Trostani vs Ludevic | Bruse – Edgar – Tymna | Silas EDH / CMDR game play for Magic: The Gathering

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“Danse Macabre” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Paul Goodridge says:

Don’t talk about hot until you get low hundreds Fahrenheit for 3 months straight. And 115 upon occasion.


That Bruse/Ludevic deck is so cool. Never heard of Evermind.

frankieh says:

Loved Erik’s deck. Always a treat to see completely bonkers out there decks.

Brie Baggaley says:

I’m tempted to build a Ludevic “missed trigger” deck after watching this game!

migh159 says:

For the longest time I’ve actually been wanting to build an Arcane deck, but never knew where to start, and seeing the Ludvic/Bruse deck. Fuck man, I love it, it plays exactly how I thought it would, casting several cards a turn, but only letting one spell leaveing your hand for neigh-infinite value from something.

And then, boy and then it included my Favorite ability ever: Heroic. The main ability of the first deck I’ve ever made. I loved watching Eric play that deck.

Lord OfThe Voids says:

Erics deck, I want to play that so bad, it looks like so much fun 😀 golem tribal has been on my radar for a while, but that makes me want to build it even more, looks like I have cards to go buy using that discount code now 😉 keep up the good work man

Lollix87 says:

Hi, I’m fallen in love with your Trostani build! Do you Ave an updated list to share?
Thanks a lot

Tyubirocks1 says:

What did John steal Bill’s girlfriend or something? Dude hated him right out of the game.

emmanuelperezg says:

Don’t know if it’s been stated before but ulvenwald hydra brings the land into play tapped, which was relevant since it was the one mana you used for the swords to plowshares

118bone says:

Oh man I was really rooting for the kamigawa spells guy


Also, probably said this before, but I love your narrations. A sprinkle of informative and humorous. “Erik taps out on his turn to cast The Unspeakable, which I don’t know what it does because we can’t talk about it.” XD

wazzup764 says:

After watching this game I’m real glad I preordered a copy of Greater Good. Shame Trostani herself didn’t play a bigger part.

Clayton Handshy says:

Those are some sick golem tokens man were can I get me some of them ???XD

Raimund Keller says:

Eriks deck was awesome!

OOM- 32 says:

I am making a Mary o’kill deck with multiple killbots (we agreed to have any number of them in our playgroup, just as shadowborn apostles) and I’m looking for interesting cards to use. I am already having mass resurrect, a lot of voltron and some pump but I am lacking a bit more consistency, any ideas? thx for the help.

LaserfaceJones says:

My Nebuchadnezzar mat came in yesterday, and it is glorious~~~

Gabriel Gonçalves says:

All i wanted for my life was to have Jhon’s playmat. THAT STAR IS SOOOO CUUUUUTTEEE

Lumpyrox says:

I love players who build obscure tribal decks and extremely strange theme decks! It makes watching all the more pleasurable! I was cheering on that Arcane deck!

BaolachUS says:

That arcane deck is legit. I also love your trostani deck!

William Plain says:

Man that arcane deck is really interesting. I think I’m going to build one now.

魏鼎恒 says:

Did John owe Bill money?

LtdEcho says:

Wouldnt Roon be the better commander for the golem deck? Has the right colors and gives u additional ETBs on ur commander.

Sparky Nation says:

Hands down best channel for edh gameplay!

Adam Schiedler says:

That was an epic game!! No rifts, counters, or any other blue shenanigans 🙂

Davis Caldwell says:

Love bills and your playmat. Gengar is my favorite!

88Hyo says:

An arcane deck? Holly shit…

Exa roc says:

you should read again what the cardname is for stromkirk noble 😉
had to stop halfway watching this video. so many new cards holy shit, really cool.

nathones says:

Bill is a maniac!!!

cloaking says:

1:29 someone has his second land on top

Ada Bee says:

The Arcane deck was amazing! I wish Erik was running Zada, Hedron Grinder, though. She can really ramp up the value of Arcane spells.

Altair Struts says:

respect for Eric’s interesting deck.

DarkEinherjar says:

I’m surprised to see so many white decks and only one board wipe the entire game… speaking of which, I recently dropped all Wrath spells that only destroy and only aim at creatures… when I’m playing white and want to get rid of creatures, it has to be something that either exiles them (Final Judgment, Descend Upon the Sinful) or puts them on the bottom of the library (Hallowed Burial, Terminus). Destruction effects, I will only take if it removes other things besides creatures. They cost me more mana, but I feel I get better results this way.

Morton Fork says:

Those were two new and exciting decks! Very cool. ^^

pinnito says:

I have to try and make a partner deck, seems like a deeper layer of EDH I haven’t played yet.

Xeio De Sono says:

Kudos for playing a Heroic-Arcane deck

superior soy says:

Huh, what? Outpost siege has a mode other than the draw card mode?

Well played Bill, I thought you were mad picking Dragons but it turned out to be a really tactical play; You had the skull clamp for card draw and Outpost Siege actually ended up (basically) killing John and setting itself up as quite a big rattlesnake vs boardwipes. Respect.

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