Why Children DO NOT Play Magic the Gathering

Great work guys… great marketing! I bet Nintendo will learn from it.

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mercenarybdu says:

The times have changed. Kids that have dumb phones have more enjoyment with their devices than they would with a tabletop game that costs extra funds for each adjustment. None for which could afford when they want to play seriously as costs resume to rise due to money printing.

MrHabenero says:

The worst part about this, the memes aren’t even entertaining. I’m not saying that this meme is going to single handedly tarnish the reputation of the game (WotC and the SJW’s have done a great job at doing this all on their own without help from a bad meme), but to make a meme that could make the social outlook of Magic worse than it already is for the purpose of making a statement labeled as a joke that’s not even actually funny, what is truly the point of doing this?
I can’t tell if the joke was never originally funny, or if the people making the joke are just not funny themselves. It could be a little bit of both.

Jimmy Turner says:

Oh god the cringe of that tweet…

MaximilianoDent says:

Feminists, feminists everywheeere

Kwasi Williams says:

Lmao her name is mana”curves” the irony is ridiculous. These feminazis are delusional.

Ryan Alvarez says:

I am glad I left magic and now play pokemon with my son. The online game is so much better than mtgo.

Kwasi Williams says:

Lmao the bitches name is mana”curves” you can’t make this shit up bro. Oh god the irony.

Эрик Картман says:

Hey Lion. Watching all these “quality” jokes made me slightly bored, and I’ve started to think. But mine thought process was framed by the premise of those jokes, so I thought about: can the amount of drawn pork(yes, pork and nothing more here, Mr YouTube bot officer) be used to evaluate relevance of the franchise? Because if yes, Magic is not that relevant. The amount of entries on a one of the more known sites for mtg is 1k. League, for comparison, have 26k. And it’s not even 10 years old. And the supreme overlord, unbeatable champion of the first place with 160k entries would be Pokemon. So, magic is not like sex, at all.

TomScott says:

Never played MTG doubt I ever will. Reasons I would give are probably similar MTG seems very expensive and given a choice what kid would choose a box of playing cards over a PS4 for say their birthday. Also MTG is a 2 player game without another player all you can do is look at the cards you have. Playing the game online is probably just as much fun as having physical playing cards but online the choice of games plus things like snap chat, Facebook are endless its a crowded market. Finally if I was a parent I would rather my kid played sports did their homework then after that they could go online and play computer games with their friends.

ok says:

Searched mtg is a lot like… second result: Tolarian Community on Twitter: “Magic is a lot like sex …

That’s going to get in kids heads, make there parents take them away from the game removing possible income for Wotc.

Toop Khat says:

I mean what are they going to do, sharpie clothes on all the “not” porn at common rarity?

james jefferson says:

Well sex isn’t like magic. Try a four hour edh game.

Victor Gabriel Bejerano Kant says:

Magic is a lot like sex: there is a lot of sex offenders

More Dork says:

These are just some reasons why I don’t really go to fnm anymore. The culture that has been seeping into the game has become disgusting.
I’ve been moving my old product to long term items in the hope that one day I can fall in love with the community and people again.

Kenneth Markwith says:

This whole thing is next level retarded. Its feminist bs.
Emma Handy is a dude btw

Dung Pie says:

“Magic is a lot like sex. Men’s enjoyment is valued more than a woman feeling safe.”
This is actually more hilarious considering the fact that the majority of women, have sexual fantasies that could be categorised under rape.

Plague Doctor D says:

I can’t really get into mtgo due to me not being sure if the money spent on cards will won’t just go up into smoke that and they don’t have my favorite format (commander) if i am correct

Nathan Hall says:

The younger generation can play free games on their smartphones. Mtg is fucked plain and simple: unless mtg is the game they play in this way.

firekram says:

Counter trend with Magic is a lot like the NY stock exchange.

Magic is a lot like War and Peace

Magic is a lot like Driving a fork lift

DarkZombie says:

I burst out laughing in agreement when I see the topic of this video. I cannot give a like faster

Michael Mitchell says:

They were just jokes … terrible, terrible jokes. I hate these losers as far as I can tell.
Here are some good jokes though. Your welcome

Magic is a lot like sex, it is best on the kitchen table with the whole family joining in!

Magic is a lot like sex, my first few times were with my uncle.

Magic is a lot like sex, I used to force my little sister to do it.

Magic is a lot like sex, It is best when the other person is dead when you finish.

Magic is a lot like beastiality, you can find weird South Americans chicks doing it online #gabyspartz.

Paul ZillaX says:

Magic is kind of like sex though. Start a with innocent fun than can quickly become a lifelong drain on your bank account and require your life to revolve around it.

Richard Oaks says:

I love how that bitch’s handle is “manacurves” and then she says this shit lol

Username Unidentified says:

The reason why children don’t play is because the judges are a bunch of Michael Jackson wannabes (pedophiles).

Ancap Zombie says:

Magic is a lot like sex, even your junk needs to be sleeved.

The Bear Minimum says:

In what way is magic unsafe for women? It’s more unsafe for children. If a women is afraid of men just because their men, then their just sexist. And do we need to cater to such bigioted thoughts?

