2017 World Magic Cup Finals: Poland vs. Japan

No one has been able to stop the super team from Japan–until now?

Poland has exceeded every expectation, and done so in convincing fashion–until now?

Pride. Glory. Three super cool trophies. Basically everything is on the line here as Japan and Poland clash in the finals of the 2017 World Magic Cup.


Paulo Es says:

I don’t like Piotr gamestyle. Somehow annyoing.

Mista J says:

@43:10, this is why you play the man just as much as you play the deck, Yuuya gives away his entire plan with his nervous touching of his cards. He sets his attacks, points to Veraska, touches his top line of cards, hovers on VoMF, touches mana. Hovers on the Thopters to try and shift focus… then all but pointed straight at SotC. Your opponents body language is your friend 😉 lol.

….also Grzegorz had just nuked his only source of Black, he wasn’t about to give it right back 😉

Jonathan Lopez says:

Amazing magic. So much fun to watch!


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Sean Carson says:

They sound so surprised, “they brought the same decks.” If it’s not Temur Energy and Ramunap…its not a magic tournament.

Captain Stash says:

poland in finals 😀

adji pamungkas says:

that cycling deck seems fun to play~

Jester7 says:

Japan deserved that… amazing team

Dave Hendricks says:

Hey I can’t stand your fucking company and view toward anything how about a ban hammer on me !

Weston Jahn says:

Why so many middle fingers?

Paul Titze says:

Pls stop putting the teams into the titles, I got spoilered before watching the quarterfinals

Peter Klein says:

Was rooting for Poland – but congrats to Japan. Nice matches.

Simon Willig says:

Shota Yasooka playing aggro??

Yuglyoshi says:

MTG will never become a mainstream viewing event with such an embarrassing awards ceremony. The translator doesn’t understand pronouns, leading to a big awkward moment, and the player are all too nervous and uncomfortable to provide any lengthy insight.

Jason Rohr says:

This Japanese team is stacked!

Mat Cauthon says:

Decks out for Jeremy

Simon Willig says:

How do they have unstable lands??

Mike Chu says:

Best play: When Shota searches his library for lands when he gets settle the wreckage’d, he doesn’t grab the Unstable lands in his deck, and grabs the guru lands instead to match the rest of his lands.

MoJo FoJo says:

Good to see non-energy mirror matches in the finals, good to see Poland make it so far as well

Omar Alawadhi says:

no spoilers for all the people that read the comments by mistake before watching the video

Zalia Crimson says:

Standard is way too stagnant.

LucruxDCLXVI says:

Does anyone want to watch twenty minutes of a Four-Color mirror match where the life doesn’t even change?

Veronica Fernandez says:

How do they have unstable lands? WTF….

IrritatedIndex says:

When Piotr was at 2 life, and tapped out on game 1, why didn’t Shota just throw down Ahn-crop Crasher and win right there?

Jose Damacio says:

Don’t wanna sound ignorant or anything but what are the little notepads for ?

eduardo vieira araujo says:

At 51:36 why Chandra didnt deal 2 damage to each planeswalker

Christian DeAnda says:

Apparently, Yuuya is the appointed fun-haver for team Japan.

Sidney LeVine says:

the cinematography of this video was *really* nice.

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