2017 Magic World Championship Finals (Standard) (Part 1): William Jensen vs. Javier Dominguez

It all comes down to this: On one side, William Jensen, one of the game’s all-time bests and a Hall of Fame Pro, well-respected throughout the game. On the other, Javier Dominguez, the most successful Spanish player of all time. Only one can claim the title of 2017 Magic World Champion and etch their name in the game’s history. The game’s are tight, the action is close, and the match is worth watching every moment.


Tomas Antolin Grant says:


cooldes4593 says:

Whos the cutie in pink?

FaggonDraggon says:

Javier deserved to lose, he played that game horrendously.

John Laird says:

Too much hand shuffling.

Harry Morris says:


kitoxme says:

loved how marshal said “yes!” when huey won game 1… so professional

Daniel Nadeau says:

5:30 Marshall uses the royal ‘we’

Benjamin Burt says:

Why break it up into 3? Just leave it intact.

Guillermo Mallo says:

what a boring format!

Lenny Dankology says:

Temur energy vs ramunap red… the two best meta decks… who would have thought

Jeremiah Figueroa says:

Mtg y’all need to organize these videos I wanna see the draft but that shits a mess

Daniel Nadeau says:

lol twitch chat liked the youtubers onscreen last week so now they’re everywhere.
wizards you are sooo predictable

Aldo says:

LSV, Paul AND Marshall. Is this the real life?

Malik Thomas spang bruun says:

Paul is the worst commentator i’ve ever been forced to listen to…

Zombl33 says:

Love MTG so much, the fucked up thing is where I live no store has a Friday Night Magic. I have to do around a hour or more drive so I mainly only play the same people :/

AnonymousInternetPerson001 says:

LSV isn’t wearing his wedding ring anymore. 🙁 Didn’t he and his wife just have a baby a year ago?

ForkMyDongle says:

“Who’s hand on forehead game is better?” Fucking savage lol.

Ronald Osterdock says:

I’m loving the choice of commentators. I just wish this wasn’t standard.

gabriel colorado vega says:

Javier d. Sucks

Graviel says:

Sry to say but jensen looks like a bum.

Bruce Wayne says:

i love mtg so much

LordFaron 269 says:

Chicken McFlurry

Matthew Rogalinski says:

#FloppyTaco Longtusk Clubs @Alpha Investments Kaladesh Invention Box #FloppyTaco

Darth Smirnoff says:

Is there some medical condition that come with being a top level MTG player that forces you to flick your card endlessly?

Perry Ileto says:

Wow, LSV really is a DICK.

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