2018 World Magic Cup Finals

Israel, France, one match, one set of trophies go to the winners. Will it be Israel taking down the World Magic Cup for the first time, or will France add a second title to their country’s mantle by the end of this one?

Full Coverage: https://magic.wizards.com/en/events/coverage/2018WMC


Spam Armor says:

Two guys one magic cup…

GeDiceMan says:

For IsReal

Restless Apparition says:

Please edit name of video should be World Magic Cheater Cup Finals.

Ad Astra says:

Israeli cheater!!!

FlackooPretty says:

Please don’t kill modern!

x13rads says:

Didn’t Shenhar get caught cheating earlier? Why is he still playing?

OPALKA Sébastien says:

Vive la France !

ZenRyoku says:

My boi Marshall Arthurs needs to be there…

Joshua Ahrens says:

I was just dissapointed that Rich dindt yell the french have done it again. I wanted to see it

Jeremiah Figueroa says:

My dude is a cheater good job MTG..
Keeping all the cheats and pedophiles

Thiago de Paula says:


kyrios0307 says:

The Selesnya Tokens being able to find and play Flower/Flourish, esp. in both games to finish each games are just bonkers. If that was me playing, the Golgari dude would’ve have Find/Finalitys and all the bs they need. NeverLucky.

François Plt says:


NPC #76409543 says:

The last? How did I miss all the others?

Kunu says:

Wow… France won both world cups?!


France !!!

John Kravich says:

And pro magic is still really boring to watch.

Ashton Christopher says:

players who play lands up front are so obnoxious

Bare Beauty Bodypainting says:

Watch out! Shenhar cheats!

Atticus Conwell says:

The opt he was using was not dominaria but it is ixalan

Critical Geek says:

Lol how do you not know that’s how a kicked spell works.

ThisNameIsBanned says:

World Magic Cup is all about cheaters, professional cheaters.

Manuel Cariñana says:

Where you are Dimir?

Vincent Pouridas says:

France has proven once again they can win more coin flips and their cards can play themselves better than their opponents

christopher lacey says:

…. pretty shitty games tbh. France basically pub-stomped them..

itataco oo says:

Who won

Kaba says:

Bravo les gars !

Andrew S says:


Momo Mikoshiba says:

seems like all the ppl who couldnt comment on stream came to yt comments to spread bs

Richard Cui says:

I like how Hocquemiller played his country’s colors

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