2017 World Magic Cup Semifinals: Italy vs. Japan

Can Japan be stopped? Can Italy finally be the group to halt the advance of this juggernaut team?


Daniel K says:

Why the card quality in this video is so bad?

Su0T iN says:

Shoota is like “yeah, making this impressive plays is actually just too easy. Business as usual.”

Gary Glen-Young says:

I have to ask – why would Shota NOT activate lifelink on the Harvester during turns when he is attacking with it? It is not like the Red deck needs energy for anything else.

Drecon84 says:

The order of the videos is messed up. The winner of Germany vs. Poland is already spoiled here. (I mean, it’s already in the name of the finals video, so it was already spoiled, but still…)

max shiffman says:

Why didn’t shota gain life from essence extraction in the last play of the game? He killed ferocidon

Antonio Gallo says:

Still proud of my compatriots!

Mat Cauthon says:

Decks out for Jeremy

Cbl says:

Why Rizzi didn’t gain a life from Vraska,s Contempt in last game ?

claytrix55 says:

I still dont understand why the essence extraction didn’t save him.

julio martini says:

Thumbs up if u think the Italina team could have taken a bath.

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