Andrew Peters says:

Is all this drama in the US??. Americans are killing MTG (in America)

Ara Ara says:

Never thought people were at risk when they’re having sex. Must be an American thing with all the obese people risking heart attacks or something.

Ragmesesis says:

Lion Kids are not dumb they are smarter then when we were kids, and they will not care about that. I remember hearing with 12 years old marilyn manson talking about everything and it was not a big deal, now kids see a lot worse hear a lot worse. For me Magic is not for kids because of the cost of every card its really expensive, and the mtg community your talking about has no influence outside social medias. In Europe what the youtube mtg community says has almost 0 impact sometimes even in spikes. There are a lot of worse communitys, i play call of duty also and sometimes there is bigger drama there then in Magic but the players dont really care they just play the game and the game has a lot of kids. Just relax Lion 🙂

Brandon Kruse says:

Magic is a lot like the comic book community. Ruined by the multitudes of SJWs.

Sean Nissen says:

That’s not how sex works….

Zach Stackhouse says:

There’s something hilariously ironic about Emma Handy making a sex joke about going back to nature. Since that would involve her getting her dick back.

456jm says:

MTG became a major success because it was conceived at a time when gaming wasn’t as mainstream as it is today. You can make a similar case for a lot of older gaming franchises that have managed to stand the test of time. Without them, gaming nowadays would still be the same except it wouldn’t be backed by mainstream influences.

It’s really not a matter of whether or not If a gaming franchise or genre has already been tried before when it’s got more to do with the mainstream influences overshadowing the newer products by making it much harder for the novelty to set in simply because our society is too drunk on nostalgia.

That’s usually not a bad thing but when you have younger generations of kids nowadays trying to break away from the kind of gaming stereotype that my generation grew up with, you can either view it as a potential problem or a sign of the times. If they never grew up with it then why should they care unless someone passes the torch onto them?

Gerald Powell says:

If Magic is hardly unsafe, Imagine how unsafe she would be at a bar or the mall or anywhere. The gamer community is not scary compared to the outside world. Paranoia at it’s worst.

MTG LION says:

Between G rated content creator talking about magic is a lot like sex and Judges….

EliosMoonElios says:

No money, no patience, no dedication, no tactical skill…

A2 Oneblood ! says:

You know why kids don’t play the fkn game? The game isn’t affordable for parents or kids

rjtheripper931 says:

This is so dumb.

DrillOllie says:

By storm? First I’ve seen of this dumb stuff

Roman00 says:

I’m happy that you don’t sink to Jeremy’s level.
There’s a lot of SJW bs out there, but not in the level people like Jeremy are making it out to be.
I mean, this tweet “a woman’s safety”, lol what?
I’ve never seen a woman treated badly in my magic communities in Europe and Japan.

WickedDealer says:

The reason MTG is dying is the same reason everything else is, SJW’s ruin everything.

Lim Lim says:

You are holding on too tightly to your definition of MtG. I know it is disheartening to see an old hobby evolving into something you do not recognize. Let it go… Nature will takes it course, be it for the better or worse.

Revas La Athim says:

I quit magic because it community and all the SJW and I got bored of it, but I still watch MTGLion and UnsleevedMedia and i played Pokemon sometimes with my brother that it.

Dragon Ygofan says:

I’m not surprised by this kind of shit in games anymore, gaming as a whole, as a sheer hobby is toxic period, you think Pokemon is better then magic? You think yugioh is better then Pokemon? You think magic is better then yugioh? You think any of these communities are all pals and friends? No, they aren’t, they are just as toxic as the next game across the street, why is that? BECAUSE GAMING AS A WHOLE IS TOXIC period, you think konami gives a fuck about their community?, they couldn’t even give a fuck about human rights literally denying one of their prime developers an award that was MEAN’T for him specifically because gaming is toxic period, you think WOTC gives a fuck about its community?, they couldn’t even care about the safety of their own customers with the pedophiles they hire because gaming is toxic period, you think Nintendo cares about its community?, No they don’t because if they did hackers wouldn’t be such a rampant problem in the game (and I’m talking hackers who do shit like give a shedinja sturdy for its ability, you know the shit a shedinja shouldn’t have?), why is that? Because gaming is toxic period, it doesn’t matter which game you play weather it be fortnite, overwatch, magic the gathering, Pokemon, yugioh or even team fortress 2 because at the end of the day gaming is toxic, period.

Michael Cerda says:

great video

Kwasi Williams says:

Okay, let’s try this;

Magic is a lot like sex, you can’t do it alone.
Magic is a lot like sex, it’s difficult to get a women to join you.
Magic is a lot like sex, you must have protection on your monster.
Magic is a lot like sex, teenagers try it for the first time.
Magic is a lot like sex, it’s very expensive to have the best.
Magic is a lot like sex, it takes me 45 mins to an hour to finish.
Magic is a lot like sex…

Okay I’ll stop but it’s actually fun you should try it Lion but be very sarcastic like, magic is a lot like sex i bring my children to watch and learn or magic is a lot like sex i do it in a room full of people doing it or magic is a lot like sex i keep score. Lol just fuck with those feminist assholes.

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