I know there’s a lot going on in the Magic the Gathering community right now with harassment. I started out wanting to make a video detailing all the harassment I had endured while playing MtG, but I decided that I really just didn’t have the energy to go through all of it. So I made this video simply going through my Magic journey and how and why I stopped playing.

Shoutout to all my Lady Planeswalkers: I see you, I support you, I’m proud of you. Grind on, you crazy Spikes.

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Rahsab Dassa says:

Why I stopped playing MTG: Everyone was making fun of my eyebrows and eagle nose.

Katie Johnson-Smith says:

As both a woman and game store employee, I get where you’re coming from. It’s also truly heartbreaking to see friendly, competitive gamers leave due to problem players in the local scene. On the bright side, it’s exciting to hear that you found an awesome outlet for yourself – keep that gaming spirit alive! =)

Oscar Munoz says:

It’s fun that you said, they’re doing magic Arena, who will include only Standard and sealded events, and it will look like heartstone haha

TeddyBearisms says:

There is a not a huge problem with bullying and harassment. Men interact differently than women, u are entering a dominated by dogs, and bitching and whining that they don’t act like cats.

Darth Mahler says:

As a guy, I’ve never experienced or witnessed any sexual harassment at Magic events. That said, I can imagine it happens. More than any other game, the tournament scene is just not fun. Salty jerks, poor sports, wannabe rules lawyers, and cheaters really take the fun out of it. I have kids and am not teaching them magic for these reasons.

Jim Rustles says:

Air is free amirite

Eric Schaeffer says:

that’s hot

Ken Kirkpatrick says:

Can we take away people’s subscribers???

Cinderella Man says:

That’s one hot nerd

Jojoyojimbi says:

“numerous times” and fails to cite one single experience and you say stupid things like “fear for my safety” so Tumblr has taught you how to professional victim very well

Kat List says:

Anything that is male dominated is gonna suck. Guys make petty, inconsequential things really important to them. Sports is a more popular example. I think some guys use fandoms as an outlet for their hurt male egos. They couldn’t make it in the real world, but this one thing they get to dominate over. When girls come along and are actually good, don’t care to much about competition. It’s like you are saying this really important thing to them actually isn’t that deep. It’s just a game, so they feel emasculated all over again. I would assume a lot of maladjusted men are into this stuff to. They probably don’t even know they are harassing anyone, or what constitutes harassment, because they are not socially equipped.

Azazel says:

Git Gud

Some Random Fellow says:

Lol.. You’re afraid of your physical safety among some geeky mtg players? I don’t know, sounds to me like you just have a general anxiety to be around strangers and you’re taking this “I’m a vulnerable woman” angle to it and blaming something external instead of taking personal responsibility.

grogdizzy says:

I’ve been playing since the 90s and I’ve never seen any harassment or sexual harassment (not saying it doesn’t happen). I’ve had cards stolen and run-ins with jerks who act superior and try to demean you, but it’s few and far between. The majority of the community are nice people who tend to be socially awkward. The biggest problem with MTG right now is that it is owned by a company that only cares about making a profit. Card quality has declined and decisions on recent sets have not been in the interest of players or local game shops. I’m sorry you had bad experiences while playing. I’m glad you didn’t let it get you down. I’d suggest keeping your collection if for no other reason than to just smell the cards every once in a while. Can’t beat that smell lol

Robert Corrigan says:

Good vid! Definately agree with your assessment of harassment and bullying. It happens because experienced players will shoot any angle to win. I don’t have the energy to call out cheaters every time. Cool, you have extra cards. Cool, you know of a weird rule interaction and state, “they just changed it” and are friends with the judges so they agree with you. I’ve seen so much weird stuff and just decided, it’s not really worth it when the point is to have fun. It would be neat to have fun playing a game, right?

