Prossh vs Neheb vs Mayael vs Derevi EDH / CMDR game play for Magic: The Gathering

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No one seems to like to put their lists online….

Derevi. Damage. Battlestar Galactica.

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►This game was filmed at Gamerz Co-Op in Montreal, QC.

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“Egomont Overture” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Vincent Brunet says:

OMG thank you I am starving for Neheb the Eternal

RecklessFables says:

If people hate you out when you play Proshh, I’m not sure how making it less competitive will help.

Clay T. I. Patterson says:

Great Video by the way, really like how Neheb plays. Great to see that Evil Adam is somewhat back

00aks 9533 says:


TranquilWyvern -Casual- says:

Evil Adam!

Jeffrey Krismer says:

I see someone has the Dragonfire dice.

BoB n fishy says:

I looked at mayael when i was really sleepy and thought it was a giant head and the little dark marks under it were a tiny body

Zathog Disciple of Cthulhu says:

was this downtown mtl or in the west Island? I think I know Josh lol

Casey Hayes says:

Love that Neheb is in the game, he is starting to become a favorite of mine

J Bell says:

Just have as much fun with your prosh deck as you want and go all in on tokens. You might not always win but when you do beat more competitive decks with it, you’ll feel like a king. Great videos.

Adam Schiedler says:

Prossh is my favorite deck too!  First deck I built from scratch, but whenever I bring it out I am always targeted first.

Robério Netto says:

Could you play with your zedruu deck a bit more? I would love to see him shining. 🙂

Kellen Morse says:

With Prossh you should make it a super competitive food chain combo deck.

Commander Replay says:

Main deck pyroblast. Brutal. I love it. Do you find it to be a dead card very often? Its something ive been thinking about main decking for a while.

Jean Ventura says:

YES! YES! Y….. Come on!!!

I left the video for the end of the day to really enjoy it. Needless to say: you got me good.

Nice game, although it’s not the Derevi I expected.

#FreeEvilAdamForReal #FreeEvilAdam

Matthias 1349 says:

“Wouldn’t change anything” my foot! You should have won!

nathones says:

This ain’t Canadian Highlander 😉 Thx Muddstah

Justin Brown says:

It’s nice to know people who know way more about mtg than I do also make mistakes during gameplay. Good stuff as always. I’d love to see the Neheb list!

alex vieira says:

Please, show us Derevi decklist !!! it’s so cool!

Commander Replay says:

Ive been having the same issue with my Aurelia decks where they aren’t hardcore competitive, but definitely stronger than casual. Theres 1 shop in my area that has a pretty rough meta, so Ive been slowly trying to work Aurelia into hardcore competitive.

R.r. Theninja says:

I like the power level/quality of the decks this week. More stuff like this please.

Doku Wil'Faël says:

My girlfriend play Mayael when we do EDH and she always manage to be the target XD When you just drop Eldrazi from the top of the library, people tend to hate you

Michael Shelkofsky says:

@mtg muddstah. Before you adjust the prossh deck you really need to decide if you want it to be super competitive. I’ve tried to versions and personally I prefer playing super strong decks against each other so I would say go hardcore competitive. All the fast mana you can get, chrome and mox diamond, dark rit, mana dorks, and the best and fastest combo pieces. Include the cheapest disruptions you can get, thoughtseize duress etc. Dismember fatal push ulcerate etc. one combo that sometimes gets overlooked is if you have the food chain combo you can use summoners pact to get genesis hydra to will find purphoros. Anyhow this is my opinion on prossh. When i tried him with tokens with cards like eldrazi monument, beast masters ascension, hitt//run, shared annimosity etc it was fun, but outclassed very easy vs things like evil adam derevvi decks. anyhow keep up the vids they are great and fun to watch.

MTG Casual Play says:

As always, Great video! We should chat about Prossh sometime! He is one of my favorite decks as well…

Anon Ymous says:

Mayel takes me back. Too bad she couldnt do more given she gassed out and could only regas his hand right before red went and red’d everyone.

Yvann Beguin says:

Bring Adam to the other side of the table 😮 ! ahah

Dallas Coker says:

Love these game plays keep up the great work.

Adam French says:

Sick playmat

João Oliveira says:

A camera on the top of the table so we could see every player equally would do soooo much for this channel, which is already great.

kobisjeruk says:

Why would you play Purphoros and thus painting a big target on your head before playing Prossh? That was a really bad move IMO.

Junior Gonzales says:

Food chain

JaggedObsidian Gaming says:

For some reason it was stuck in my head that mayael put the creature into your hand. Lol! Time to make a mayael deck.

Aj Chriss says:

Always love your videos 😀

Crackersareyummy :D says:

Always a pleasure to open up YouTube and see a new video from you! Keep up the great work!

Maxton Young-Jones says:

Four excellent decks. And I relate to the casual/not casual thing so much. I play Locust God and it’s striking a strange balance where it can out aggro people, storm out, or outstaxx them with Opposition. I’ve learned to embrace it though because having a powerful but unfocussed deck like that means that it ‘fits’ in most metas.

phonic fox says:

awww geee it’s another one!

i already know i’m gonna love the video before i even watch it

nothing beats watching your videos after a long day of studying 😀

CodemanB2 says:

On the subject Prossh, I have slowly been upgrading it to a cEDH deck. I still have my more casual cards for the original version if i ever want to go back. It mostly depends on your meta, in my opinion. If everyone can take it, you should probably run the competitive list. If it’s a blowout every game, maybe tone it down.

Lucas Chaparro says:

just discovered your channel a while ago, keep going, its awesome, due to the nature of magic is almost impossible to keep track of everything in a commander game, but your commentary fixes that. Great videos, with Prossh I’ll cut the sorcery tutors and just add more ways to combo, so it’s not as tryhard but stays competitive

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