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in this video we show off the latest magic the gathering set, and me and my friends hanging out and playing at the dominaria pre-release… including drafting cards at home!!


Michele Giuseppe Iurlo says:

Use some skin cream. Helps alot.

Gameon45Over says:

You have friends at your house every other night you and your friends have to be a little nerds or geeks. For sure. Proud to be geeky

Nathan Boynton says:

Love the MTG content!!!

aa craine says:

You got a Lyra and a mox amber out of your pre release… how does one pull such cards but not use the during match time

TechVidsTV says:

Funny , I played 2 nights , first night played black green , second night white black , some reason there was more black in my packs than anything else

Fudd 90 says:

I love warhammer!

the lich king says:

I got Lyra as my promo

Council of Elders says:

oh prerelease

Cody Watson says:

Best set in a good long while- I am still crestfallen about missing prerelease. I still cannot wait to get my sticky Doritos fingers on some of them sweet cards though.

Luciano Diaz says:

Mox amber + lyra?? daaaamn

Blarricus says:

Really enjoyed this kind of vlog boogie

Jay rivas says:

Holy shit this vlog is freaking amazing!

The Unwitting J says:

Dominaria pre was so fun, I went to two of them because of how great it was!

StChase says:

Hey boogie if you do a GoW review can you please do it in your movie review fashion with half spoilers half not? I’ve really been wanting people to address some amazing spectacular moments in the game but every single review is “spoiler free” versus offering something for those of us who have played the game and want to chat about it.

galidroo says:

Da Red Onez Go Fasta!

Zach Mael says:

I have no idea what’s going on here but i’m watching anyways! Keep up the great work Boogie!

corn holelio says:

Boogie you have to do more mtg!!!!

Andrew McDonald says:

love the videos boogie!

Nemesis the warlock says:

This feels like… home… lands in the forgotten realms, last ice age during the dark or something 🙂 Made my day. I missed this.

JustinPayton says:

9:30, did Boogie go back in time and play Magic with his old self?!?

nura amelia says:

love your vlogs boogie!

Zach Domina says:

I don’t even like this game but i enjoy seeing you happy and in your element. Best Wishes!

Terry Mcginnis says:

Dude get into Warhammer !!! Magic is great but I’m taking a break, Warhammer is fucking addicting.

James Gray says:

Don’t care what people say. They are no way that the fatter version of Boogie here isn’t related to him I n some way.

sami mubasher says:

I like these kind of videos, do more!

AiErudito __-_-__ says:


Britain Is An Orange says:

Boogie you are awesome

Dark Raider says:

MTG is an SJW SHITSHOW. I’m out.

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