Unstable Draft w/ Mark Rosewater l Game Knights #13 l Magic: the Gathering Gameplay

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Magic’s Head Designer Mark Rosewater enters the battlefield to unveil his latest and greatest creation: UNSTABLE. Join Jimmy, Josh and Senior Game Designer Gavin Verhey in our first ever Game Knights draft episode, featuring this wacky and crazy new silver-bordered set.

Who will emerge victorious? ONLY ONE MAY STAND!!


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Terry Robertson & Dom Rolandelli – Additional Editing
Lauren Haroutunian – Director of Photography
Geoffrey Palmer – Special Graphics and FX
Danny Batterman – Script Supervisor and L2 Judge
Bonnie Bacevich – Set Design
Balam Najera – Set Animations


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Bubu Baba says:


Herman Li says:

More draft please ^-^

cr0wboi says:

What is the life counter app they use? I can’t seem to find it

Ignacio fernandez-aramburu perez says:

Can you do a Game Knights of Explorers of Ixalan?

M Balazs says:

37:29 please someone tell what the name of this background music is.

Turai12 says:

Slaying mantis is gonna be annoying, everyone will have to google how long a feet is.

AWolf-Pack says:


King Bone says:

This was so great
Rosewater is a hero

Hailey Chang says:

After about a year of hiatus, it’s a refreshing video to watch. Thanks! Also I didn’t know Mark sounds like xD

PandaBokun says:

what brand of dice do you use josh? :O

Edgar Amarilla says:

I totally loved this one, hoping to get the set!

Rex Holes says:

3.14 damage is useful mid game

M Balazs says:

15:23 you had dumb luck Jimmy had non 😀
29:07 randomness just sucks, to think to add this to the fact you role almost as bad as me XD
46:20 this was fun ggwp

Nathan Goddard says:


Delia Blitz says:

Wow those animation and sound effects make the game so much more fun and easy to comprehend.

e rivera says:

name of and where can i purchase those die.

kami kon says:

Galvin just showed the proper way to draft a deck

Malthe Rud Andersen says:

I dont hope magic comes to THAT

Josh Herbert says:

Hey what’s the Big Idea???

Kyle Ashby says:

I’ve drafted unstable and that half kitten half kitten dose work like no onther

Jedidr says:

I just gotta say one thing. Most of you are complaining about how this isn’t commander, 1. This is meant for draft 2. Mark Rosewater designed this set so why not play it 3. I find this as a nice change of pace. So please stop complaining!!

The Magick Goblin says:

am i blind or did both mark rosewater and his opponent miss he had a creature with reach and both said ohh no flyers you cant block this flyer???

Nicholas Ho says:

I have a solution
“The Magic Zone”

10 000 000 says:

poor jimmy

p.s what happend to vghs

Will Troe says:

Why didn’t he block the flyer with his willing test subject? This annoys me more than it should….

Ess Olson says:

Why did no one draft an evil villain grins deck? BEST IN FORMAT!

Josh Herbert says:

The cat-cat gonna win dis

Michel Devost says:

try commander draft is so fun

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