2013 Magic World Championship Final: Reid Duke vs. Shahar Shenhar (Modern)

Watch Reid Duke battle Shahar Shenhar in the best-of-five finals at the Magic World Championship in Amsterdam.


Mervinthemerlin says:

A Jew is the best magic player???? Who knew???

Guardiansghost says:

This game is neat

mce320 says:

Is that Blake from Workaholics judging?

hntsu1 says:

Reid playing green is always my favourite thing to watch, so despite him losing, I keep coming back to this match. The triple mulligan was especially hard to watch though.

Roger Lopez says:

honestly ried had bad luck with the starting hands. which is the biggest and probably the only down of the deck.

AncientTyrant says:

L vs. Light.

George Ogilvie-Russell says:

this match must be hidden away from the public

Andrew “GOAT” Luck “CPOY” “MVP” says:

Shenhar pisses me off with that shit he does with his cards.

thebomb231 says:

Anyone know what set his basics are from?

PalPlays says:

Ahhh…back when Bogles ran Keen Sense and no Paths.

Now we’re running Open the Armory and Gryff’s Boon; it feels good!

Aye yo Pi'erre Wanna come out here says:

Anyone think this game is evil

John Kenneth Marcelo says:

What’s the card that allows Reid to always draw a card.

MogulKane says:

LSV is the best commentator ever

lorenzferido says:

If Reid Duke attacked with Bogle+Daybreak+Ethereal+Hyena Umbra he would have won. He woulda gotten some life gain and killed both Restoration angel plus v clique. And all he needed was to sack the umbra and still have a big enough hitter. I’m not sure which turn it was but shenhar was tapped out because of R. Angel.

Pharya says:

19:02 to 19:22, fucking lol’d.

Gary Oak says:

40,000 usd is roughly 100,000 usd in ISD too bad most of it probably went back into cards :p

Fredrik Bengtsson says:

At 1:04:04, does Shahar look at Reid’s top card while shuffling?

saimon king36 says:

Raggazzi. Iscrivetevi al mio canale

Hitsuga Aorusaki says:

Shahar Shenhar THE HERO! Bogles is too uninteractive for my tastes, but the other deck… It takes a good pilot to win with it, straight up.

Fernando Ulloa says:

Mulligan for 4 on the last game of the final of the world championship is so cruel!

ScrubsRocks4Ever says:

Rich Hagon is the worst….

Qris G says:

I met them before they suck

Mark says:

Why THOSE FUCKING MAGIC PLAYERS do that shit with the cards in hand? that so annoying and screw the card… 5:57

High Mugician Najarin says:

It’s so obnoxious watching players play with their hands, just watching my opponent flick through their hand, it’s obnoxiously distracting.
All round, good game 🙂

אמנון טל says:

“בוקר טוב, לילה טוב, מה השעה שמה עכשיו?”

Andrew Fackenthall says:

this is when modern and magic in general use to be good..still love the game but hate the direction its going in

PalPlays says:

1:05:40 I love the name “Pinkbolt.” WotC? Why wasn’t that its name?!

Dhmhtrhs Kaitsiotis says:

Congratulations WoTc for destroying modern format .I am a great fan of how u ban a card because it dominates then watch how new cards u created do the same wait a few months and then ban it, meanwhile we buy those cards only to see them become bulk.Keep up the good work and iam really looking forward to see you do it again.

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