Rudy plays Magic the Gathering! No REALLY!

Rudy of Alpha Investments actually PLAYING Magic the Gathering?!? Yeah, it happened and here’s some video of at least one of the games! I was honored for Rudy to play my Turbo Stasis 2.4 deck (my actual deck/cards) and I was using Daniel Chang’s own personal Power Monolith deck (complete with Summer Magic cards).

My build of Turbo Stasis is hard to pilot at first because it does not play like “normal” Stasis builds. You gotta attempt locking very early and use tricks to keep it going. You gotta be aggressive and that’s hard to do until you have played it for a bit. Rudy did a great job, but this video is his first game with it. So we gotta cut him some slack.

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Dwarven Kegger says:

This is entrancing

George Pop says:

Why was Rudy playing the turbo stasis deck which is a hard deck to pilot even for someone who plays magic regularly and that was his first time playing that deck probably, of course he can’t play it well and he made a lot of mistake since he didn’t even understand how the cards interact.

Alpha Investments says:

WHOA! 22k views…i just played a game of magic….everyone is really this surprised? lol

Ian Chanco says:

Rudy and openboosters!

Mario Joia says:

Are you REALLY sure that this was Rudy and not his twin brother that he has hidden in his dark damp basement?
Old MTG equals truckloads of puzzles, unlike nowadays. DAMN miss the old times.

sethk1212 says:

Rudy cant play the game, don’t trust him anymore.. super disappointed , if you cant play the game get out of the kitchen dude.. seriously. How can we trust a man with cards that can’t even play the game? this is crazy.. this is the guy that owns all the graded alpha and beta? Rip it from his cold hands!!! I MEAN IT! Rudy.. GET OUT OF MY GAME!

Nicklaus Tan says:

Nope nope fake fake fake as fuck that aint rudy

Emmanuel Istace says:

I just love how edwin is a fair player with rudy ! I do the same when I play with casual players, beauty of the plays are always better than wining !

openboosters says:

So fun! Great times!

tptnny says:

Wow. You guy’s are great.
I have plenty of cards. Love collecting and sorting. No MTG friends, full time family and full time job.
I need to get an MTG friend.

Imthenaysayer says:

What state is the store in

Starcore Labs says:

This is awesome. Please make more videos showing this group playing old school magic!

Nick Braun says:

o ya theres no mana burn…. lol its been a while huh rudy?

John Mac says:

Takes me back to the pizza place on e. 185th in 1994….

Data Collaborate says:

Playing fun with a couple Grands on the table… Yay!

Nathan Holstrom says:


deedles says:

im not surprised. rudy likes playing with his money.

leif52pickup says:

I think I have those life counters. Are they from the original gift set?

John Lawler says:

Awesome!! Look at Rudy having a good old time lol

Tyler Bowie says:

I love all of you guys, you all have done such a great job bringing MTG to a wider audience and showing the power it has in creating UNITY.

Joe Grzzly says:

Nowhere on here does the errata say you have to pick targets to blow up. Just says that it destroys all nonland permanents it touches. You got scammed Rudy.

packman222 says:

You should have just let Rudy play instead of micromanaging him to a point where you have to tell him his steps. Upkeep draw etc..

Mackenzie Fletcher says:

Pfft. What are those card worth. Like .25c?

laleydel5b says:

the face of that chinese guy disgust me :v

Ryan Davis says:

So these Vintage Power Decks don’t use Creatures? Man we did it all wrong back in the day! We were popping Shivan, Serra, Vesuvan, Nightmare, and even Force of Nature! Lol But we always had a blast!

chidori says:

wow are you meant to play with magic cards?

T.H. Dillon says:

Reminds me of the lunch room, circa Freshman year…1994! Simpler times.

8Bunkface8 says:

Oldschool magic..did i miss the part where they cut for the ante card?

ThoseBackPages says:

This was awesome Edwin!

WHO held the camera for the duration of the match? lol

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