A Devious Method Cheaters are Using to Cheat at MTG Tournaments

You will not believe the ridiculously stealthy means that I heard people are using at MTG at the pro level. It’s no secret that I assume an enormous amount of “pro” players at the big tournaments are cheating and not getting caught, you know like for example the ones that just got caught for doing EXACTLY THAT, but this is a new low. I have no idea if this is legit but i tested it and it’s 100% accurate and doable. Hopefully only a few people are cheating this way but it could be hundreds. Who knows. Anyway, I mention how to catch these people too and that’s really the important part.

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Dr. Feel says:

des, love your vids. but please for the love of god learn how to shut the fuck up when you’ve already explained yourself. just get to the point.

moondemon88 says:

Im that guy who always buys the same brand and color of sleeves for all my decks in modern and same for standard mostly so people can’t tell what im playing that week plus i love that color. I noticed out of all of the ones i bought i had one miscolored one and didnt think much of it just put it as my commander card. Really hope i dont catch anyone doing this at my lgs.

vuduchildx says:

BAN HAMMER!!! all sleeves! play those $1000 decks unprotected. Do it like a man!

if the guy was black says:

What program is that you’re using to play magic?

TheDevilsgreen says:

luckly I have 20/15 vision?

Your pet fish says:


Jordan Leitch says:

what if they just make you re-sleeve with provided sleeves before the day begins?

bluesy92 says:

I’ve been deck sharing with someone at my LGS. He’s a Commander player who loves Modern, and is working on building a deck. Until he gets it together, I let him play my decks to learn the format. And I ocassionally play with him, and help develop his plays. Am I trying to give him or myself an advantage? No. I’m trying to pull a new person into the format.

Melissa Rohrbaugh says:

It’s liegen

Shriggins says:

**sees a card on top of my library marked with an x in sharpie** me:”oh, how did that happen” **draws Jace, The Mind Sculptor next turn**

Chris says:

What is the program u play magic on

TronBazzardTheReal says:

So wait, it’s not just Ultra pro who sells MTG sized sleeves in 50 count? What the fuck?

Yugioh/”Small” Sized sleeves always come in 60; why does MTG sized never come in 60?

I’ve even seen Yugioh products sell specifically 70 count to do 40 main deck/15 side deck/15 extra. What gives?

hellothisismufin says:

you realize that it’s very easy for this to be coincidence, right? and you can get an innocent person thrown out for no reason? this is why plausible deniability is such a used defence, because it could be really easy to throw someone out for something they never intentionally did. Your solutions seem a bit flawed too. A judge should not go just by your word alone, it’s not impartial if they do, and using the “I’ll point out which cards look different” excuse gets you to not only see cards they have, but make them reshuffle their deck.

Pink Droid says:

A new method many people don’t know about but I hear from a PRO poker player: he has a tiny magnet surgically implanted in one of his fingers. He sprays a MICROSCOPIC layer of Nano particle Iron filings into a sleeve or directly on the card back. The card will not weigh different or look different at ALL, even under normal microscopes. ES microscopes will find it but good luck rolling one of those into a public place.

He says he can feel the marked card being on top of the deck by placing his hand close.

dafickler says:

Skip to 2:40 to get to the point. You’re welcome.

SamuraiMotoko says:

I hated years ago that the slifs are sold in packs of 40 or 50. So I always had to buy 2 packs, and if I wanted to have 2 decks I had to buy another pack…

Burnt Taco Conspiracy says:

This I already know about. How? I spent 3 hours total going through my deck resleeving, just to make sure that all my sleeves were identicle.

thegreatcerebral says:

Why not just charge an extra $30 to every player entering large tournaments and have that cover sleeves and provide them all with “Round X” that are colored one of the 5 colors? That way when they walk up/register to play they get 75 sleeves and they would be required to use those sleeves for Round 1. Then for Round 2, same thing they replace with R2 sleeves etc. It wouldn’t be that hard to do.

Archeryhardcore says:

You dont want to play with cheaters play online

plaZma says:

The sleeves are Red Ultra Pro Sleeves I think

Ethan Jones says:

i blame dragon shields

Immortal Wolf says:

is it just me or does this guy kinda sound like ross on friends

spots Knight says:

Actually judges have caught cheats like this during deck checks. The real test and ‘proof’ that it is intentional is that if the different sleeves ALL contain pivotal cards. If the cards in the different sleeves are all different then it most likely was accidental. However if they are all the same card or all lands, then it is clearly intentional cheating.

Boty Gray says:

i didnt realize hillary clinton played xmage

Dale Mackenzie says:

I think you should add some sort of discard outlet to the reanimator deck, also maybe ever after

thedoctor559 says:

Probably Ultra Pros since I noticed this when I used to get them.

Rowgue51 says:

There are way too many cheating asshats in anything you play. I don’t even bother with online gaming anymore because every game is so full of cheaters it becomes infuriating rather than fun. And even with physical table top games I only play with a few select people that I know with 100% certainty don’t cheat. I just have no patience anymore for watching people blatantly cheat and then listening to them try to pretend they forgot something or didn’t understand a rule correctly or whatever other pathetic excuse.

Sad Amumu says:

Dragonshields are so easy to cheat with because all the sleeves are inconsistent. I don’t play magic but my brother uses dragonshields to cheat. He bought 2 packs of 100 pink dragonshields from 2 different stores and sleeved all the lands with one box and all nonland with the other. He showed me that the sleeves are slightly bigger basically unnoticable. He got top 16 in his first gp. I don’t know if that is good or bad.

soysim says:

…. this is not new … I feel like I’ve heard about this stuff like way back when I first started playing and heard about double sleeving and marking cards and stuff

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