Super Tutorial 5000 – How To Play Magic: The Gathering

Want to get into Magic: The Gathering or need a recap of the rules? “Grand Master” Lewis and “Magic Champion” Tom are here to give you the basics so you can become a Magic: The Gathering pro in no time!

This video was made in association with Wizards of the Coast, the makers of Magic The Gathering.

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Nicholas Staal says:

Very helpful. Thank you!

Hus Edud says:

im actually glad they made a video on how to play

Mostly Harmless says:

Does Tom own an iron?

Baily Smith says:

can you guys do pack opening like hat films

cak01vej says:

I’m really looking forward to the vid about shuffling! There are 60!=8.3*10^81 different ways to shuffle a standard 60 card deck.

Thomas says:

You should have started with Tom yelling “WHAT ARE THE RULES”

PlatinumGamer says:

This is pretty similar to Duel Masters, which I played many years ago (or like Americans would say: many foot-ounces of moon cycles ago)

asdfaf dsfsdfsd says:

First Yogscast channel i actually want to block…
Why the fuck is youtube suggesting this retarded shit to me, but not… other channels?

DoubleHelixGamer says:

How to play Magic the Gathering

Turn 1:
Play an island.
Turn 2:
Play a second island
Tap both islands
Cast Storm Crow
Win the game

(If you get into magic get used to hearing that joke)

ThePizzaNova says:

Okay but this is actually really well done. Great job you guys! I was worried the yogscast would make this really confusing but you explained it well!

Mr_Traight says:

Hearthstone with different names

ThePizzaNova says:

I’ve been playing magic for 4 years now but still laughed my ass off at this

Ziontay Torian says:

thank you thank you very much

Drivensociopath says:

You Guys going to play Commander at any point?

Wolver Exd says:

this is like duelmasters XD

exect chaosx says:

yu gi ho is better

William Hingston says:

I had to rewatch the South Park cock magic after this (watch?v=EGzlOFx7K8g)

Brendan Hulse says:

still waiting for this shuffling series

pancakes man says:

You said you return helth at the end of a turn so why is there healing cards

An Account says:

Watching the video even though I’ve been playing for years. Can’t miss quality tips from OG Lewis.

White Razor says:

Physical cards? How do balance patches work?

Kris Valle says:

Instructions not clear, got sent to the shadow realm

phooogle says:

What decks do you get as a noob?

grocal says:

Just to be precise. “max of four of each card”… except basic lands.

KingBigNose says:

not a bad tutorial except when you were talking about instants and sorcery’s you called them spells which isnt quite correct as all non land cards are considered spells including creatures and enchantments etc.

PvtRyan says:

does the 5000 in super tutorial represent the number of takes it took to make this video?

YOGSCAST Smilodon says:

A tutorial from the yogscast?! last time i saw one of those was back in ’09

taylorfisdboss5200 says:

can i just say that, tom, i love you deeply <3 your beard and smile and voice bring me great joy in life - ty for existing

opqwertypie says:

“There’s lots of cards in magic the gathering, lots of them have words on them…”
-Lewis, 2017

Michael Pace says:

I knew the rules, but I wanted to watch! The final intro was perfect lol

BadBoy17 says:

Do yu gi oh I beg

phooogle says:

Some special effects and some good sounds this series would be fucking awesome.

MillerIndustriesInc says:

yaay tom

DrewStone83 says:

I really liked the Games Night Magic Tournament. I hope the continue to make some TCG videos

Ceighk says:

don’t think enchanting your creature with compulsory rest is going to be much help, lewis!

bob bob says:

Ok do i have to use real mtg cards or can i use fakes. Any rules ? Can i just buy all of the best decks on the cheap.( No reason for people too make $$$$ on a game ) Fun game for the family.

JakesUnreal says:

I’ve been playing magic for about 7 years now, but i couldn’t resist watching this for the amazing Tom and Lewis Banter <3

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