[Tutorial] How to Play Magic: The Gathering

One thing I forgot to mention explicitly (but should still be apparent by watching the video) is that tapped creatures can’t block. So generally if you attack with a creature during your turn, you can’t block with that creature during your opponent’s turn. One exception to this is creatures with the ability Vigilance, which means attacking doesn’t cause the creature to tap.

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MJ Sambo says:

Where can I download this game for online play? Does it come for a Mac?

Shadowduckofdoom says:

what game/application are you using instead of cards?

OverTheAdvanced Online says:

thanks u made it very interesting and easy to learn 🙂

Shelia Ellison says:

I’m not more than 15 minutes into this yet but it’s already wonderful. Thank you, I am trying to learn…and very simple things such as “how many mana can be cast per turn” were never explained to me, nor were flying/haste etc and you really are doing a great job! Thanks so much…the one thing I’ve yet to learn is, does your mana become untapped after each turn..but I am sure you’ll get to that =) …experienced players don’t realize that new people have NO IDEA what the numbers mean or what a mana is etc etc, and they over look that, so I really appreciate that you are explaining it as if we have never even seen a magic card before

Daniel Smith says:

What deck do you start playing with just for fun not competitive.

Jonathan Newman says:

who lives in dallas area and wants to play. i want to get into this game and make some more friends

dereksmallsuk says:

Confusing as fuck.

Team Chillizard VGC says:

“That’s gonna let these two lads get through unmolested.” Good to know

James Romero says:

Is there a link to this game?

TheRealJD TheRealJD says:

It’s yugioh with different names is what I took off this video.

DarthFalcon64 says:

what online game is that

lunareclipse0629 says:

So it’s not *too* different from playing wixoss or yu-gi-oh. It looked intimidating but that’s good to know. 🙂 Thanks for the tutorial!

AlfakleNaN says:

Actually, the phases in order are untap, upkeep, draw, main 1, combat, main 2, end, cleanup, not draw, upkeep, main, combat, main, end.

Edwin Roberts says:

are you good at Magic

moti mimon says:

where do i download this game from???

tucker michaud says:

yugioh is kinda like magic, you have to lower your opponents life points but you have to get through your opponents monsters to attack him,and me personally i would rather play yugioh because i have played it since i was 6,but i still like magic

Nicola Locke says:

I borrowed my other half’s black and green dual deck for my first game today. Loved it!

Singularity Studios says:

Can a flying creature block a normal creature?

Joel Cedric says:

magic + yugioh = awesome childhood!

Meteor Mash says:

in yugioh youbhave health

Gamers OnGuard says:

Oops its a chick. Look Boobs!

Jess Hadfield says:

Thank you!
I’ve found it weirdly difficult to find out what happens when a blocking creature is defeated by two attacking creatures (most tutorials just show 1 on 1 combat).

Nerf Master blaster says:

Yugioh has player health

M Balazs says:

4:27 its a huge deal, magic is about creating decks and make your own way to play, if that aspect of the game dos not exit in a simulator that game is worthless in compare.
(do its a good tool for your explanation)

TheSpider-ManFanatic says:

this helped alot

Graceland Gang says:

yugioh is like magic the gathering

AlphaSmack says:

How, where I get this game ?

[GD] DraconicalZ says:

“Oh my god, he’s retarded!” Actually made me laugh nice

Ana Mosterín Höpping says:

no serously i think im gonna give it up on magic lts just so over welming all the rules what the hell does speed mean just its to confusing

Tyler Ciolfi says:

blue is Islands, Red is mountains, black is swamp, green is forest, and white is plains, if you actually have the cards you will realize this, they are called basic land cards, or mana

Fairy Farts says:

Thank you man. Got a little sick of Pokemon. Lol. But thanks

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