverse Engineer, Gearseeker Serpent,Saheeli’s Artistry, Sphinx of the Final Word, Inspiring Statuary with 4 Metallic Rebuke and 4 Engulf the Shore + 7 whatever in the sideboard and people don’t know what to do with it. a 4/4 hexproof turn 2 or 3 is hard even for Mardu vehicles to keep up with. i guess i broke the meta. and improvising Engulf your main phase with Statuary is great against zombies when you have 4 toughness creatures out then they recast instead of reanimate .

Don Alfonzoh says:

When you steal everything, its always free!

Andrew Towse says:

I would love to watch you play against some one with an actual deck with your pile of cards. Id love to see this 60-70% win rate, without playing a good deck. There’s a wonder you’re not on the pro tour with those numbers. Fuck off dude.

Peter Ribaudo says:

Not gonna lie I thought you were going to talk about proxying. But this is way better. I personally play net decks in modern but I wish more people did budget stuff like this because I have a budget deck but no one to play against.

Dynamite 01 says:

Des you should start making budget deck techs. Like you could really help a bunch of low budget players out

MrPatar15 says:

Thought you were going to mention tabletop simulator, but that makes mtg 99% free not a 100% as you would have to pay a one time payment of $20 or $10 on a steam sale.

Kid_crafter 5 says:

I’m legit 10 I thought he wus talking to me

Flare Test says:

my win lose is about 86%. well i guess i have only been to 2 drafts and a prerelease

Chase Wood says:

I have to say if you want to go 2 color in standard, the cheapest combination I’ve seen is gruul.

staryeyed says:

Wtf how did you get amoket so early

Dearbornification says:

Dude I’ve been doing this since There’s. It’s so much fun winning prizes from the Netdeckers lolGo for it desolator.

rfyhfhfhhjgchvcjhxck says:

Spending money on a deck and making it back is not playing for free. It is making a profit, you still needed ten dollars plus the entry fee. T o play for “free” you cant spend money that you didn’t win from magic, and you cant get many cards for free at least not good ones(usually). So you have to mooch to at least start.

Galen Richter says:

my LGS is 2-2 gets one pack, 3-1 is like 4 packs (i think?), and 4-0 gets like 6. then like top 8 get promos


cheap deck idea: slither blade, any pump spell, any cheap pay 2 “creature get +1/+1” or “creature get +1/+0” artifact. used to play a deck like this back in theros with triton shore stalker, all my friends hated it because I almost always won.

Hail Hydra says:

I built that all haste deck almost a month ago and it was the first deck I ever won a prize with. It is worth nothing but it is amazing. Lathnu Hellion is just overpowered in it. It is my all time favourite deck.

Lynn says:

pay to win douche bag?
so, getting a positive return on your investment from a store you invest in through prize support is being a douchebag?

you know an expensive deck doesnt necessarilly connote a good player right? if people are winning, there is a reason. consider making a counter/grief deck to target that specific meta and or learn to play?

the people who spend or win at the LGS deserve to be respected as players no matter how expensive or how “copycat” their deck is. some people just like to play strong decks, appreciate studied interactions and preparedness. please get good and stop complaining about “pay to win.”

Liam Splittgerber says:

can u provide a deck list for one of these amonkhet hyper powerful but cheap decks

Athan Whitney says:

When rtr was still in standard I won 10 fnms with a $16 deck with only lands creatures with haste and a playset of dreadbore’s

MeldrickCz says:

Well net deckers in first 20 sec, that doesnt last long

Jessaaayyy says:

it feels so good when I throw together a weird modern homebrew (boros auras) for ten bucks and I beat a 300 dollar netdeck consistenly

Joe Schmo says:

I mean I just started playing, but I’ve already netted  $10 after doing 4 drafts each for $15. Won 2. came in second in the other 1. Placed in my first. Sold my drafted nissa, gideon, and rares right away. After building 2 budget standard decks from my draft decks, a UR izzet control and shit Black white zombies, I still have $70 left over in store credit. $70-60=10. So yeah, playing magic for free totally seems doable. And my budget UR deck is somewhat even competitive it seems. But perhaps, I’m just having the greatest beginners luck ever.

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