2016 Magic World Championship Finals (Standard): Brian Braun-Duin vs. Márcio Carvalho

The finals of the 2016 Magic: The Gathering World Championship came down to an electric best three-of-five match between Grand Prix Master Brian Braun-Duin and Draft Master Márcio Carvalho.


CraigsCreations says:

It’s very weird that 2 players playing the same game not on a computer have to wear headsets to play with eachother. Figure it out Wizards of the Coast!

Daniel Hansen says:

plz just show the board fulltime so we can see what is going on all the time instead of does face and hand shoots we want to see magic cards thats what this is all about not the faces of the people playing…..

Whoa says:

1:13:40 This turn from BBD was an incredible comeback.

John Smith says:

if one of these ppl understood interpersonal skills better, they could intimidate their opponent so easily.

B. V. says:

Justice for Jeremy! #MTGHeadQuarters

Potential x10 says:

why dont anyone use like ulamog the ceaseless hunger or in garruks wake in these championships?

Alex Caldas says:

Can you put a card on the field after declaring the attack?

Smh says:

I dont even know how to play this

Diamond Nation Licks the ballsack says:

MTGHeadQuarters was crying about not getting an invite to this event.

Coop Hawk says:

I’m from va and dats dank

Jeffrey Phamigo says:

didnt know Daniel Negranu hosts the tournament…

Steve Mayers says:

Hands down one of my favorite matches of all time, this was fun to watch.

Stas Hutten-Czapski says:

why was the first game so short and it eneded at 4 hp someone explain please I’m a novice to mtg please can someone explain 😀

Rory Lippert says:

I really like the bant deck. Too bad it was completely broken.

rufio1406 says:

I quit MTG a year ago and this is what I noticed in this game. BBD got fat. More uncommons in a deck than rares (Weird). those headphone dont actually block out the announcers cause when they speak it gets transferred from the mic.

roland burge says:

RANT ALERT!!!!! Here we go again another worlds and all I fucking see is blue deck blue deck blue deck blue deck blue deck I’m soo fucking over blue getting all the most broken cards in the game mental misstep force of will snap caster reflector Mage supreme verdict ponder brainstorm they get the best planeswalkers all the jaces are beyond fucking broken some are banned cause of it tamiyo bullshit dovin bullshit so sick of wizards always favouring blue show some love to the other colours I remember back in Lorwyn block ALL the blue players cried cause WAH WAH WAH too much blue hate cause of gutteral response and vexing Shusher even tho they got cryptic command stupid fairys and merfolk cmon wizards show love to other colours and I’m sick of seeing jace as the fucking poster boy for magic

Ciowan says:

Tough to watch this as a person who hasn’t played Magic in like 17 years lol. I wish I knew what was going on, or I could see every card and what they do.

FingeredFetus says:

Every time they say reflector mage take a drink

HurriccaneGTX says:

wieso nimmt er die karte aus der hülle und steckt sie weider rein? xD

Jackie Singleton says:

Wow game 3 was amazeballs! That was Magic at its best. As an older player I love games that go long, have huge boards, & complicated interactions. I have a distaste for turn 3 wins, and degenerate combos. Both players were great in that game. A solid hour of great play. P

Greg Soyka says:

why is there no magic duels on android!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Louis Fantinato says:

the headsets make it so funny aesthetically hahaha

Kozzy Kay says:

Damn that game 3!You know it’s a long game when you finish your coffee watching it.

Scott Austin says:

Loved the handshake at the end. They should have done something to congratulate the guy in second at least

Zed Bot says:

What the actual fuck is this game never heard

Julian Mauro says:

why the hell have they those enormous headsets

Alan Yuan says:

Why do bant company decks play Tamiyo instead of Gideon?

Jeff Hyder says:

The AI is heavily favored in the MTG game, play if you want to rage, otherwise just stick to physical cards

Robson Cost says:


Bill Wilson says:

hey! check your audio~video is a turn or so behind on times.

Eduardo Antunes says:


Alan Yuan says:

I also don’t understand, BBD can (and has) made his creature huge with his Thalia’s lieutenants, why doesn’t he just attack, force Marcio to do double, or triple blocks to kill one of his creatures and keep forcing thought instead of casting tragic arrogance

Kevin Wu says:

residentsleeper residentsleeper residentsleeper

FleetAdmiralHalsey says:

Any particular reason Cavalio did not flash in Avacyn earlier in the game, and swing threaten it’s flip trigger for a board wipe?

Dan Cosme says:

aaand this is why reflector mage is banned

xXErr4rXx says:

I don’t even know what mtg is about. You guys actually understand what is going on? Do they just play very standard linear decks so you know what they do and think? Do you recognise cards from that far?

Leandro Santos says:

I dont play magic since i’m a kid but i’m impressed a portuguese is in the finals. Grats Marcio

DaNyAaLcEc says:

OMG that 3rd match!! thumbs up yeah…

Christopher Buckley says:

sometime i wish i could join a tournaments

Shangheliee says:

im new to magic and i have no idea what happened in game one. they started then the bald guy died faster then i make a turn.

Killus Streakus says:

I thought reflector mage was ban?

Pasha Defragzor says:

They need to add feature to see the cards instead of players…. I cant see the cards… Its only for pros who know latest cards and features… I’ve seen tables from Pokerstars tournaments – where players sitting on the round table with cameras inside a walls and top camera with 2d graphics interface to emulate cards… Peoples around looks weird, judges need to see all stuff through the cameras… or add 1 judge Dredd ^^ like in snooker. Shadows falling on a players hands with cards… lighting designer needs for sure

Scott Austin says:

I dont understand this shit at all

shevegen says:

Why do they wear head sets?

Moto_rider says:

Until I played at a GP I never could have fathomed the amount of stress on the players at a competitive level. It’s absolutely amazing how these guys are keeping their composure in such a complicated and stressful situation while all eyes are upon them. Kudos to BBD!

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