Why YOU Should Be Playing Magic The Gathering Arena! #Ad

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I am seriously in love with Magic The Gathering Arena. I’d love to bring some dedicated content to the channel, SO PLEASE let me know if you’re interested by leaving a comment down below! Keep it Shady!

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BlueMercury HDTV says:

And we will never see this game again lol

BulbaJay says:

Shady Penguinn just got 100x better!!!!! Pokemon plus MTG!!!! breaking the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyler Roth says:

More mtg!

Taryx says:

ok…. but do you care for a round of Gwent?

ForetoldRequiem says:

Please play Arena! Huge fan of yours, huge fan of Magic!

King Of The Ducks says:

Is there any single player content?

Kyle Evans says:

Is there different formats? Modern, EDH, Standard?

Dino Masone says:

Please put MTG Arena content Shady would love to see it i love this game ❤❤❤

GkCommander says:

watching this add just to support you shady

OneDarkSooner says:

Would def enjoy seeing you play this game. It’s so much better than any of the older attempts of Magic video games.

ColdLight36 says:

Mtg is bad.

John Hurley says:

I’m curious about this game.

Emily Rushton says:

I would love to see you play a draft since I’ve never done any of the competitive modes x

Alex Taylor says:

Yes please magic

Mark Tadros says:

I love this game but have absolutely no idea how to build a deck, nothing I have built works it’s so confusing and theres not much videos to watch online for help in deck building. If you do that I will love you shady



Colton Kelly says:

He’ll yea would love as a mobile magic game like dl, i have mtg 2015 mobile but PvP is garbage and you need Wi-Fi so campaign is mostly what is played and i moved to duel links cuz thats where magic for mobile ended. Would love to see all generations of magic come together like duel links

Kirogames says:

would love to see some MGT content!!!!

Redemption Games says:

Dude if you can read this, PLAY MOAARR OF THIS GAME MY DUDE!

N00BYN34D GAMING says:

I’d love to see more mtg content from you!

Adam Denholm says:

hopefully they will add the option for video game tournaments. that would be cool.

Chrono Shindou says:

Ygopro is free

Ròse says:

damnit im on mac and its windows only

Riidh Ridh says:

Can i play it on mobile?

Jaden Walcott says:

I’d love to play it but throughout every game of magic I crash at least 3 times. Not sure why.

Ed Mo says:

WARNING: this game is NOT beginner friendly AT ALL. You have to invest to do well, or suffer for a long time before getting off the ground. I’ve just started and have been losing all my rounds. My friend who’s played Magic before has also been losing all his rounds. This is not like duel links where it’s f2p friendly with a bit of grind- in this case there’s NO WAY to get the in game currency without pvp.

Deniece Hurry says:

will love to see more in the channel still not sure i want to play it it sound cool but i only can tel with game play that just me do hope to see more have a good day everyone

Andrew Thomas says:

only for windows 🙁

opticwolf96 says:

would love to see more mtga content

killer Duck says:

Thank goodness for this game! I’ve always wanted to play magic and learn the rules but every YouTube video explaineding is too confusing. Glad I could Finnaly play this first hand

Rahj Montgomery says:

Which planeswalkers do you use in your deck?

Jacob Shawver says:

All I’m saying, wizards please arena runs on unity. So ADD IT ON MOBILE, huge market!

T says:

Can i play commander with friends though?

John Holdcraft says:

Oh my God yesssss¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JRM454 says:

It’s ALL I’VE BEEN PLAYING! Shady I LOVE this game! Definitely bring it to the channel I would love to come back & watch!

Axel Syamodra says:

WOT is killing magic now and basically WOT is worst than KONAMI. Just keep in mind that magic community is in the worst state now. maybe magic will survive with MTG Arena

Alejandro Beltran says:

You gotta do more MTG. This game looks great!

Marcel Hajos says:


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