2012 Players Championship Finals: Shouta Yasooka vs. Yuuya Watanabe

Watch Shouta Yasooka and Yuuya Watanabe, two titans of Magic, battle for the Player of the Year title at the 2012 Players Championship in Seattle, Washington.

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Christian Pendilla says:

I’m assuming this is modern?

James Downs says:

Actually thinking about building Shouta’s deck. Screw Vapor Snag and put in AEther Spellbombs for better Thirst for Knowledges and better earlier Tarmogoyfs.

vince chang says:

one cryptic command should have changed the whole final match

Execution Of The Masses says:

yuuya is so fucking ugly lol

Vissna Voss says:

Why is this so quiet?

alex boyajian says:

long lasting power

ramblinchap says:

@ snappy. Yasooka left up cryptic command by taking the life. It was the right play, since Liliana at that point puts him almost irreparably behind. And then Yuuya took the Snapcaster hit because two life didn’t matter and would rather threaten other things with other mana.

Big Mean Squeeze says:

wtf is wrong with his face?

Lion Cub Kurz says:

Goodbye blood braid elf you piece of shit. You will not be missed.

Flamekeeper says:

im a noob at magic but: why aren’t they using mana?

TheInvisibleKev says:

best commentary team, only marshall is missing to complete the perfect trio

christopher lacey says:

Very tight match from start to finish

Chris Prescher says:

game 3, when Yasooka vialed in huntmasters, the huntmaster should have transformed when he passed the turn, as a spell had not been cast that turn, since aether vial says put the creature into play, not cast the creature. 
unless watanabe used olivia’s ability after untap before the upkeep huntmaster transform trigger resolved. 

LP says:

this is not standard isnt it?

CestDes Conneries says:

Why have I not even heard of Eternal Command? That’s a sick deck…

Clash Royale Controls-me says:

19:45 I don’t know Japanese but I thought he sighed “finally” at the end of that round.

Condoriano says:

I don’t find Rich Hagon’s analysis annoying at all really. Sometimes the things he say are a bit brash but he just commentates the matches and he’s really passionate about the game, he also does a fantastic job of leading commentary and keeping the analysis going which is quite difficult.

Lucky Ducky says:

Yuuya is one ugly looking mutha fucken gorilla. dafuq is wrong with his face? it’s a crater like Edward James Olmos

KoBe Gameplay says:

ban aether vial please

n3rdm4n36 says:

The days of Bloodbraid Elf in Modern lol

Rain Nopuente says:

newbie here. why theiy are not using land/mana card?? plss answer thanks

pirate0bloodyskull says:

That was a great game 5.

scarfamelly says:

yuuya has long finger nails

Sword of the Lord says:

Can anyone tell me what decks they are running? Decklists?  thanks

Splinter says:

Thought some of you might appreciate this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/291250329648?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

Cj Apale says:

What sleeves did yuuya watanabe use in this match? I need real answers please

Larone13 says:

And now Blood Braid Elf is banned. Nice.

ramblinchap says:


Master Muke says:

A guaranteed way to win every time, just put down a pic of you girlfriend.

Nick Dunki Jacobs says:

what a ugly fucking geek, stupid gay game 😮

cornxx3 says:

that banter at about the 22:00 mark about “huntmaster of the fails” was funny AF haha. too good.

Richard Davis says:

Jeroen Katgert has a point with Yasooka not bolting the Treetop Village until after it dealt damage to him in the same turn in G1. Also, around 12:20 Yasooka swung with a Snapcaster while Watanabe had Treetop Village on field, bolt in hand, and enough mana for both. Instead of trying to block with the Village, he just bolted Snappy right away. Are these misplays or am I crazy?

kyson says:

What sleeves are Yuuya using?

P4l3rm0 Alonso Martinez says:

Luckily thr fcking bloodbraid is banned now.

Jacob Ortiz says:

hello, i have a great problem here, anyone can explain me whats happen in this second …

2012 Players Championship Finals: Shouta Yasooka vs. Yuuya Watanabe

why cryptic command counter tarmogoyf if this lose the target to up permanent Eternal Witness?  …… thats suppose the command will counter itself for losing its targets.

doomtomb3 says:

15 minutes of shuffling

prosper waldmann says:

What a match what a week WATANABE

adamw86 says:

It would be awesome if you periodically showed the enlarged view of cards in play of each player (like when you show the single card to be played on the right), you could even just list regular lands as a table of counts to save space.  It is not optimal to watch a board of cards that cannot even be read for the majority of the match.  For newer players like myself, there is no way to follow these casts.  Players sometimes stack their cards and hide the card images/text, so helping the audience out would be very beneficial.

What That Mouth Do says:

i wanna learn how to play magic! it seems so complicated to me

james martin says:

magic the gathering rocks

Joarthus says:

Listening to Rich Hagon say words is the most infuriating thing ever.

Wazansa l says:

Acne scars, not for retarded people that doesnt know what it is.

Atesh Shan says:

no wonder why bloodbraid elf is banned in modern

ramblinchap says:

And for some reason YouTube is censoring the contraction “did not”

Foo says:


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