Playing Magic The Gathering With Josh Barnett: Fightland Meets

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Fightland Meets UFC Heavyweight Josh Barnett to learn about his passion for Metal and Magic The Gathering.

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Migi Reyrao says:

Lmao vexed one sexist much? Sheltered childhood? Somethings goin on, obviously

MAD MAX says:

Jock/nerd, a rare breed.

specie44 says:

well done Josh

ChampionOfTheSun says:

The blonde at 5:18, playing with her phone, not even listening to Josh talking about Magic and just says: “Interesting.”
Goes to show you can be a big shot MMA fighter with hot chicks around, but you can’t get them to be interested about Magic the Gathering..

? ? says:

Barnett sounds like the nicest guy but man he’s straight up killer in the octagon.

Char The Red Comet Aznable says:


Ell G says:

Job for a cowboy nice hoodie! I love job for a cowboy! I take it josh is a metal head like myself.

Paul Lytle says:

Using piloted shredder skrew it im shin slicing you

dee kay says:

Honestly josh is the goat for showing this.. Mma should have there personalities..

darkseed2001 says:

Josh do you cheat in Magic the Gathering too?

happy wurst says:

i really want this job for a cowboy zipper

gdog losthiswits says:

ahh the days of weed,metal and magic,good times .

PaytonFu says:

you will never see such good looking women at a magic the gathering table unless your josh

Miki Miyazaki says:

i choked him and renzo out a fried chicken joint back in 96.

Thunderboy Echo says:

If this guy doesn’t play Black/Red I’m calling bullshit.

Ron Vaughn says:


Raumance says:

What was the song For Victory – Volthor? Can’t find it anywhere.

matt foley666 says:

narcissistic oaf

Herschel's Lost Leg. says:

This is so weird.

Jay MacDonnell says:

He has the heart of the cards

Thalarion says:

2014 was a good gear for magic, too

BoxANT says:

verg vikerness photo on wall? nice


Wonder if he also takes steroids for this…

Whisker Jewel says:

He’s inspired me I think I’m gonna start training remember playing football and I was just talking out for a play because I had a guy so hard that his helmet came off and they said that that that was illegal play no I use my hands first and just hit him really hard guys also 7 foot 300 pounds I’m 6 foot one at a time so I’m out for a couple plays he comes back and I come back and he needs me in the face and they don’t say shit I feel like footballs now became a little bit of a Patty pussy Sport almost like flag football I still enjoyWatching it but I’ve always wanted to do UFC or mma or even boxing but I’ve never really had the chance because where I live

Flying Dutchman says:

Funny, woman with boobs getting so easy famous in the MTG community. And apparently guys with boobs can do to.

Nuff Said says:

that knuckle duster mug

Dr. Villiam says:

Blood thirsty?… This is the same guy who tapped fighting Mirko CroCop over nothing, faking some sort of arm injury?… Or was it the leg?… It might have been the finger… Who knows, what he was claimed he injured. The look on Mirko CroCop’s face said it all when Barnett tapped.

Markoi Green says:

He was so damn fat when he was 20 haha.

Printing Scotian says:

Go make fun of him and his friends sitting there playing Magic cards!

Herrsnare12345 says:

I love deathcore, magic and mma as well; there are dozens of us!

xX1NORM1Xx says:

this guy is cool as fuck, and funny on spellslingers

Barber Brandon says:

I didn’t know he was such an avid metalhead!

Rashad, the Stranger says:

Purple Dragon Shields for the win

David Hassan says:

Football and Magic my favorite things

G L says:

Badass nerd!

Fabian Escobedo says:

nerd dream! ahaha

eisenweiser gunderson says:


JaxMerrick says:

When I saw that Mikaeus, the first thing I thought was “where’s Triskelion?”

Rafe Vacca says:

Josh “Tapping you out” Barnett. In and out of the cage!

The Paper Ninja says:

When you thought skyrim was boring fro all the walking, then you play this game hahaha

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