2016 Magic World Championship Round 4 (Standard): Steve Rubin vs. Kazuyuki Takimura

Two players who went against the grain at the 2016 Magic World Championship square off in the first round of Standard. Steve Rubin brought his Blue-Green ramp deck to Crush (of Tentacles) the opposition. Kazuyuki Takimura came to Jund some folks, with a touch of delirium.


Gabe Aguilar says:

So correct me if I’m wrong but Steve gains 5 life from Nissa’s Renewal at 7:31 when he’s supposed to gain 7?

TheRoomy says:

I was so excited that Steve won. I didn’t see that deck being played much in the pros, so I wanted to see him do well against a more conventional deck. If Takimura didn’t have 3/4 in there, some Ishkanahs would’ve really brought the pain on Steve since all he had for removal was Crush of Tentacles, and you can just recast the Ishkanah to get the tokens back in.

It was seeming like Steve’s deck really could’ve benefitted from a couple fewer land acceleration for more seek. He’s gotta have four keys in there already clearly, so maybe a couple Traverse the Ulvenwalds for those late game scenarios. He can at least use them to get den protectors to recall a spell he needs.

Anarchy says:

man, that crush deck is so bad

yellowdart6666 says:

emrakul is so broken. jesus.

BlackdragonChaos1 says:

why can’t a multi million dollar company count gezzzz

Smokey the Bear says:

Wow this is boring af

Codeblue says:

Japanese hissing scares me.

Kevin Canini says:

At 36:39, why wasn’t Takimura’s Hissing Quagmire destroyed and sent to the graveyard? The Den Protector was 3/2, so wouldn’t it deal fatal damage to the 2/2 Hissing Quagmire?

Byron Garcia says:

I summon pikachu! pikachuuu, obliterate!!!

nuncet says:

why didnt he counter the pick the brain?

Maxthemartian says:

Steves deck is so jank i just dont even know, but its nice to see something other than bant

Nick Amies says:

For those who watched the cut to Duke vs Pardee between games 1 and 2, at 27:35 Duke taps Yavimaya Coast for U, taking 1 and going to 10, but the coverage team misses it and still has him at 11. Thus when Pardee swings with Ashaya, Nissa, Pilgrims Eye and Obligator for 10 it is lethal, Reid didn’t just scoop.

Alcohol Shorts says:

Time to build a u/g crush deck and retire the u/b control

Jesse Leong says:

Holy shit, Ulamog. God what a game.

Giovanniz4 says:

Does anybody know the name of the pad Rubin is writing on???

Lifeispain99 says:

Jund ’em out

Sagara Sousuke says:

Why do they shuffle their hand all the time?

thewatertorch says:

why is emrakul the promised end netter that aeons torn?

Tempest and a Computer says:

That was a beautiful game 1 from Steve!

Thomas Hotchkiss says:

That makeup

Cascademenace says:

Playing a U/G deck on Duels lately and enjoying it.

pedestrianme says:

“it was an emrakul. doesn’t look like it would fit inside that vessel, but…” lol. love her.

Steve seems like a good guy, too.

Zeus Kiniro says:

I wish I knew how to play. What’s the best way to learn?

riddick1128 says:

Why didn’t he windfall with the Chandra?

Tasav says:


Rob Dowle says:

these men have dedicated they’re lives to knowing mtg inside and out. unfortunetly for most this also means they will never know a woman inside or out….

PoodlestarGenerica says:

I wouldn’t call Steve Rubin’s deck innovative, so much as, exactly how wizards R&D intended and designed cards all from the same block to work together. But it is pretty awesome.

johnyramble says:

They’re obviously desperate to get a woman on coverage but they keep making these awful choices. Gaby Spartz is sooooo bad, she makes me miss Jackie Lee. Isn’t there a single, charismatic woman that can do coverage at wizards? The female version of Randy basically should do the trick. Or is this a sexist thing where they only want pretty-ish women even if they have 0 charisma?

Ed Findlay says:

Wow what a match! Great action.

Alex Moellmer says:

i may be incorrect but in game one where distended mindbender atackked isnt it a 5/5? being blocked by a then land that was a 6/7? shouldnt the land have survived?

Zenmynd93 says:

Damn. That 3rd game was insane!

drewdrewbrown says:

Someone please correct my ignorance, but the title says standard…and…they..aren’t using only standard cards????

Matheus Barbosa says:

Carvalo hehe

ScrapperTBP says:


TheRoomy says:

Ah damn, I thought that near the end of the third game there was a Jace draw error because after the scry before the draw, he pointed to his opponent, at which point Takimura grabbed all his lands and placed them untapped on the board, so I thought there was a passing of turn and after a minute and a half when he drew a card, it was the draw of a new turn. I think now that it wasn’t a turn-pass and he just took some time in between the scry and draw and for some odd reason his opponent flipped his lands up. You can’t hear what they say really, but with the point, then the lands flipped, then the draw, I really thought there was a turn there. Weird.

Ian Starkey says:

Gaby’s sexy.

jmoneyy1984 says:

this gaby bitch sure does gab a lot. so much that some of her sentences don’t make any sense at all.


the girl is pretty and has nice voice :O

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