Bobcat dad says:

I’m very sorry you were harassed and bullied by other Magic players. Please know that all Magic players are not like that. I’m glad you found a new game to replace it. Keep being yourself and if you ever want to come back to Magic, know there are some good people out here who will accept you and won’t care if we get beat by a girl. We just play for fun.

feeish says:

Honestly keep your cards and don’t toss them. A friend of mine said “no one quits magic they just take a break” and it’s kinda true after a while.

Magic is getting better as a community as shitty as it can be if you’re a woman it is getting better and more knowledgeable with issues. Definitely, play more magic the gathering online (drafting in particular) because it keeps you invested and up to date with what’s going on in the sets and mechanics. That’s what I do. Also, there is a great format on mtgo called pauper that costs <100$ per deck to get into and you can be as competitive as you want without worrying about money being spent. Give it a look if you haven't. I play it as often as I can because I love it so much

hivemindmvgc says:

So wait. You stopped playing Magic because you didn’t like the stores in your new area because they were new and different and didn’t have all your old friends there, and you didn’t try to become more at home at them because you were playing more Hearthstone and enjoying that. By your own words, “I didn’t really have a bad experience.”

But somehow you were also sexually harassed and bullied?

Please pick one.

andrew saunders says:

Joining any new gaming community can be daunting, regardless of gender. If you want to go back to playing, aim for EDH. Multiplayer tends to self-correct for bad behavior. I honestly never will go back to playing 1v1 outside of my group of friends. Friends are what makes games worth playing, making new friends is what makes going outside of the comfort zone worthwhile. Trust me, build a fun/silly EDH deck (Though, I recommend aiming around Tier 1.5-2.5 for your first deck). If your deck is too strong for your group, you can always hold back by not playing certain moves and trying to win in a different way… until you get a more power level appropriate deck.

Vetuyasha says:


Ridden says:

i can deal with internet troll but i can’t deal with real life. thats fucking 2018 for you… jesus fucking christ.

Siah Airsoft says:

sounds like real life no matter what your hobby is or what u do, you are always gonna get harassment regardless of being male or female. just gotta say fuck it and yolo and keep pushing through life. u will realize the older u get it just gets worse. but magic sucks anyway, its a money pit and regurgitated bullshit over and over and over.

TheBechtloff says:

Somehow I can just look at this chick in the thumbnail and already guess why. “Muh soggy knees!” and not being able to handle the bantz.

phildev says:

very simple.. do not get into the scene if your scene is full of creeps. just play with real friends.. get some precon decks maybe some commander decks and introduce this to your friends.. you do not quit magic .. you only quit playing with creeps at fnms … if your friends get slightly hooked play some drafts for fun…

allen mayo says:

Play modern or legacy! I think the community’s isnt toxic like standard or sealed.

R2Otube says:

Perhaps playing competitively is your thing. If not, I noticed you didn’t mention EDH/Commander. I stopped doing FNM and other events. But I regularly get together with some good friends for Commander. It is the only way I play Magic now. If you give it a go. Love to hear your thoughts about it.

SeniorQuak TheThird says:

Come to germany. We´re cool and way more accepting than american communities 🙂

SonictheBedHog says:

Your not missing much. Get rid of the stuff.

Freezer The Emperor says:

Girl i miss your videos

Krump says:

Magic the Gathering has and for all we know still uses pedos as judges because they don’t VET their people for tournaments. THAT is the real reason not to play Magic…not just because you are butthurt dudes are not treating you like an equal.

Auslo says:

You mean a hobby full of cringy wannabe “pro” neckbeards was unwelcoming to a girl? So weird.

In all honesty magic loves to tout itself as inclusive and for everyone but once you hit the competitive or semi competitive side, its nothing but a hive of scum and villainy. To women it seems sexist but I assure you normal dudes encounter these same terrible sperglords. It’s mindblowing how serious these assholes get when $15 store credit is on the line.

Magic is best enjoyed at home with good friends, food and drink. Far away from the sperggiez.

Zolthux says:

Step 1: make new nerdy friends
Step 2: teach them magic
Step 3: play cube
Step 4: alcohol

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