Top 10 Celebrities Who Play Magic: the Gathering

Ever wonder if your favorite actors, actresses, or other celebrities share your love of Magic: the Gathering? Well, as it turns out, a lot of celebrities do spend their free time walking the planes. Here’s our list of the top 10 celebrities who play Mtg.

The Hank Green Clip:

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meredithchandler73 says:

My guess is that whoever did the set decoration for Seinfeld was the Magic the Gathering player rather than the TV stars.

Devin Cruz says:

Hwill Hweaton.

GothamGirlEmoPunk1 says:

Did Brandon routh play in Chuck as well which was a great show

andy boy says:

Basically Jews lol

Tatsuhiro Satou says:

will wheton and seth rogan i want to quite magic now they are both such shitty people

PotatoTheCat says:

I know Edmund McMillen plays. I play at the sane LGS as him.

Corroderptor says:

I bet y’all wanna sesh with Seth even more now

Pickle Rick says:

Oh man i almost forgot inquest existed

GothamGirlEmoPunk1 says:

Josh Barnett was my fav guest on spellslinger

Tomoko Graustreif says:

I know none of them 😀

Stephen Blankenship says:

I get the Seth Rohan look alike comments too on a semi regular basis

Twisted Tentacle Inn says:

Patti Oswald is an unfunny douchebag who injects his political opinions into every single one of his routines. Doesn’t belong on this list.

thea queen says:

strictly better MTG ur vids are entertaining and hilarious, i subscribed

Buddyd says:

imagine smoking a fatty and playing magic with Seth.. Hell yes

TheWonderdoc says:

You’re missing Wayne Brady on your list

thomas hood says:

How can you not mention Cassius Marsh, not only is it completely unexpected that an NFL p;ayer to not only be an avid MTG player but a pretty good one at that. He is a huge commander fan and is on the command zone a lot

ocTexansoc says:

you forgot about Boogie2988

Pickle Rick says:

You mean chaos confetti from unglued right?

orion Greer says:

haha you are the seth rogan of magic! thanks

CrazyCrab #521 says:

You left out James Rallison.

Nathan Explosion says:

Frankie Muniz played back when they were filming Malcom in the Middle. He probably doesn’t anymore but still he used to.

Devin Walton says:

and my name is Devin lol

Dvo rak says:

this was the video that made me discover your channel 😀 big fan since then 🙂

Aaron Glanville says:

I’m not sure WHO played on the show Home Improvement, but in quite a few epsidoes you can see Magic cards glued/taped on Zachery Ty Bryan’s desk so obviously someone invloved with the show knew how to play/use to play.

Martin Wood says:

South Park dudes play it!

Rusty Shackelford says:


SlipperyGirlMag says:

Vin Diesel

Se7enty4 Gaming says:

You disappoint me man. How can you not put JASON MEWES On here man. SNOOTCH TO THA NOOTCH man!

FDG says:

What about Cassius Marsh?

Kyle Campbell says:

Hank green lives in my town. <3

Helen Miyaki says:

Forgot LRR

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