The Top 8 Plays in Magic: the Gathering History

After many requests, it’s finally here. In a special Grand Prix edition of Magic TV, Andy Cooperfauss and Luis Scott-Vargas break down the 8 most exciting plays in the history of the Pro Tour.


Nelson Otter says:

I’ve done better plays then this lol

john howe says:

Yuuki ichikawa vs Jackson Cunningham in pro tour when yuuki used golgari charm to shrink the scooze to save it from selesnya charm and then win the game thereafter

Ox5f3759df says:

I think I would get rid of the Chapin vs Peleg one for Yuuki Ichikawa blowing out Jackson Cunningham with the best Golgari Charm of all time in the semis of pt m15

john howe says:

Drops the bonfire an. Hands held out… You just got burned bro

SnewpTD says:

The pen thing is very unsportsmanlike.

jkkillz says:

what about the time i pretended to instinctively go to my mox opal in response to my opponents exarch at my EOT, feinting a blast when all i had in my hand was a springleaf drum, my opponent puts his hand with a twin and dispel on the table and draws hoping for a 5th land, doesnt hit it and concedes.
i then put my drum on the table.
beats sam blacks “not hitting his shoal play” any day ^-^

Alan Yuan says:

Please make a compilation of randy beluher going “OMG it’s unbelievable. OMG OMG. GUTSHOOT for the win!”

IceRagerino Kripperino says:

#1 now is LSV gut shot.

Ash Zciwobuz says:

wow lsv looks so funny here

Jonathan Lewis says:

Pat Chapin is a genious. That pen trick was GODLIKE

Jackie Singleton says:

The guy who played Life Drain for 4 when he could have won if he Drained for more, is I think like 15 Years old at the time, latter in the match he Life Drained his opponent for max for the win! Showing he learned his lesson. That was a better moment than the pseudo mistake he made. And the whole match they could hear the crowd that could see both players hands and was yelling about cards as they were drawn. It was a weird set up. P

am not spam bot llc. says:

Oh, Magic. It’s too bad this is what the game is known for. Skill is important, but it’s not very exciting.

Parker Hero says:

What we all came here for (and the commentator also came aparently) 16:51

Lee Kearney-Brown says:

Damn so the 2 biggest punts in mtg history are both bob Maher? ☹️That’s unlucky, he’s such a great player

Flamecaller says:

Best play is the judge call w pithing needle on bob and then names polluted delta

Han Daimond says:

The top 8 plays happened a long time ago. Nothing spectacular happened in recent years, hell, the only relevant event that I remember was the one where Patrick Chapin misplayed Ajani Mentor of Heroes’ second ability.

Gabe Scala says:

i noticed that they were uncomfortable right away. COME ON

Katie Zientek says:

Why did I bother watching this? I don’t think I’m alone as an amateur and can’t understand what’s happening

Nick DiRubio says:

The look LSV gives Kibbler after Bonefire is revealed is fantastic.

kai russell says:

What ever happened to Paulo Vitor Damo de Rosa? Doing hear about him much nowadays…

Jules Kowalski says:

you guys should do a part 2 of this and include just amazing plays recently or ones that did not quite make that list

Quinn Reynolds says:

This list should have been called, “That time with the lightning helix, and 7 other times.”

Strand Pirat says:

16:52 NERDGASM! =D

Thunder Crow says:

What was the one with kibler about?

B Smith says:

can you do top 8 best matchs of all time? I think that Bob Maher match would make the list.

Grippli Games says:

Glorybringer might be on here now

Suniermo Gomez says:

Great video, ty. Could you please explain these cards and how they work in future vids, I’m a noob and I have no idea what you’re talking about lol

Facu Aloi says:

the sound in this channel is so low

Tommaso Chiesa says:

Kibler from hs? Lol funny

ArmorOfGod says:

Not a fan of the pen play. It’s one thing to “bluff” a counterspell by leaving up 2 blue mana, but idk, the pen play just seems very underhanded.

Samuel Hickey says:

why do they call it the “World Magic Cup” not the Magic World Cup…

shot040 says:

LSV top decking Tamiyo in PT eldritch moon was pretty sick too.

Alan Yuan says:

I love listening to randy beluher’s commentating.

Envy's Art says:

Honorable mentions for LSV breaking MTGO surely? xD

Pieter Worm says:

Did he just pronounce gif as jif?

reelkena says:

Chapin Angle shooting with a pen should not be encouraged like this.

v.x richards says:

watch SCGCIN – Legacy – Round 5 – Greg Smith vs Per Nystrom, best match ever.

Maximilian_Blaubär says:

Would love to see Top 8 plays from 2013-2017^^

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